Kamba Ramayanam..

Paauram 14 in Pambai PaDalam of Kamba Ramayanam reads as follows:

Aariyam mudaliya padineNN baashaiyil

Pooriyar oru vazhi pugundadu aam ena, Ore ila

kiLavigaL onrODoppila, sOrvu il

viLambu pull tuvanruginradu.


On the banks of River Pambaa, innumerable birds speak with one another in high pitch all the time all at once. In the melee, it is not possible to distinguish the voices of individual birds. This resembles the Babel of voices of different people speaking incessantly at the same time in chorus the various 18 languages (padineNN Baashai) starting with Aariyam mudaliya so that a listener cannot make out who speaks what language, and will be totally confused

ஆழ்வார் எம்பெருமானார் ஜீயர் திரு வடிகளே சரணம்.

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