Bagavath Leelai ..

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr writes:

thannuLE thiraitthezhun tharanga veN thadankadal
thannulE thiraitthezhundhu adanguginRa thanmai pOl
ninnuLE piRandhu iRandhu niRpavum thiribavum
ninnulE adanguginRa neermai ninkaN ninRandhE..

This verse clears all our doubts. The deep vast sea which has the entire gamut
of waves in them, brings the waves out to a huge heights and takes it back to
itself.. Similarly, in You, the movable and the non movable (the chith and
achith) are born out of You and then ultimately go back to You during praLaya.
(forgive me for my crude translation)

Bhattar also refers this to peacock spreqading its beauitful feathers out while
dancing and takes is back.

So, the jiVA is bound by its karmA which is anAdhi like the jIva itself.

The jiva forgets that HE (the Lord Sriman Narayana) owns it- and that He is the
owner. Does it know that it is the owned and that it
has its beginnings in HIM.

Take the case of a piece of land. the Kshetram. The seeds are sown in the land.
They rightfully belong to the owner of the land, the land lord. The land lord
(equated to God) comes to take possession of
them. But that is not the point we have to prove here.

Take the case of the calf. It knows where it belongs to- but partly only. It
does not go after the father, but goes after the
mother. The calf, a better being than the crop, still is not
in its best, owing to the inability to follow its kartha in whom it has its
beginnings. Coming to human beings, we know our lineage.
But human race as such, does it know its lineage?
Does it know that has sprung from the lord?
If it is has known, then it follows naturally that it leans on him,
goes back to him, reaches him as its fianl destination as how the crop reaches
the land-lord, albeit without the knowledge that they rightfully belong to him!

Reaching HIM back is a natural corollary of this circuit connecting Bhagwan and
the jiva. Inthe last part of Periyalwar Thirumozhi. You can find the alwar praying for this
completion of circuit. This is the ultimate finale that the lord HIMSELF is
yearning for.
That is HIS LEELA. – The union with his created ones..

ஆழ்வார் எம்பெருமானார் ஜீயர் திரு வடிகளே சரணம்.

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