Pavithra Uthsavam-Sri Rengam..


There is so much devotional pleasure all over Srimannarayana’s abode on earth, called Bhooloka Vaikuntam, which is nothing but our very own Sri Rangam, on account of the celebrations of Pavitrotsavam! It is believed that Devas from all 108 of the Vaishnava Divya Desham would be present to witness the grandeur of Pavitrotsavam at Sri Rangam!

This utsavam is celebrated in the Tamil month, Awani (August – September), when “Pavitram” is offered to the lord. Pavitram has meaning but in this context it means pure . This festival is celebrated to wash away all the sins accumulated due to blemishes in daily rituals such as Thiruvaradanam, Pooja Murai (procedures) etc., due to ignorance or negligence. The festival is celebrated in Pavitra Mandapam, which was constructed by Jadavarma Sundarapandian. This utsavam was started by Bramha where “Pavitram” (Sacred thread / garland made of cotton dipped in sandalwood paste) is offered to the deities. Till date, this festival is celebrated and is performed with strict, sincere and devotional adherence to Pancharatra Agama shastra. For Periya Perumal (Sri Ranganathar), pavithrams is offered as a garland form HIS Thirumudi to Thiruvadi (Head to Feet).

On the first day, Thiruvaradhanam is performed to the Uthsavar in Yagasala and on the second day, it is performed in the sanctum sanctorum for all the deities and are fully covered with Pavithram which is called, “Bhoochandi Seva” (Ango upanga Seva), this means that the Holy Vision of the Parts of the Lord Ranganatha.

Another important feature of this festival is that Thiruvarathanam is performed for “Periya Perumal” Ranganathan, Karmaachi (Chinna Perumal), Namperumal (Azagiya Manavalan), Sridevi and Bhoodevi, Theertha berar, Sayana berar, Beli berarselvar sriranga rajar Thiruvarangam Alugayar.

During muslim invasion, Perumal and Thayar were away from the temple for about 60 years around the year 1371. Also, according to our epics, Our Azhagiya Manavalan vigraham (Deity) has been worshiped and poojas have been performed in the past by the great Dasaratha Maharaja, having traveled so far!!

Please seek the blessings of or Azagiyamanavalan during this grand Pavitrotsavam celebrations which will be absolve all the sins accumulated by us knowingly or unknowingly.

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