Geetha Saaram 9-5 to 9-9.

slokam 9-5..oppili appan kovil..naangu aazlwaar mangalasasanam..also called Akasa nagar, Markandeya Kshetram and Thulasivanam..ahortahra pushkarani..aho=day rathri=night..eppozuthu neeraadinalum punyam kittum..sudha ananda vimanam..vinn-vaikundam.. angey pola sevai engeyum..srinivasarukku thamaiyanaar..Kazhi Sri Rama vinnagar [Seerkazhi], Parameshvara vinnagar near Kanchipuram, Arimeya vinnagar andVaikuntha vinnagar in Thirunangur [near Chidhambaram] and Nandipura vinnagar [Nathan koil] near Kumbakonam. But this Kshetram is called simply Vinnagar and this is unique. Like Viraja river flowing near Vaikuntam, here Dakshina Ganga is flowing.

na ca mat-sthani bhutani
pasya me yogam aishvaram
bhuta-bhrn na ca bhuta-stho
mamatma bhuta-bhavanah

“And yet everything that is created does not rest in Me. Behold My mystic opulence! Although I am the maintainer of all living entities and although I am everywhere, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation, for My Self is the very source of creation.”


Bhutani = all living beings, mat sthani na = do not reside in Me [Sri Krishna]..sankalpa sakthiyaal elloraiyum thaanguhiraan.. Me yogam aiswaram = this great will power of Me [ Sri Krishna], pasya = [you, Arjuna] can see..Bhutabrit = [Sri Krishna] supports all living beings..elloraiyum cammand panni ellavatraiyilum prevade pannuhiraan..Na ca bhutastha = But [Sri Krishna] is not supported by all these living beings. Mama atma = My [Sri Krishna’s] will power, bhuta bhavana = is responsible for the creation, sustaining, destroying, growing, living,etc., of all thsee living beings.Nammalvaar aruliyathu pola nalguruvam..poverty and richness,enemity and friendship,poison and amirtham ellaam avan thaan..

Ramanuja’s Commentary 

Lord Krishna states unequivocally na bhuta-stah meaning that He does not derives any support whatsoever from the myriads of unlimited created sentient and insentient beings. He is supremely independent and He specifically states that He is not upheld by them in any manner like that of a vessel upholding water. It is by His will alone that He supports and energises all existence. Just marvel on the wonder of His yoga aisvaram or divine supernatural power which is so fantastic and phenomenal and which there is no comparison in any form any where else in the past, present or future. What is this divine, supernatural power which is so mysterious that it controls, organises and directs all of creation with natural perfection. The word mamatma means by His own soul being for Him paramatma the Supreme Soul residing in all beings and this opulent of abundance constitutes the power of His will which alone is the cause of all existence. So He is bhuta- bhrt or the support of all existence and bhuta-bhavanah the protector of existence or that by which an order of existence is established. In the next verse an example will be given to emphasise how all things depend upon Lord Krishna’s will for their existence.

..slokam 9-6..yen appan enkiraar azlwar..mirugandu munivar kumaran markandeyarin mappilai evar..thulasi naatchiyaarum thavam eruntha edam..vayasana vedathil vanthu villaiyaattu kattinaar..uppu kooda poda theriyatha penn yentraar..ethaiyum yetrukollveyn yentraar..panguni saravanathil avatharam.. eipasi saravanathil thiru kalyanam..moolavarukkum udsavarukkum boo devi mattum thaan engey..yen appan ,pon appan ,mani appan ,muthappan ,and thiru vinn nagar appan(moolavar) yentru einthu appankall engey..moolavar valathu thiru karam dana hasdam..receiving the bride..changu chakaram yenthi vullaar..udsavar is pon appan..evarum dana hasdam.thayarudan sernthu thaan purapadu..moolavarukku thanga kavasam.. thaayarukkum thanga kavasam yerpadu ..boomi devi koopiya karangaludan sevai.. sudha ananda vimanathukkum thanga kavasam panna yerpadu..

yathakasa-sthito nityam
vayuh sarvatra-go mahan
tatha sarvani bhutani
mat-sthanity upadharaya

“Understand that as the mighty wind, blowing everywhere, rests always in the sky, all created beings rest in Me.”

Yata = how, nithyam = always, akasam = space..mudalil ahasam then vayu,agni water and earth ..sankalpa sakthi virithu sollikiran..Maha vayu = the great air, sarva pradha = is breezing all over. space and air both are supported by Him..Tata = similarly, sarvani = all, bhutani = living beings, mat sthani = depend on Me [Sri Krishna] for support. It yupa dharaya = believe so or have faith so..

Ramanuja’s Commentary 

As all over infinite space which appears without support the mighty wind is able to blow and move everywhere. How is this possible? The wind blowing and infinite space itself is only possible due to the power of the Supreme Lord Krishna and yet His power cannot be perceived. Thus all creation abides within Him without knowing it. Those knowledgeable of the Vedic scriptures declare megodayas sagara sanni-vritti-rindor vibhagas sphurati va yo etc. meaning:The genesis of the clouds, the massing of the seas, the phases of the moon, the wafting of the wind, the flashing of lightning and the processions of the sun are all the marvellous miracles of the Supreme Lord. This is also confirmed in the Brihadaranya Upanisad V.VIII.IX beginning etasya va aksarasya meaning: By the sole command of the imperishable Supreme Lord the sun and moon are supported in their assigned spheres. The Taittriya Upanisad II.VIII.I beginning bhisha smad vatah pavate states: Out of fear of the Supreme Lord the wind blows, out of fear of the Supreme Lord the sun rises. It is by a mere fiat of the Supreme Lord Krishna’s will alone that the complete cosmic manifestaion and total material creation full of unlimited moving and non-moving beings are in existence and this is what has been revealed as absolute. In the next verse will be revealed that the origin, creation and dissolution of all beings is likewise produced by a fiat of His will as well.

