Sri Koorathazhwan Kaattiya Vazhi..

  1. We will adopt virtues like humane-ness, compassion, straightforwardness and the like.
  2. We will have unassailable faith that the only means by which we can live in this world is the pair of feet of Sri Ramanuja, the World Teacher.
  3. We will not give pain to others through thought, word or deed.
  4. We will keep away from those contemplate to harm us. We will help them (to come out of such a frame of mind) if possible.
  5. We will realize that Sriman Narayana is the Supreme Being and live in such a way that we do not resort to anyone else.
  6. We will be charitable and offer food to the devotees of the Lord.
  7. We will cultivate forbearance (patience).
  8. ‘I am superior to others by virtue of my lineage, wealthy and learning’ – We will not become proud of such grounds; we will be humble.
  9. We will follow our predecessors in what we do. We will not do what they have not done.
  10. We will always think of the auspicious perfections of Sriman Narayana and remain deeply interested in (enjoying) those perfections.

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