Thirunangur Garuda Sevai Pushpa Kainkaryam ..

On the Thai AmAvAsyai , Kaliyan leaves for divya desam s of TirunAngur and performs mangaLA sAsanam at the altars of EmpeurmAn.

On the Garuda sEvai day , the pandhal mangaLA SASanam is a unique event in the sense that, all the EmpeurmAn s congregate in front of Sri NArayanan perumAL TirukOil and Tirumangai AzvAr mangaLA sAsana pAsuram of Each emperumAn is rendered (first and final pasuram) and resepcts from each EmperumAn is showered on ParakAlan in the form of mAlai and parivattam.

Finally, Sri mANavaLa mAmunikaL , who respectfully stands in front of Thirumangai AzvAr,  respects towards Kaliyan is done by rendering the grand Vadivazhagu and mariyadhai from AzvAr is bestowed on Periya jEyar.

This is follwed by Garuda sevai of EmperumAns and AzvAr and Kumudhavalli nAchiyAr on Hamsa vAhanam.

This is a great and wonderful experience.

The Eleven EmperumAn-Pushpa-Thaligai- kainkaray Vardhini’ under the coordination and efforts of Sri Venkatesa Iyengar has been conducting this kainkaryam for the past several years.

Apart from pushpa kainkaryam for GarudA sevai, thadiyAradhanai is conducted for the devotees.

Aalvaar Emberumaanaar Jeeyar Thiru Vadikale Saranam.

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