ஸ்ரீ மத் பாகவதம் -முதல் ஸ்கந்தம் — 18 th அத்யாயம்–ஸ்ரீ பரிக்ஷித்துக்கு வந்த சாபம்

sutah uvaca–Sri Suta Gosvami said;
yah–one who; vai–certainly;drauni-astra–by the weapon of the son of Drona; viplustah–burned by;
na–never; matuh–of the mother; udare–in the womb; mrtah–met his death; anu gra hat–by the mercy;
bhagavatah–of the Personality of Godhead; krs nasya–Krsna; adbhuta-karmanah–who acts wonderfully.–1-18-1-

Sri Suta Gosvami said: Due to the mercy of the Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna, who acts wonderfully,
Maharaja Pariksit, though struck by the

brahma-kopa–fury of a brahmana; utthi tat–caused by; yah–what was;
tu–but; taksa kat–by the snake-bird; prana-vip lavat–from dissolution of life; na–never;
sam mumoha–was overwhelmed; uru-bhayat–great fear; bhagavati–unto the Personality of Godhead;
arpita–surrendered; asayah–consciousness.–1-18-2-

Furthermore, Maharaja Pariksit was always consciously surrendered to the Personality of Godhead,
and therefore he was neither afraid nor overwhelmed by fear due to a snake-bird which was to bite him because of

utsrjya–after leaving aside; sarvatah–all around; sangam– association; vij nata–being understood;
ajita–one who is never conquered(the Personality of Godhead); samsthitih–actual position;
vaiyasa keh–unto the son of Vyasa; jahau–gave up; sis yah–as a disciple; gangayam– on the bank of the Ganges;
svam–his own; kale varam–material body.–1-18-3-

Furthermore, after leaving all his associates, the King surrendered himself as a disciple to
the son of Vyasa [Sukadeva Gosvami], and thus he

na–never; uttama-sloka–the Personality of Godhead, of whom the Vedic hymns sing;
var tanam–of those who live on them; ju satam–of those who are engaged in; tat–His;
katha-amrtam–transcendental topics about Him; syat–it so happens; sambhramah–misconception;
anta–at the end; kale– in time; api–also; smaratam–remembering; tat–His; pada-ambujam–lotus feet.–1-18-4-

This was so because those who have dedicated their lives to the transcendental topics of the
Personality of Godhead, of whom the Vedic hymns sing, and who are constantly engaged in remembering
the lotus feet of the Lord, do not run the risk of having misconceptions even at the

ந உத்தம ஸ்லோக வார்த்தானாம் ஜுஷதாம் தத்கதாம்ருதம்
ஸ்யாத் ஸம்ப்ரமோ அந்தகாலே அபி ஸ்மரதாம் தத் பதாம்புஜம் (பா. 1.18.4)

உத்தம ஸ்லோக வார்த்தானாம் –பகவானைப் பற்றியே பேசுபவர்களுக்கும்
ஜுஷதாம் தத் கதாம்ருதம்- அவனுடைய கதைகளாகிய அம்ருதத்தை பருகுபவர்களுக்கும்
தத் பதாம்புஜம் ஸ்ம்ரதாம் – அவனுடைய பதகமலங்களையே நினைப்பவர்க்கும்
அந்தகாலே அபி – மரணம் ஸம்பவிக்கும்போதும்
ஸம்பிரம: -கலக்கம்
ந ஸ்யாத்- உண்டாகாது

இவ்வாறு சூதர் கூறியதைக்கேட்ட முனிவர்கள் பரீக்ஷித்திற்கு சுகரால் பாகவதர்களின் மனதுக்கினிய ஒப்பற்ற
புண்ணியம் வாய்ந்த முக்திக்கு வழியைக்காட்டும் பகவானின் லீலைகளைப் பற்றிய கதைகள் உபதேசிக்கப்பட்ட
சம்பவத்தைப் பற்றிக் கூறுமாறு கேட்டனர்.

tavat–so long; kalih–the personality of Kali; na–cannot; prabhavet–flourish; pravistah–entered in;
api–even though; iha–here; sarvatah–everywhere; yavat–as long as; isah–the lord; mahan–great;
urv yam–powerful; abhi manyavah–the son of Abhimanyu; eka-rat–the one emperor.–1-18-5-

As long as the great, powerful son of Abhimanyu remains the Emperor of

yasmin–on that; ahani–very day; yarhi eva–in the very moment; bhagavan–the Personality of Godhead;
utsa sarja–left aside; gam–the earth; tada–at that time; eva–certainly; iha–in this world;
anu vrttah–followed; asau–he; adharma–irreligion; pra bhavah–accelerating; kalih–the personality of quarrel.–1-18-6-

