Koorath Aazvaan’s Vaibhavam

Sri Ramanujar considered Sri KooratAzhwan as Pavithram and
MudaliyAndan Swamy as Thandu. The Thandam of sanyAsis is like
the sengOl with the Kings. It is used to reign and enforce the powers.

MudaliyAndan Swamy was used as Thandam (power) to reign the Sri Rangam
temple and Sri Ramanujar through MudaliyAndan could able to alter the kaimkaryam
and designed the specific procedures for carrying out kaimkaryam to Lord Sri Renganthar
which is still practiced today at Sri Rangam!!

Before that, the Sri Rangam temple was maintained by Thiruvarangathu
Amudanar who wrote Ramanusa NooTrandhAthi.

Sri KooratAzhwan was considered as Pavithram by Sri Ramanujar. Pavithram
represents the Knowledge, purity, Wisdom – Gn~Anam, VairAgyam, Bhakti –
all which is equivalent to Sri KooratAzhwan who is repository of all the above
kalyAna gunams !

Swamy KooratAzhwan’s vaibhavam reveals how a Sri Vaishnava should
lead a life and what are the kalyana gunam’s that one should have
and how dedicate to AchArya thiruvadi.

Pillai LokAchArya in his Sri Vashana BhUshaNam –
AchAryan thiruvadiyE uththAragam”

Sri KooratAzhwan Sri Sookti’s were treated as a MANGALYAM to
Sri Vedha Matha. This status was not given to the sri sookthis of any other
AchArya’s(including Sri Ramanjar) or even the pAsurams of Azhwars!
Such is the greatness of SWAMY KOORATAZHWAN.

Long Live Swamy KooratAzhwan and his vaibhavam.

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