Choices In Karma-yoga-Shri.Vellukudi Swami..

..Dear Bakthas,

Here is another short summary of our Swami’s Geetha vubanyasam at sri Mahalakshmi temple in Boston…In just 70 minutes time, he took all of us nearer to Bagavan, who with over 700 slokas was trying to get us all back inti His fold but could not succeed.

..Surithi, Smirthi are like elixer and medicine..Among these, Geetha-Krishna’s songs, has unique place..

..Karma yoga is prescribed by Sri Krishna as a must for all..let us all practice..Aallvandaar summaraises the entire Geetha in one slokam..let us all try to memaraise this ….Svadharma gnAna vairAgya sAdhya bhakti Eka gOcara :narAyaNa param brahma gIta sAstreE samIrita..this is the essence of Gita..Practice of one’s prescribed karma yOga with detachment,realising the atman’s essential nature leads us to bakthi,NarayaNa ,the supreme is attained only through the bhakti..

..There are clearly defined five steps.These are

1..realise that Atma is different from the body and is subservant and dependent on paramAtma..deha-atma viveham  purinthu, seshadvam, paara danthiriyamum therinthu–this is  suva dharma gjanam.. step is practicing the prescribed varna asrama dharma..with three tyAham ..-a.kartrtva buddhi tyAga,b.mamata tyAga and c.phala tyAga.. all these are essential …Swami gave the examples where for all good things done we ,ourselves take full  credit and for bad things we point fingers at others.. for doing any thing paramatma, jeevatma,manas, piraanna, limbs have to work together..We should not have our mind in the fruit of our actions..For example, if one pounds paddy to get rice-vulakkai kuthi-one lets out vervai in the process..that is by-product…. Baghavan is like wish-granting creeper-thannaiyey tharum kaamadenu..He will gladly come to us if we ask Him,unlike kamadenu….So nevar pleads any thing to Him. He knows what is good for us and will take care of us.

.3.the third step is Atma sakshAtkAra-complete realisation and vision of the atman..This is the inter mediate stage on our march towards Him..Karma yoga is a must even to a gnAna yogi and bkakti yOgi..they have to sustain their body first to practice them..for which they have to eat and sleep..for which they have to earn,cook, and do many more -these are part of karma yOga.

..4.the next step is practicing bhati yOga without giving up karma yOga.this will remove our adi kala papa-which are obstackles

..5..when all our prArabdha karmas are destroyed-this make take many births-we attain mOksham.Swami explained that karmas-both paapam and punnyam -are classified into sanchita-and prArabdha..We are trying to eliminate the latter but likethe frog trying to  climb up the hill ,by leaping up 3inches and immediately falling back 4 inches, we are adding on more karmas in the process..

.Compare with gnAna yOga, karma yOga  is simpler,..we are used to it from birth-like the baby crying and craawling by itself-due to vaasanai from previous births..the probability of failure is less in karmayOga.-this is because for gnAnayOga, endiyams have to be  under control–endiriya jayam is very difficult…and in succeeding births, we can continue from where we left in the previous birth–like marks are granted  evan for the steps in exams, evan though the final answer is wrong–

..Swami quoted some important slokas from gItA..a,karmaNaiva hi samsiddhim AstithA;janakAdaya–evan Janahar -shadriya king-followed karma yogam, evan though he was well versed in gnAna yOga..Rama did not praise his father in law and so  Krishna did this to fulfill his desire..b.Niyatam kuru karma tvam karma jyAyO hi akarmaNa(gnAna )..karma yogam is better than gnAya yoga.c.karmaNyEva adhikAra tE mA phalEshu kadAcana mA karma phala hEtu:bhU:mA tE sanga :astu akarmaNi (nan performance of karma )..Swami indicated that because Arjunan did not change his mind initially we got Geetha..where as Kaikeyi changed her mind after Mandothari’s talk(intially she said Rama is also her son and hence was happy about his Battaabisheham,bur latter was convinced by the wicked servant ) and hence we got Ramayanna….d.Imam vivasvatE yOgam proktavAn aham avyayam vivasvAn manavE prAha manu :ishvAkavE abravIt–Krishna says that what He is preaching is an ancient one, which He did for son god 28 chadur yugams back and was paassed on to Manu, Ishvaahu..

