NamasankIrtana-Medicine and Elixir (Marunthum Virunthum )-Shri.Vellukudi Swami.

Dear Baagavathas,

Adiyeyn is trying to pass on the Elixir of Swami’s gifted out pouring on this topic of NamasangIrthanam at Sri Mahalakshmi temple in Boston.

..DyAyan krtE yajan yagnal:trEtAyAm dvAparE arcayan yadapnOti tadApnOti kalou sankIrtya kesavam…this talks about the means for liberation–In krta yuga it was meditation-very complicated..dhyanam should be like the stream of oil pouring out,with all senses controlled both internally and externally –without any break..In trEta  yuga the means got simplified–it was oblations–still complicated but only physical and not mental..In dvApara yuga it was further simpilfied to just arcana–with purity.The purity refers to not intending to get any fruits or palan, but just for the pleasure of doing the same.Like Andaal saying “thooyomaay vanthom..thoo malar thoovi thozluthu “ Vithura’s and Maalakara’s bakthi..Now in kali yuga ,the means is just oral nama sangIrtanam.. vaay nuniyaaha sonnaalum-vaayinaal mattum paadi, manathinaal sinthikkaamal-erunthaalum athey palan allikkum.. Understanding  the meanings -kesavaaya namaha-we belong to kesavaa-understanding this relation with deha-atma viveham will add to the pleasure of nama sangIrtanam..

.Just like the bitter medicine for cure, and the elixir for enjoyment, nama sangIrthanam eliminates the pain of samsara and fetch us mOKsham-absorbs us in bliss..

..As we realise atman’s subservience to paramAtma–with clear gjanam of ananyaarha seshadvam-exclusive  depandance  on Him and paara danthiriyam-living only for Him and doing every thing only His pleasure..we engage in nama sankIrtana..Recall” stavya:stavapriya:stOtram”..We can never praise Him  with any thing,unlike those here, who could be praised with more adjectives..there is nothing that is not in Him, with which we can praise Him.. The stotras are only for purifying our tongue..Swami naratted the story of mottai thalaiyan, who gave away lots of prize on hearing about his kuzal azlahu..

..His nAmas fill the vacuum of His physical absence.He is like 24ct gold-too maleable. His namas are like 22 ct gold-fit for ornaments .Even when He is away His namAs are close -as we saw from the episode of draupadi-“avan thoorasdan aanaalum, ethu kitti nintru vuthavum”-even, though He was at far away in Dwaraka,when she called, His namAs blessed her clothes..When He is nearby, He takes away clothes as we saw with gopies..Andaal also says “paadi parai konndu..aadai vuduppom “..

..All are elligible to chant namAs..The only qualification reqd is that no other qualification is reqd for this..this itself is a qualifier..Just as for bathing in Ganges, no other pre-cleansing is reqd..Swami naratted the story of a wicked son slapping his mother..still he shouts out “ammaa” in pain..”kai nonthaal “ammey “yenkirathey praapthi”..the mother still was happy that the son called out her name without forgetting her..Sisubaalan,obtained mOksham, just because even during blaming he uttered His namas..

..It is not mendatory to know the meaning of each nAma : it works even without burns when touched irrespective of whether we know that it would burn or not..”kedum idar ayavellaam kEsavA enna”-just by saying kesava once, all accumulated paapams vanish–just as we light a candle in a dark cave where the darkness vanishes ..

..Swami gave out lots of tetimonies ..the story of is a misconception that nama sankIrtana is recurring medicine that allows us to repeat mistakes..for AjAmila,saathu samaaham-the company of baagavathaas and his repentance led him to liberation..

..The episode of Mudgala–listening to the conversation between him and Yama darma rajan  that kesava is kilasa naasini–“narahamey svargam aanathu”-the hell itself transformed into heavan..appadi patta “naamangall vudaiya nambi “yenkiraar Thondar-adi-podi aazlvaar.He also says in “kavalil pulanai..nin  naamam kattra aavalippu vudamaiyaal.. naman thamar thalaikall methey naaval ettu vuzli tharuhintrom”-we are dancing over the heads of yama thothars…Similarly kshatra bandhu–kesavaa yenna paraangathi kanndu konndaan.Thirumazlisai aazlvaarum “Naman tamarAl ArAyap pattu ariyAr kandir “-yenkiraar..In “Paccai mA malai ” paasuram evan moksham was given up for the joy of chanting nAmas-“Achudaa !Amara yerey !Aayar tham kozlunthey! yennum etchuvai thavira yaan poy endira loham aallum atchuvai perinum veunndeyn ” yenkiraar.”.yeraar muyalai vittu kaakai pin povatho” yenkiraar Thiru Mangaiyaarum..–desa,deha, kaala vaasi entri engeyey, entha vudambodey, eppozluthey anubavikka koodiya per -amutham nAma sangeIrthanam..In Mukunda maalai Kulesekarar also says even if he goes to naraham, as long as he chants namavalli it is ok.

..Sri Vishnu sahasranama-the cream of mahabharata as well as appendix for geetha-talks about nAmas being the means  for  bakthi which will help all of us to reach Him..Sri Krishna also was sitting and listening to the canversation..After listening through over 999 namas, Yudhishtra was looking up to have the glance of ParamAtma..Beeshma had to remind him that He is none other than Devahi-puthiran, seated next, whom the Paandaavas considered as a cowherd boy and just ther votti..

..The nAmas in Vishnu sahasranAma explain one  or more of the following.

.1.Soroobam-His essential nature -like KAraNa-the sole cause for all..

2..Roobam-the divine form-like PuNdarIkAsha-One with lotus like eyes.

.3..Gunnas-qualities-like Vatsala etc  and..

 4..Viboothi and seshditham -His wealth and His leelaas-like VisvamUrtE..

  ..The namavalli “Kesava “is one which covers all the four..control of all including -ka=piraman easa=rudran..this is His Soroobam..He is Kuzlal azlahan-kesi..roobam..He is kilesa naasan-his gunnam and finally He killed Kesi yentra arakkan-his seshditham..

..Nama sangIrtana 1. removes fear,

                             2.cures diseases,

                             3.,clears confusion,

                              4.improves wisdom,

                              5.nurtures bakthi,

                              6.blesses  wealth needed for service..and much more..

..Siva’s reply to Parvati suggeting Rama nAma as equal to all thousand nAmAs..per aayiram vudaiya nambi-We should never trade namAs for low human ends..We should chant for the pleasure of chanting-as an end by itself and not means.Swami naratted the story of the fisher man finding a diamind-selling to a trader just for a few dollars -who sold to a king for over a million dollars -who enjoyed wearing that for himself and for his wife.

..Let us all keep on chanting His divine nAmas, and dance around..just as Nammaazlvaar’s Aruli seyal..paadi ezlunthum, paranthum,…kumbidu nattam aadi kohu kattunndu vuzlantru ..veethikall thorum thulli ..ninaithu aadi neer malhu kanninaraahi..vulahor sirikka nintru aadi–avarkall sirippaiyey thaalamaha konndu aadi..antha per enbathai konndaaduvom..

..Adiyeyn prays Him to give Swami good health ,to continue such noble kainkaryams -of sharing such elixir-virunthu- in decades to come.

Adiyeyn Raamanuja Daasan.

Kasturi Thiruvenkadathaan.

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