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Shri.vellukudi krishnan Swamikalin Mails

November 3, 2007

Article sent by Vellukudi Krishnan Swamigal in 1999 to Mani.

Adiyen Velukkudi Krishnan – son of Sri. U. Ve. Velukkudi Varadachariar
Swamy, about whom the entire Vaishnavite community is aware of. Academically
I am a qualified, Chartered and cost accountant worked in multinationals for
12 years. Quit a year back. After  Velukkudi swamy reached acharyan
tiruvadigal  in front of Sriranga nachiyar and paramapada vasal near Chandra
pushkarini at Srirangam in Jan 1991, I had to deliver lecturers. All my
kalakshepams were with my father only from early ages. Since this did not go
well with full time job, I am a consultant now.More than all, adiyen is a person interested in propagating Ramanuja’s Divya agnya in the way shown by my father. I have joined this group to learn moreand to share whatever little is known to me.Learn from whom – surprisingly from everyone and anything.

An interesting conversation, in the great Purana Srimad Bhagavatam, between
Avadhoota ( one who has no liking in this material world ) and Yadu , the
King. On being questioned by Yadu, on the nature of Avadhoota, which is
devoid of any liking or disliking in this world, Avadhoota replies :

“I have many Gurus in this world. Each one of them kindled my thinking and
taught me the subtle reality (tatvas) hidden in their behaviour. O Yadu  –
Listen – Let me explain them to you  .

My gurus are 24 :  Earth, Wind, Space, Water, Fire, Moon, Sun, Pigeon,
Python, Ocean, Gloworm, Honeybee,  Elephant, Hunter, Deer, Fish, Prostitute,
Kurara Bird, Lad, Las, Goldsmith, Snake, Silkworm, and an insect.  What did
I learn from them ?  .

Earth – We sleep, walk, run, stamp and do what not on earth. Earth,  after
receiving such a treatment remains unmoved. It shows no signs of anger but
pardons us.  Likewise, we must also be unmoved on good or bad treatment
given to us. We must pardon the miscreants. Moreover, Earth gives birth to
trees, shadow, fruits, wood, rivers, etc. not for herself but only for the
use of others. So should we also be, always trying to help others than being

Wind –   Wind comes through forests, mountains, waterfalls, flowers, etc
bringing along with it the fragrance of each of these. But, one would agree,
that it does not identify itself with any of these. It is not connected or
wedded to any of these. It is independent. Likewise, the Atma, eventhough is
within this body, it cannot be tarnished with the changing nature of this
body such as, infancy, boyhood, youth, agedness, etc. It remains independent
of all these difficulties.

Space – This is omni present. You cannot find any object that is not
surrounded in  and out by space. But it cannot be measured by any of these
objects. Likewise, the Atma is omni present in this body and every body, but
cannot be measured by this body.

Water – This purifies anyone or anything, that is touched by it. Likewise a
Yogi, purifies anyone who comes in contact with him, by his good deeds and

Fire – Food, whether tasty or not tasty, is being cooked in fire. Good or
bad objects, even human beings, are made to ashes by fire. But no sins are
attached to Fire for this. Fire flames out at times but remains unseen in
the charcoal many times. Likewise,  a Yogi, whatever is offered to him –
whether good or bad – no sins are attached to him. He remains seen many
times but also is unseen sometimes. Offerings to him get purified. 
Moreover, on whichever object there is fire, say a long wood or a short
wood, Fire looks as though it is also of the same formation. But in reality
, there is no such formation for fire. It remains the same. Likewise, the
Paramatma or Jeevatma, when they are within a body, they are indicated by
the caste and creed of that body – like Brahmin, Vysya, Jaina, Buddhist etc.
But in reality, there is no such differentiation or formation for the Atma.
It remains the same.

The Moon : From the Full Moon day to the New Moon day, the moon reduces in
size. The other way round, it increases in size. This is how it looks to our
naked eyes. But does the moon really change in size. No . Likewise, the atma
in this body, seems to be born, change in size, and die. But in reality it
is not so. All these changes are only to this body.

The Sun : It rains because of the Sun.  The Sun, sucks the water from the
ocean, and showers it whenever required through the clouds. Likewise, a
Yogi, absorbs the good things and thoughts through his eyes and ears, and
distributes to the needy through his speech and deeds.

2..Gist of Geetha:-sep 2001..

Yamunacharya’s (Alavandar) famous “gItArtha Sangraham” gives the gist of gIta in
one verse.

“svadharma gnAna vairAgya sAdhya bhakthi eka gocara: !

nArayana: param brahma gItA sAstrE samIrita: !!”

