Kothaiyum Geethaiyum.

In the sixth pasuram, call made for the first house friend calling as ‘pillaai’.. Early morning beauties such as bird’s nice chirping sound, sankha natham sound from conch in temple awakening the Gods, are described in this. All devotees in early morning, while getting up from bed used to tell ‘Hari’ 7 times and that form a basis for ‘Good morning’ is stressed in this. Vilisangin peraravam is found in Gita (1.14,15 ) as divyau sankhu and called as panchasanyam,devadutta, paundram being blown by Krishna, Arjuna, and Bhima. Krishna assures that He is with them always and sounds of such conchshells announce the message that success in battle is assured. Thus Andal takes the same situation as success to her nonbu .This pasuram refers Poigai Azhwar who sung Putana Vadham , which explains Krishna giving moksham to Putana even for giving him a poisoned milk.

In seventh pasuram, Andal wake up the leader of her group of friends as Nayagappen pillaai . Andal tells here about the audible sounds of bird’s Keesukeesu noice, and Ayarpadi women churning milk , and devotees singing namasankeerthanam. Andal wanted to create a similar scene of Sita hugging in Janasthanam when Rama killed all demons in success. She said similar scene of Krishna, brought Kesi down when he came in the guise of demon.In Gita 18.1 Kesi nisudana, Kesi a demon was killed by Krishna, and Arjuna is just to kill the demon of doubt. . Similarly Andal asks the friend whether she had a doubt or just pretending. The word peyppenne reminds us , Kulasekara Azhwar who sung as peyanai ozhinden emberanukke in his Perumal Thirumozhi (3.8 ) .

In eighth pasuram Andal’s call to a friend who is always cheerful, mentioning as Kothukalamudaiya pavai .Andal mentions some other marks of early morning such as eastern sun wishing to dawn soon as Kilvanam vellendru, and cattle on Gurukulam let out in vast fields and meadows grazing the refreshing grass dews as erumai siruveedu meivan.In Gita 12.6,7 Krishna says as “Worship me constantly meditating on me with single minded devotion”. Andal says the same in this as povan poginrarai considering the walk for nonbu itself is a beneficial one, keeping one goal of observation of nonbu. It is said in the concluding lines of this pasuram as ‘ When we start worshipping the God , He is sure to welcome our prayer and bless us all ‘.This pasuram is in line with Nammazhwar’s attempt to remove darkness of Agnanam, and cause for gain of useful knowledge.

In ninth pasuram Andal asks her Uncle’s daughter interested in just sleeping is asked to get up from bed and asks them to join in nonbu. Ayarpadi residents are almost relatives to each other. Similar to this, in Gita (1.26)also the same scene of Arjuna overcoming with deep compassion on seeing his uncles, cousins, nephews, in the field, asking to join in fight. Chanting Mathava, Govinda , names is considered to be more powerful than Narayana himself, and that will also be answering all our prayers to God. The episodes of Draupadi getting a lengthy saree at a crucial time to save her , and Gajendra in getting relief from crocodile are said to be reasons for their chanting of God’s Names . In Gita (10.25) Krishna says that he is Yagnanam japa yagna of all sacrifices chanting of holy names is the purest representation of Him. The word Manthirappattalo in the pasuram coincides with strange situation of Thirukkudanthai Aravamuthan being refered as Aramuthazhwan, and ThirumazhisaiAzhwan being referred of Thirumazhisaipiran .

In tenth pasuram, a friend of Andal , residing near Nandagopan’s house. is being waked up. She had the pleasure of attaining Krishna out of Bhakthi, but she felt sleeping, is a divine gift as it is quoted as Notrusch swargam pugugindra ammanai . She is considered to be their guide and companion and so called her to open the door as thetramai vandhu thiravu . Andal says that God is not expecting anything else than just our prayers and prostration before him as Nammal potra parai tharum punniyanal. In Gita( 12.10)Krishna says the same as one can attain perfection even by performing actions for His sake. Peyazhwar’s Thanthuzhai marban Moondram thiruvandathi is similar to Natrathuzhai mudi narayanan .

