Sri Mahalakshmi-The unfailing counsel.-Shri.Vellukudi Swami.

.Here is a short summary of swami’s out pouring in Boston Sri Mahalakshmi temple.

Our Sri-vaishnavam has clear defined roles for Him, Her and ourselves.”Sri”-always come first as in Srinivasan or Thiru maal..He is unfailing means for liberation.. He is UpAya-means to take us all towards Him..Sadhana vuAyams are karma, gjana and bakthi yogam..Saadhya upAya is He himself..We should perform sarannaagathi–puhal ontrum ellaathaal vun adi keezl puhuntheyn -yentru..

.He is full of VAtsalya-like the cow cleaning all  malam, moothram,raththam etc from the calf just born, by its mouth ..Only after knowing that He hasthis vAtsalyam in abundance , we will not be afraid to approach Him with all our heaps of sins,since He will  surely show us parental compassion.

He is full of Souseelya-just as Rama counted Guhan, Sugreevan  and Vibeeshannan as His brothers along with Lakshmanan, Baradan and Shadrugnan..He is magnanimous to mix with lowly people like us.

..He is Swaami-complete owner of all of us ..He will go to any extend to restore all His properties..That is why He created saastras,our limbs..but if we mis use them, He will  LOSE hIS SLEEP constantly stand as in Thirumalai and try to win over all of us back into His fold.

..He is full os sowlabhya-easy access..

..But all these kalyaanna gunnangall are masked by His  Svatanrya-unquesitionable independance or will..Just as sea water with lot of salt is not drinkable…The rule books are shastras and vedas..He will abide by these.He will punish the sinners as per the rule.

..Here is the need for the mediator..Sri  Mahalakshmi plays this role effectively.She enjoys the role of PurushakAra..Purusham karOti iti purushakAra-one who moulds a purusha and makes him behave so..She does this for both jivAtma and paraAtma..Nammai arullaal thiruthukiraall..avanai anbaal thiru thukiraall.She corrects us by Her maternal  compassion and Him by Her love..

..Puru bahu sanOti ii purusha-one who grants abundantly is a purusha..He does that for most of the times..But when we sin, and do not go by the scriptures,He does not grand us–and hence needs Her to make Him as Purusha once again.She pleads by reminding the intimate relationship between ParamAtma  and jeevAtma..She expalains the responsibility of Him being the creator..If this does not work-  Avanai  anbaal thiruthum..she corrects Him by her beauty..Since He is in mad love with Her,He immediately accepts and forgives our sins..She also tells Him that if people are all  are virtuous they have no need to come to Him..If they have sinned, since they are  His creations, He need to take respnsibility and correct them and then accept them.

..We all jeevAmas are all purushas..He is purushothaman..In our case  the definition -one who takes a lead towards Him is a Purusha..If we falls back in going towards Him and get immersed in mandane materialistic world,we fail to be a purusha.. She ,with Her mercy mends us and makes us intereted in Him..Sita piraatti advised even the crual  Ravanna to fall at Rama’s feet so thar he will be pardoned.

..Thus she is a bridge between us and Him as in Omkara-a=narayaNa..u=lakshmi.and ma=jeevAtma..We can see thisphysically  at Srivilli puthoor  Divya Shedram in Renga mannar, Anndaal and Garudan -all sharing the same manndabam..Rama-Sita-Lakshmanan  all three walking in the forest is also another example of Omkaram itself walking..

.Sri -thus has six differant types of role to play ..1.srayatE-she resorts to bhagavan..2.srIyate-she is resorted to by all..3.srnOn-listens to our plea..4.srAvayati-she makes baghavan listen..5-srnAti-she destroys our sins.. and.. 6-srInati-reaches us to paramatma..This is the reason for the name kamalA–ka mou IAti iti kamalA-one who restores the lost JivA to its rightful owner and vice versa..It is like a barter trade.

..She resides in a separate sanctum-Thani Kovil Naatchiyaar..She is also by the sida of Him-Vubaya Naatchiyaars-Sridevi and Boodevi by the two sides of Him ..She is also on His chest..As soon as we recite all our sins to Her-maraikkaamal, marukkaamal, marakkaamal-and by the time we do pradakshinnam and reach Him,she beginsto perform  her job…she continues to do so when we reach Him and also tells Him in His ears.This is the reason for us to go through  Acharayas, Aazlvaars,Garuda  to  Thaayaar Sannithi first and then proceed to Him.

..SaranAgaty is to be done first to Her and then to Him..Raamanuja chose panguni utharam to do so and plead for all of us in his gadyam..Soorpanahai chose to go to Him first and lost her nose and breasts.Raavanna chose to go to her only and lost hid head. Kaakasuran, even though did more abachaarams than Raavanna escaped because of their joint presense during his  sarannagathi..

..Her forgiveness goes far beyond that of His. Recall Sita piraatti forgiving all rakshasIs even without them doing sarannagathi.Anjeneyar gave the victory news to Sita..She said she wanted to give some thing in return for all the help Siriya thiruvadi did..unfortunately she is not either in her father’s place or in her father-in-law’splace.She still asked what would he like. He only wanted her permission to crash the rAkshasIs.She replied that since he was not born in eshvahu kulam, he does not know about sarannagathi..She said there is none without any blemish..He wanted to know what way Rama, himself and she can be considered as sinners. She replied that Rama made her separate and toil for ten monthes.Hanumaan did not know about forgiveness.Her sin was that she had to speak about Rama’s sin to a third person 1..

.Only Her presence in Him makes Him behave normally. Vali remarks that because Sita was not with Rama, he was killed from the back.Her divine kadaasham grants  all eisvaryangall namely 1.rati-love,2.mati-wisdom,3.sarasvati-silver tongue,4.dhrti-steadfastness,5.samrddhi-abendance,6.siddhi-accomplishment and 7.sri-wealth.

..She is always in union with Him.. She was Sita when He was Rama, Rukmini whwn He was Krishna.Sarannagathi can be done at any place, in any time,by anyone and succeeds only in her presence.It never fails .Hence she is always with Him…JJust as diamond is glorified by its lustre,but lustre is not independant–and Just as fragrance in flower -Sri Mahalakshmi to Perumal.

.She in His lotus chest is the identifying mark-Thiru kanndeyn pon meni kanndeyn yentru aruliya Pey aazlvaar ethaiyey mudalil arulukiraar..Moovarum rezliyil edai pattu, oruvaraal azluntha pattu, Poyhaiyaar Vaiyam thahalliyaa..villakkaiyum Boothth aazlvaar Anbey thahalliyaa yenkira gjana villakkaiyum yetriyathum, thangallai edithu, mahizlnthu erukkum avan yaar yentru saashadkaritha Peyaazlvaar ethai konndu thaan avanai arulukiraar..Athu pola, maha prallayathil Maarkandeyarum, aal elai kuzlanthaiyai yaar yentru paarkka, athu thanathu nenjai thottu katta avar evan yaar yentru therinthu konndaar..Avall krubai nam mel vizla melum melum, ethai pola vubanyasam kettu, aasai peruhi, divya shedrangallil kainkaryam panni konndu kaalathai kallippom.

..Ahalagillen iraiyum enru alarmEl mangai urai marba..niharil puhazhAi ulaham mUntru udayAi ennai ALvAnE..nigaril amarar munikkanangal virumbum thiruvEngadathAne..puhal onru illA adiyEn un adikkIzh amarndu puhundEnE..

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