..slokam 9-7..mani appanai sevikirom..uppu amritham devarkallukku koduthu amuthathil vantha penn amudathai kondavan ..evaneu amudham namakku..parkadal mahalakshmi pirantha edam..

sarva-bhutani kaunteya
prakritim yanti mamikam
kalpa-ksaye punas tani
kalpadau visrjamy aham

“O son of Kunti, at the end of the millennium all material manifestations enter into My nature, and at the beginning of another millennium, by My potency, I create them again.”

..Sarva bhutani = all living beings and objects, kalpa = Brahma’s life time, ksaye =when ends..Mamikam = in My [Sri Krishna’s] body, yanti = attain..layam adaihirathu ellaamey.. Kalpadau = again when Brahma’s life time starts, puna = again, stani = all these [atman and other matter mingled in moola prakruti], visrujami = get created by, aham = Me [Sri Krishna]. ..pralayam..nithya pralayam is daily occurance..naimitiha pralayam.=night time of Brahma…1000 chadur yugangallukku appuram (1000 times 4320,000 years).bhu bhuva and suva gets created ..after 100 brahma years sadya loham gets disolved and merges into His  body=moola brkruthi..this is prakruta pralayam..finally the fourth pralayam is called adyantika pralayam when the soul reaches moksham..

Ramanuja’s Commentary 

All beings movable and immovable enter into the Supreme Lord external nature know as prakriti or the transitory material substratum which identifies with tamas or nescience which is the non-sentient, undifferentiated vast expanse of mass matter in its indistinct state having no name, no form and no consciousness. The words kalpa-ksaye means at the time time of universal dissolution being the end of a maha-kalpa which is the conclusion of Brahma’s lifetime whereby one of his years equals 26 trillion, 439 billion and 400 million human years and his lifetime is 100 of such years. At this time all living entities are dissolved into the prakriti of Lord Krishna by His will alone and subsequently at the dawn of the next kalpa all living entities are projected out of the darkness by Lord Krishna to continue their karma or reactions from their previous actions exactly where they left off. Lord Krishna is willing to produce all the living entities from His own transcendental body. The Vedic scriptures declare: Of whom avyakta or imperceptible energy is His spiritual body. Avyakta merges into aksara or indestructible and aksara merges into tamas darkness. Manu Samhita I.VIII beginning se bhidyaya sarat svat aprakritam meaning it was darkness in the beginning and by darkness all was hidden and indiscernible.

..slokam 9-8..yen appan sannithi..prayoga chakaram..

prakritim svam avastabhya
visrijami punah punah
bhutagramam imam krtsnam
avasam prakriter vasat

“The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and under My will it is annihilated at the end.”

Prakrter vasat = bound by prakruti, imam =this, krtsnam = without any exception, bhutagramam = living being groups, visrijami = [ I, Sri Krishna] create, puna puna = again and again, svam = my [Sri Krishna’s], prakrutim = prakruti [ as My, Sri Krishna’s body], avastabhya = manifests into Eight entities..we had seen earliar that moola prakruti is the raw material and gets transformed into prakruti, mahan, ahankaram and pancha tanmatras [ shabda, roopa, rasa, gandha and sparsa – sound, light, taste, scent and touch]. ..yellam avan sankalpa sakthiyal maarum..

Ramanuja’s Commentary 

The Supreme Lord Krishna has perpetual recourse to His own marvellous modifiable external energy known as prakriti or the material substratum pervading all physical and subtle existence and differentiate it in eight fold ways. He repeatedly creates with regularity the fourfold divisions of created living entities being demigods, humans, animal and plants from their dormant inactive state, powerless under the control of prakritis alluring and bewildering gunas of passion, ignorance and goodness. Yet it may be thought that such creative acts involving imbalances and inequalities can cause reactions to come to the Supreme Lord Himself due to the result of having manifested a creation full of seemingly differences and contradictions. The reply to this query is clearly resolved in the next verse.

..slokam 9-9..thiru kandiyoor shedram..hara saba vimachana perumal is udsavar…kamalavalli thayar..kamala pushkarani..kamalakruth vimanam..pancha kamala shedram ..moolavar is bali -nada perumal..worshipped by maha bali..kandana+oor..kandana =breking the neck..curse due to breaking the neckwas removed here..pinpuram kapala pushkarani vezli puram kamala pushkarani..kantam=neck neela kandan..thiru karambanoor-uthamar kovil pola..under atmavil erunthalum ethanalum kattu padathavan avan..

na ca mam tani karmani
nibadhnanti dhananjaya
udasina-vad asinam
asaktam tesu karmasu

“O Dhananjaya, all this work cannot bind Me. I am ever detached from all these material activities, seated as though neutral.”..

.Tani karmani = all these actions [ like creation, destruction and sustaining], na nibhdhanti = do not affect [or, tie], mam = Me [Sri Krishna..not affected means the Lord can not be accused of the faults vaishamyam and naidhrunyam..Tesu karmasu = in those activities – that is in creation, sustaining and destruction, asaktam = [Sri Krishna has] no attachment.Udhaseena-vad = disinterested. That is, He is not on His own responsible for all actions. and remains disinterested..yellam namathu karma adipadaiyil nadakkum..


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