In eleventh pasuram call for a girl with many adjectives such as porkodi, punamayil, selvappendatti and inform all her friends are gathering in front of the house and siging in praise of Krishna. Andal classifies sleep as perunthuyil, perurakkam in 9th and 10th pasurams, and starts condemning the same by questioning the reason of her deep sleep. Andal says here that the practice of milking the cow only to free them off their pains.They were determined to fight the wrong doers like Kamsa and the like, who would dare touch upon the glories of Kannan. In Gita (3.32 ) Krishna says similar to this as people finding fault with his teachings are not following his advice, though his sayings are for making them free from worldly attachments causing sorrows only. Boothathazhwar’s Manivannan padame nee maravel nenjame is in line with Andal’s Mukil vannan perpada.

In twelfth pasuram, Andal goes to the house of sister of Sudama narchelvan thangai.Sudama is very close friend, and Aide to Krishna, just like Lakshmana to Rama in Ramayanam. The cattle wealth with plenty of milk flooding the whole house is well said as Nanaithillam serakkum .Andal saysRama who killed Ravana ,as manathukku iniyan because he was loved by not only by Dasaratha and Kousalya, as their son , but also by Kaikeyi, Lakshmana, Bharatha, Guha, Vibhishana, Sugriva, jatayu, hanuman ,entire people of Ayodhya.Even after hearing Ramayana she asks why such deep sleep ethenna perurkam is similar to what Krishna said in Gita (6.16) .He says as a person in the mode of ignorence of great men is lazy and prone to sleep, and such persons cannot do anything successfully. Madurakavi Azhwar is compared in this pasuram as he is of the view that Acharya is more beloved to a disciple comparing to God as he is rendering service to God in all levels .Andal says Rama is beloved to all like acharya.

In thirteenth pasuram, Andal’s visit to a girl with beautiful eyes, who inspired Krishna.Mentioned here on Krishnavatharam as ‘pullin vai keendan , because of Krishna’s killing bakasuran, and Ramavatharam as polla arakkanai killilk kalainthanai for fighting with Ravana . Though Andal said in 1 and 4 as Neerada pothuvir , and Margazhi neerada, She now asked them to take bath Kullak Kulira Kudainthu neeradathe as just not to immerse fully on Krishnanubhuvam, but keeping mind and body in comfortable manner. Kallam thavirnthu kalanthu stated here is to avoid personal joy and to enjoy with one and all. This is similar to Gita (13.10) , wherein Krishna insists on unflitching devotion to Him, with exclusive attachment, avoiding delight in the company of worldly people. Thondaradip Podi Azhwar’s Achuvai perithum venden in Thirumalai represents this theme.

In 14th pasuram,Andal made an appeal to a girl in sweet tongue and most feminine character as nangai navudaiyai . Andal praised the glories of Krishna who dwells in the love filled with heart of her friends as pankayakkannan and sankodu sakkaram enthum thadakkaiyan as He captivates us by his divine form adoring Sanku and chakra and He entharls with his beautiful eyes that are like the lotus and His eyelashes are long and neat. This reminds us Gita (11.49) when Krishna Himself states seeing such a dreadful form of Him, not to be perplexed or perturbed at all. He asked to watch once again the same four armed of Him with a fearless and tranquil mind.The same expressions are seen in In Amalanathipiran of Thiruppanazhwar, as periya vaya kangal ennai pethamai seithanave .

The 15th pasuram is just to instruct all to accept all responsiblities , in total commitment and be keen in correcting mistakes as nanethan aayiduga . If any body throws blame even on no fault of him or her, please accept as though it is done by you. Then make it as a perfect one . The first half of Tiruppavai ending with this pasuram is on Bagavathas , or Azhwars, or disciples of Krishna. Elle, ilankiliye, nangaimeer, are mentioned for a friend of Andal who is very talkative nature. In Gita, Krishna has asked to renounce the sense of doership in all undertakings. And one should take praise and areproach alike. (14.25, 12.18 ).This is insisted just to impart knowledge in taking care on all the actions done. Thirumangai Azhwar , the last in the Azhwar list, is said to be representing this pasuram. The ten characters of Sri vaishnava is elaborated in this pasuram, as Welcoming speech of Bakthas, avoiding sleep in good company ,not using harsh words, respecting devotees, accepting constructive ideas,owning errors of others as their own, not seperating from devotees, following ancestors path, joining in good congregation, and singing glory of Narayana.

Aandaal Thiru Adikalley Sarannam.

Aazvaar, Emberumaanaar, Jeeyar Thiru Adikalley Sarannam.

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