Geetha for daily life-Shri.Vellukudi Swami.

..Geethaa saasthram cuts across all.. comman for all..for better life..tellas us how to live and leave peace fully..well wisher..only for our benefit..18 chapter–parvas in baaratham.. no of days of yutham–700 slohams ..solves all all yugas..loha pinna rusi–our tastes are differant.. over materialisitic is neither problem nor race..opportunity for some higher goal..all of us are in one plate–boundaries are man made..balance between spiritualistic and materialistic ..pear, office,–compare with others.. realise your self and god..

..customs and practices..second problam..control senses is the  third problam..choose only good things.anna paravai pola..water and milk-viveha gjanam-reasoning power..

..we are jeevaatma-deha aatma abimaanam-is the main cause.. body-temporary,perishable.. aatma is eternal remains same, never changes..deha atma viveha gjanam vennum..aham-naan-i-we refers to atma.. mine-body. me-atma ..never say my are achit..sentiants and in sentiants.. chaithanyam is konowledge-chit..if atma goes out-same body becomes a pretham.. atma poseess the body..konowing this more confusion..renga is it body or atma.. atma can not be named.. earliyar births name not known.. renga is the name given in this birth..this is one confusion..atma ercognaises and respond–its knowledge must blossam..2nd chaptar teaches this deha-atma viveha body, my car yentru veranaan vera.. body vera naan vera..sareeree is nithyam..anaathi–never changes…body has shad-bhava vihaaram-asthi-jayathey-parinnamayathey-grows..

..atma has no limbs.. body-made of panche boothams-basic elements  for creation–atma is gjana maya..loha maya, svarna maya.. pancha booda maya ..water can store for a long time.. vuppumaa perishas quickly..arjunan fely lofty after realising atma’s supremacy over the body..

.who am i..why have i taken this birth.. which is my i indepandant.para matma controls all..svadandriya abi maanam tholaiyanum.. we are not alone..covered by ahamgaaram-anahamm-some thing is not me –to be aham yentru ninaippathu..ahangaaram..why are you driven and how are you driven–kuthirai, kadivaallam.. karmas are like kadivaallam..we take this body due to karma–if we do the does punnyam,if we do notdo donts ..vedas prescribes dos and donts.. four maatix..atma enters and exits along with karma..karmas do not get exhausted..cause and effect are together..cycles of birth-karma -sadaanada darma..karma can not be identified.. can be felt..prakruthi-cause for creation..moola prakruthi..mahan-ahangaaram-pancha boodam. prakrutham bodu–atma is apraakrutham..sadvam,rajo, damo gunna mixture is prakruthi…body also has these qualities of mixture..roja-yields kama, transformred as krotha ..desire–not fullfilled-krotham.. angry person loses reasoning power..kama affects atma..gjanam is bright–covered by kama..this is how karma covering the sun pola..smoke fire cover ..garga-worm pola..not able to realise ..endiyams, manas, puthi-darma booda gjana..darmic gjana.. lamp-light..emmits light.. atma is mada of gjana..emits gjana..two kinds of gjana..kama covers darma booda gjana..

gjana.gate ways are endiriyams.. thro  subtle mind..seeing, hearing, tasting gjanas are differant..manas-gate..supplier of gjana is atma.. objects of pleasure..gets classified..why are we not seeing the deity,but chain magmt..atma, manas and endiyam-part of the body..rajo gunnam..when gjana paases thro, it picks up these gunas..sarva vyabagam bagavaan and moquittos..valai pottukka laam..sadva gunnam develope pannanum..correct manas for this..noy naadi,noy mudal naadi-root cause–kaama is the symtom. rajo gunnam is the rot cause..muk gunnathil eranndu avaiahattri ontril ontri nintru-thiru mangai..manas sadviha habitil erukka pananum..listening to vasudeva gathaa prasanna-baagavatham-parisidukku sollukiraar..atma,paramatma, body, endiyam, piraanna-five together are doing things..aham karthaa yentru thappaha ninaikirom..chit-baktha, muktha, nithya–five fingers -thumb-paramatma..chit-three achit..supreme controller is He..employ mind in saadvik qualities.. aahaara nyamanam is also important for this..

body related-materialisam..aatma related spiritualisam..shift priorities..gjana, atmamayam–sooshma..suba rooba-only for eternal bliss—

..infinite compaassion adiyaha avatharkiraan..pavithraannaaya saathunaam yenkiraan–only to severe our births..karma-janma- more karma-cycles -more we experiance misary, more paapams are expaanded..action as per saasdram-we add punnyams.. act not as per saastram-we accumulate paapams..saasdraas are like boat in river–can not come as resque–throw uo your hands and ask for help–plead for some one not affected by this-sarannaa gathi..

