Periya Thiruvadi-Geetha Vasudevan..

16  In the.Bramhotsavams of all Srivaishnava temples .On the first day, the main activity is the Dhvajarohana, the hoisting of the Garuda flag at the Dhvajastambham. This signifies the commencement of the Brahmotsavam. It is believed that Garuda goes to Devalokam and invites the Devas to attend the function, and On the last day evening the Garuda flag will be lowered as a mark of completion of the Brahmostavam.which is called Dwajaavarohanam.

17 Lord Krishna in Bhagavath Gita,  states  “Paritranaya Saadhunaam……….”
Lord comes to rescue sadhus by showing them his “Padukas” as their resort, and when it comes to destroy dushtas he uses Garuda Bhagwan.

18 Garuda Bhagwan is one among Nithyasuris and important devathai for Sanyasis

19 Garuda bhagwan’s nakshatram(star) is swathi, vedas give much prominence to this swathi nakshatram, and also calls this as “Jyothir” Nakshatram, In this nakshatram was born Perialwar as amsam of garuda bhagwan and Lord Narasimhan took avatharam in this swathi.There is a common belief that when Swati Nakshatra rain comes to earth(when the sun is in Tula rasi) it produces pearl in pearl oysters. The mollusk is then said to open its mouth to receive the first raindrops. The pearls thus produced by the raindrops of Swati Nakshatra are the finest and have no foreign matter in them.

20 Fear of Garuda made the snake Kaaliyan to shift to Yamuna River from Ramanakam Island.

21 Lord Maha Vishnu has Garuda Dwajam (flag) that is Garuda sitting on the flag of our Lord, which denotes Lord’s victory over His enemies; from the position on the flag of our Lord, we are able to infer garuda’s glories. who has  incarnated as Sankarshana among the four Vyuha Murthys of Sriman Narayana, which are Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradhumna and Aniruddha.

Garuda bhagwan does all the intimate kainkaryas to his Lord Maha Vishnu and is His Antharanga dhaasan. Garuda is devoted always to the Lord and does 7 types of kainkaryams (services)

Garuda is renowned for his great speed. He ranges in the sky like a meteor, throwing the clouds tops The gush of wind produced from his wings causes a tremor in the mountains, a strong flutter in the water of the sea and overturns a large number of trees. Vishnu has a great liking for him on account of his might and speed, and employs him as His conveyance. Garuda not only serves Vishnu as his conveyance, but also assists him in actual fighting. He flung away the Rakshasa Malyavan fighting against Vishnu.

24  In Sri Villiputtur Garuda Bhagwan shares his aasanam (seat) along with Rangamannar &  Andal inside the Garbagraha
which is very unique

25 Garuda bhagwan has 5 vyuha forms namely Sathyan, Suparnan, Garudan, Dhaarshayan and Vihakesvaran and his 5 mantra word has Vishwamitra as its rishi and Sriman Naraynan as its Devatha

26 Nachiyar Koil is famous for Kal Garaudar Sannadhi, made up of saligrama stone, garudar is a vara prasadhi, especialy in utsavams, Garuda seva is very unique in this kshetra, a magical event occurs during Garuda Sevai, Garuda increases weight in manifold during street processions  that takes place at Nachiyar Koil.  While only 4 people carry Lord Garuda out of his sannadhi, as the garuda goes out of each layer and prakaram, he said to increase in weight, in geometric proportion that 8,16,32,64 ..people  are required  to carry Lord Garuda out of the temple, finally when he comes out of the temple his weight increases that 128 people are required to carry him, on his way back, the weight decreases  in the same way, and  finally  when he is back in sannadhi only 4 people are required to carry him

27 Thirumangai Alwar, Periya Alwar, Poigai Alwar etc have done their Mangalasasanams  to Garuda Bhagwan

28 The Mauryas considered Garuda as “Lucky God”  and during the Guptas Period,  The kings Kumara Guptan, Samudra Guptan embossed the seal of Garuda in their coins,  and Garuda was present in the flag and seal of Devagiri Yadavas, and even Buddhist considerd HIM as their favorite bird.

29 The shadow of Garuda’s wings, when fall upon the agricultural areas, removes Earth”s Pollution and gives good yield

30  Coming to worldly affairs sometimes we do get surprised that even after having so much of potentiality, resources, & rich culture  etc our country is not flourished but America is so prosperous, Why? it is because The Eagle(Garuda) is the national seal & bird of the United States of America.(even though unaccepted, it is a fact) It appears on most of its official seals, including the Seal of the President of the United States. It is also called “Golden Bird, Lucky Bird” by them

31 Indonesia has named its air-flights as “Garuda
Indonesia& its logo is also the picture of garuda.

Thus goes on the list, but as already mentioned by adiyen, words from mere human mouth, cannot sing all the glories of garuda bhagwan and in this context, adiyen would like to mention,  adiyen’s grand father used to always recite a sloka when preparing himself for a task,

“Pakshow they marutha ha: padhu, chandra ha: brustam saputraka
Serasthu padhu they vanni hi: baskara ha: sarvamevathu
vishnu hu: sarvagatha ha: sarvanee anganee dhvaicha vahi”

The above sloka, is the blessing words which Garuda Bhagwan got from his mother Vinathai when he went to fetch the Amrutham, these same words were told by Kaushalya Devi who blessed her son Lord Rama when he started for Vanavasam.

Thus by chanting this sloka, we can achieve victory, in all our effiorts.  In Siriya Thirumadal Thirumangai Alwar while explaining Gajendra Moksham, says the  Elephant called

Narayana O Manivanna Nagannayaay Vaarai En Aaridarai Neekai”

Immediately came Emperumaan on Garuda, and saved  Gajendra
, thus Periya thiruvadi, is more eager to carry emperumaan, swiftly, in saving chetanas when called with full devotion and faith.  Let us all take refugee in the lotus feet of Sriman Narayana which is holded by Garuda Bhagwan, to bless us with unshakable faith & bakthi in our sath sampradayam.

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