Ezhumai neekkum marundu–

We all know the Azhwar’s Paasuram

“SaraNamaagum tana taaL aDaindaarkkeLLaam

maraNamaanaal Vaikuntam koDukkum piraan”

This is characterized as “Ezhumai neekkum marundu”

What are these 7 kinds (ezhumai) that this medicine (Marundu) can cure?

The correct Answer as given by H.H.Srimad Andavan,

Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam, Srirangam

 (Vide Page 185 of “Ramapiraanai KarpOm” Volume IV-

Mitra SamrakshaNam- Kishkinda KhaaNDam is as follows:

1. Being born as a “Sthaavara” (plant)

2. Being born as one that lives in water (aquatic)

3. Being born as one that crawls on earth (like worms, snake etc)

4. Being born as one that flies in the air (like birds)

5. Being born as an animal living in the forests (like wild life)

6. Being born as human beings and

7. Being born as a celestial in heaven without pinch of hunger and thirst.


The answer has to have reference to Azhwar’s paasuram cited.

The Azhwar says that those who do Prapatti to Him will attain liberation

 at the end of the current life itself and will never again be born

 in anyone of the 7 categories listed above.

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