..kallai yeduthu, payir vallarkkanum.. vuram, neer ettu vallarkkanum–eranndum vennum.. sadva gunnam vallarkkanum.. negative thoughts remove pannanum..sadva gunnam vallarkka-ahhara nyamanam.. sadva gunnamey paarthu, kettu, paruhi not get bonded by rajo, damo gunnas-karma yogam etharkku vennum..chit is inside all achit porullkall..atma differ in level of konwledge…bommai,plant, fish,–human beings..improve-deva–improve further-endran-brahma-muktha nithyar–increasing levels of knowledge and wisdom–finally eight kallyaanna gunnangallilum avanathu pola thursty for ever..sadya kama, sadya sankalba, in scale of 0 to 100..brahma sootra -vyaasar..kartha is atma..vedas direct atma-we are dependant on Him..

..achit, chit easvaran-thathvam..third entity vunndu–bogthavum, bogyamum thavira..controlling entity ontru erukirathu..we have o play our role rightly.. nature, coincidance, super natural, brahmam yentra peyar..third entity erukku yentrathum maara aarambikirom..thatha trayam..eisvaryaarthy says achit is the best amoung these three–acht anubavam ethu-eisvaryam-einthu pulangallukkum..chit is the best-no more birth, kailayaarthu-enjoy himself-chit anubavam-aatma anubavam-kevala-alone..goes across moola prakruthi- went across viraaja– goes to a secluded place..does not wish to have divine bodu and go to vaikunndam.. third bagavath anubavaarthikall..

..achit-albam, asthiram-temporary, mean..namo namo bavathi jaayamanaha-aaraa amutham-apariyaaptha amuthan avan..more you have more you like to be with Him..elixar-evan here..infinite, permanat,supreme entity..yen amuthinai kannda kannkall mattru ontrai kaanna–lead life to reach Him.. goal post shoul be fixed for any game..shoot the ball in side the goal post.. have one eye always with Him.. as intimate to Him aspossible..reflect on all scriptures..

..misra thathvam.. atma-baktha, muktha, nithya..achit-misra, sutha, kaala -thathvam.. exclusive-sutha sadvam..vaikunda-no kala thathvam–nakalaha tharaiva prabu..misra-mixtureof three–body misra beyond viraja nathi..manndaba, prabaahara yellaam sutha sadvam angey–does not give way to kama–rajas, damas are absent–here these covers our enlightment..think, eat live sadva gunam–holy shrines.. bagavan’s form-agama mandras transform these into these..sad sangam..up bringing is important..sadviha person only wants to go to modsham..vayinaal paadi,manathinaal sinthikka, thoo malar thovi thozluthu..-co-ordinate al three karannangalls…vinchi nirkkum thanmaiyaall..set your organs on Him..

..too salty,tomuch-limited–ad vushnna.lavanna–tastier -not good for healthtruthis bitter-good for aatma..below the ground-avoid-ghee, butter, milk,niraiya- greasing..26000 nervesare under control in padmasana–quick grasping ..aasana, nyama–sit properly and meditate..sitting on cushion is not good..poisture is important..if He enters our mind, He vacates all evil– believe in Him and submitt to Him..

..thamas aahaaram-cooked, after one hour not artificial addition, voosi ponathu..left over after some one consumes.. bagavaan, aacharyar, father, elder baagavathas..daara-lakshmanan samvaatham-kishkandaavil-only rama’s prasaadam–paraman etchiley–ellaiyiley naay vunnda etchiley not offered toPerumaal should not be had-developes damas gunnams..balls of paapams–

..saadviha-good to look,offerings garlic, onnion,

.anaathi kala karma should be removed-karma yoga-do prescribed per aasramas, varna,16 cells depending on these ..karthuva, pala, mama thyaaham–i am not a doer…we are not performers.. as per cells we belong–avts as per vithies depending on ..slap-punish.. fight think that you are not fighting..distance your self from paapam, punnyam–palan-fruit-not for low ends… bagavath laabam only.. mama-do not think this belongs to me ..niraasi, nir mamakaaram–my ness to be avoided..body also is not detached..

.vishyam thoughts-develope attach ment-dyanam-sangam–kaamam-lust-transforms to krotham-anger-reasoning power loses-missions,goal is lost..puthi naasam–destination is lost..darma booda gjanam poy vidum..achit pol aahirom..

..meditate on right things-attachment desire on Him..vaithiha kaamam vallarum..sema nal veedum-kananukkey aam athu kaamamyenkirar raamanujar..krishna bakthi vallarum..the other wll follow this.. kanndavar vinndilar, vinnadavar kannidilar..lose your reasoning power-vithuran gave peels of banaana-still got modsham-baktha vadsalan–paartials.paandavar pakkam-uthanga-stoped krishnna-punnyam they won.. why.. actions.. why–you directed them ..vinasaya thushkaraam-visva roobam kaattu yentraan..three thyahamum vennum..

..younger generations have to be informed..vaithiha saasthram, sanadana darmam..saasdtraas are more compassionate..karumbu thinna kooliyaa–karumbu yentru theriya vaikkannum..all are equal-geethaa-aatma paarthu, naanum, neeyum, pullum, maramum ontru -bagavath sesha boodarkallyaavarum.. none can be discriminated..elepahant, cow, dog, dog-eater are all dependant on serve Him only..

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