Azvaan’s Sri Sukthees..

Azhwan being the master of all the Vedas, 4000 Divya Prabhandham, works of other Aacharyaas, etc., created five different stavams (five different composition of slogams) named “Panjastavam”. Even though the “Vedas” happened to be the master of everything in this world, it is not easy to understand the meanings for several versus of the Vedas. That is where, Azhwan “Panjastavam” gives an insight into the various in-depth meanings from the Vedas. If we depict “Vedas” as a girl, Azhwan’s Panjastavam is the “Maangalya Soothram” for her. Even if “Veda” girl has got lot of other ornaments in various parts of her body, this Panjastavam is the most important ornament, the “Maangalya Soothram”. Those stavams include the following.

  • Sri Athimaanushastavam – It explains the glory of various incarnations of SrimanNarayana (namely RAMA and KRISHNA)
  • Sri Varadharajastavam – It explains the glory of Lord Varadharaja and it ends with an explanation on how we can reach the lotus feet of the Lord through Sri.Ramanuja.
  • Sri Stavam – It explains the glory of Sridevi Naachiyaar.
  • Sri Vaigundastavam – It explains the Vaigundanathan and the associated glory
  • Sri Sundarabahustavam – It explains the glory of ThirumaaliurmSolai Azhagar.

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