.In order to facilitate all to attain mOksham Sri Krishna categorised them into four varnas–only based on Gunnm and occupation.cAtur varNyam mayA srshtam..He  never discriminated.. in fact ,He says that the last varNa  came from His lotus feet,which all are trying to reach..Unfortunately, more divisions and discriminations came along which were as  Krishna says not by Him..

..Bakthi is the vehicle to analogy, Swami mentioned  a goods vehicle proceeding  to a destination,..on the way to remove snow,one needs snow mover showel..similarly, to remove prArabdha karma,which obstructs our path to mOksha, Bakthi yOgi needs to perform karma yOgam also..

.Routine Karmas are sandhyA vandana,panca mahA yagna (brahma, deva,manusha, booda, pithru )..These must be done by all without fail..Performing these may not grand us any new fruits, but non performance of these will surely block our way to mOksham..

..Additionally He lists 13 types  of karma yogam from 4-25 to 4-30 slokas.

 daivam evapare yajnam
yoginah paryupasate
brahmagnav apare yajnam

srotradinindriyany anye
samyamagnisu juhvati
shabdadin visayan anya
indriyagnisu juhvati ..4-26..

prana-karmani capare
juhvati jnana-dipite..4-27.

dravya-yajnas tapo-yajna
yoga-yajnas tathapare
svadhyaya-jnana-yajnas ca
yatayah samsita-vratah..4-28..

apane juhvati pranam
prane ’panam tathapare
pranapana-gati ruddhva
apare niyataharah-4-29,4-30..

.We should choose to perform  one or all of these,regularly,for purity of mind and removal of paapams.these are listed below..

1.Deva Pooja -dailyworship–Saligraamam ,vigraham or pictures in our homes.We should perform with all three faculties-body,speech,and mind..

2.Offering sacrificial materials to Agni through yagnas..

Yagna -yaja deva pUjAyAm.Agnou tishthati… viprANAm hrdi tishthati.. yOginAm pratimAsu aprabuddhAnAm sarvatra samadarsinAm ..thus deity worship is the simplest method..

3..endiriya jayam-offer sensual organs like ears and eyes to the fire of sensual control-thrushti vithi..

4..offer the objects of pleasure like sound and taste to the fire of five senses..we have to redirect the senses towards the divine form ofBhagavan..

5..mano jayam-control pf manas-meditating on His supremacy ,detaching from material pleasures,using atma gjanam

6.performing deva archana, yaga, homa,dana with wealth earned in the right way..Swami gave the example of wind mill..which delivers power without any change either in wind or for the mill..the more daanam,one does from his earning, the more pleasure and peace of mind he gets ,which will help him to earn more.

7..some perform penance by subjection their body to pain–kAyakIEsam and fasting–Baghavaan does not like His children ,undergoing these pains..

8.pilgrimage to holy places and rivers..try to spend more time to know about the place and not rush through likevisiting exhibition..anubavithu sevikkanum–paarthuttu poha koodaathu.

9..chanting vedas..atleast some portion daily..

10..enjoy the meanings, commentaries, research and muse over -munnor mozlintha muraikall..

11..control of food habits, pranayama-synchronise apana vayu with prana vayu-Puraha-deep inhaling

12..synchronise Prana vayu with apana-Rechaka-exhaling

..13..Kumbaha-holding the breath..control the pranavayu from going upwards and apana downwards and synchronise all  their pranas in them..

We normally breath-in and breath -out  16 times a control, if we can reduce to 12 times, we will be healthy..

Concluding, we should all perform our routine prescribed karmas and choose to do one of these 13 types of karma yOgam..Gradually ,we will automattically start to perform more and more ..and  move towards Bakthi maargam ..which will lead towards Him…Surely by listening to more of Swami’s out-pourings  we will march towards Him .

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