The very day and moment the Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna,
left this earth, the personality of Kali, who promotes all kinds of

na–never; anud vesti–envious; kalim–unto the personality of Kali; samrat–the Emperor;
saram-ga–realist, like the bees; iva–like; sarabhuk–one who accepts the substance; kusalani–auspicious objects;
asu–immediately; siddh yanti–become successful; na–never; itarani–which are inauspicious;
krtani–being performed; yat–as much as.–1-18-7-

Maharaja Pariksit was a realist, like the bees who only accept the essence [of a flower].
He knew perfectly well that in this age of Kali, auspicious things produce good effects immediately,
whereas inauspicious acts must be actually performed [to render effects]. So he was never

kim–what; nu–may be; balesu–among the less intelligent persons;surena–by the powerful;
kalina–by the personality of Kali; dhira–self controlled;bhi runa–by one who is afraid of;
apramattah–one who is careful; pramattesu–among the careless; yah–one who; vrkah–tiger;
nrsu–among men; vartate–exists.–1-18-8-

Maharaja Pariksit considered that less intelligent men might find the personality of Kali to be very powerful,
but that those who are self controlled would have nothing to fear. The King was powerful like a tiger

upavarnitam–almost everything described; etat–all these; vah–unto you; punyam–pious;
pariksitam–about Maharaja Pariksit; maya–by me; vasudeva–of Lord Krsna; katha–narrations;
upe tam–in connection with; akhyanam–statements; yat–what; aprcchata–you asked from me.–1-18-9-

O sages, as you did ask me, now I have described almost everything regarding the narrations
about Lord Krsna in connection with the history

yah–whatever; yah–and whatsoever; kathah–topics; bhagavatah–about the Personality of Godhead;
kathaniya–were to be spoken by me; urukarmanah– of Him who acts wonderfully; guna–transcendental qualities;
karma–uncommon deeds; asrayah–involving; pumbhih–by persons; samsevyah–ought to be heard;
tah–all of them; bubhusubhih–by those who want their own welfare.–1-18-10-

Those who are desirous of achieving complete perfection in life must submissively hear all topics
that are connected with the transcendental activities and qualities of the Personality of Godhead, who acts

rsayah ucuh–the good sages said; suta–O Suta Gosvami; jiva–we wish you life for; samah–many years;
saumya–grave; sas vatih–eternal;visadam–particularly; yasah–in fame; yah tvam–because you;
samsasi–speaking nicely; krsnasya–of Lord Sri Krsna; martyanam–of those who die;
am rtam–eternity of life; hi–certainly; nah–our.–1-18-11-

The good sages said: O grave Suta Gosvami! May you live many years and have eternal fame,
for you are speaking very nicely about the activities of Lord Krsna, the Personality of Godhead.
This is just like nectar for

karmani–performance of; asmin–in this; anasvase–without certainty; dhuma–smoke;
dhumra-atmanam–tinged body and mind; bhavan–your good self; a payayati–very much pleasing;
govinda–the Personality of Godhead; pada–feet; padma-asavam–nectar of the lotus flower; madhu–honey.–1-18-12-

We have just begun the performance of this fruitive activity, a sacrificial fire, without certainty of
its result due to the many imperfections in our action. Our bodies have become black from the smoke,
but we are factually pleased by the nectar of the lotus feet of the

tulayama–to be balanced with; lavena–by a moment; api–even; na–never; svargam–heavenly planets;
na–nor; apunah-bhavam–liberation from matter; bhagavat-sangi–devotee of the Lord;
san gasya–of the association; martyanam–those who are meant for death; kim–what is there;
uta–to speak of; asisah–worldly benediction.–1-18-13-

The value of a moment’s association with the devotee of the Lord cannot even be compared to the
attainment of heavenly planets or liberation from matter, and what to speak of worldly benedictions in the

kah–who is he; nama–specifically; trp yet–get full satisfaction; rasa-vit–expert in relishing mellow nectar;
kathayam–in the topics of; mahat-tama–the greatest amongst the living beings; ekanta–exclusively;
parayanasya–of one who is the shelter of; na–never; antam–end;gunanam–of attributes; agunasya–of the Transcendence;
jagmuh–could ascertain; yoga-isvarah–the lords of mystic power; ye–all they;
bhava– Lord Siva; padma–Lord Brahma; mukhyah–heads.–1-18-14-

The Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna [Govinda], is the exclusive shelter for all great living beings,
and His transcendental attributes cannot even be measured by such masters of mystic powers as Lord Siva and

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