One who performs his prescribed duty, with full knowledge of himself and his
master, without desire in worldly pleasures, reaches the stage to practice
Bhakthi yoga. By Bhakthi yoga one can please Narayana and reach Him. So it is
our objective (to reach and serve our master) and means to achieve it (Bhakthi
yoga) that is explained in gItA. Narayana, the supreme Lord, (whom we have to
reach) His nature and qualities are iterated in gIta.

gItA is divided into three hexads (shatkam). The first six chapters deals with
Karma and gnAna yoga which are required for realising the jIvAtma. After
realising the jIvatma, one goes to realise his master paramAtma. Once he knows
the greatness of Paramatma, he wants to reach him. The second six chapters deals
with the unparalleled mastery of Krishna and Bhakthi yoga, which is to be
practiced to reach Lord krishna. The last six again explains about, atma,
paramatma and three yogas.

3…Respected Bhagavatottamas–sep 2001..

Adiyen’s best wishes for the new group named after the great Acharya Ramanuja.
We all take pride calling ourselves as Sri vaishnavas and more as Ramanuja Dasan
/ Dasi. When there were so many acharyas before and after Swamy Ramanuja, what
is the uniqueness about Ramanuja. Let me share some of them with you.

1.. All acharyas before Ramanuja were called anuvritti prasanna acharya i.e.
one who imparts knowledge to sishyas who have passed all the criteria in terms
of basic knowledge, anushtana, perseverence etc. But Ramanuja broke this chain
(oraNvazhi) and introduced a simple criterion – ” Desire to know”. (This was a
boon to people like us) Hence he was the first one to be hailed as Kripa mAtra
prasanna acharya. Manavala Mamunigal in Upadesa Rattina malai – “Asai
udayorkkellam AriyarkAl kUrumenru pEsi varambaruttAr pin”

2.. Ramanuja was the only one to whom Sri Ranganatha submitted both his
vibhUtis , nitya and leela and gave the authority of granting moksha. Quote
“Vishnu lOka maNi mandapa mArga dAyi” Kanchi Devaraja has reinforced this
authority by advising Tirukkachi nambigal that moksham for nambigal is due to
his connection with Ramanuja.

3.. Ramanuja was the only one whom Nammalwar acknowledged. He has given the
divine statue of Ramanuja to nAthamunigal. And this divine vigraham is the deity
at Ramanuja sannidhi at Alwartirunagari even today. Quote ” bhavishyadAcharya
varaswarUpam sandarsayamAsa – tam kAri sUnum Saranam prapadye”. This vigraham
was held by all our pUrva acharyas in their tiruvaradhanam.

4.. Ramanuja is the only one to whom the revered title “Swamy” is apt. We do
call many other acharyas also with this title. But see this – All temples are
koils but just the word “koil” will stand for Sri Rangam only. All birthdays of
perumal are jayantis but “jayanti” would stand only for Sri Krishna Jayanti. All
jeers are jeers but just “jeer” or “Peria jeer” is only for Manavala Mamungal.
(At the beginning and end of every santhai session, we all chant “Alwar
emperumanar “jeer” tiruvadigale saranam”). Similarly, just “Swamy” stands for
Ramunja alone. For others we must add their name also to identify them.

5.. Ramanuja was the first to document in as many terms the VisishtAdvaita
sampradAya. The works of all other acharyas followed his footsteps. Thus our
darsanam is till today called as “Emperumanar darsanam” or “Ramanuja Darsanam”.
The concept of Sarangati as developed by Aalwars, Nathamunigal and Alavandar was
also documented by Ramanuja both in text and practice.

6.. Ramanuja is the only acharya who was referred with respect / followed by
other schools in vaishnavism like chaitanya, vallabhacharya, Swamy narayan .

7.. All the acharyas after Ramanuja have pointed their fingers and sung in
praise of Ramanuja only. Even though acharyas like Swamy Pillai lokacharya,
Swamy Desikan and Swamy Manavala Mamunigal 1. are much later in time to
Ramanuja, and 2. have their own acharya, still they refer to Swamy Ramanuja only
as the ultimate acharya. Pls note this point ” Our moksham is not guaranteed
only with the sambandham of any other acharya – but Ramanuja”. Our daily chant
is ” RamanujArya divyAgya vardhatAm abhi vardhatAm. ” It is only he who can
command and all our acharyas and we follow his command.

8.. Whoever has samasrayanam he is first taught to chant (by his own acharya)
“Adiyen Ramanuja dasan” when he prostrates before elders.

9.. Ramanuja was the only one adept in all fields like vedanta, rahasyas,
vaishnavism, politics, upliftment of downtrodden, arts, culture and what not. He
was a perfect mix of gnana and bhakti after alwars.

10.. Finally, let me cite a happening from Koorathalwans life. Once there was a
debate near kaveri as to who would be the greatest acharya on earth. there were
arguments and counter arguments. Koorathzhwan could not bear this any more. He
walked in to kaveri water and vowed with raised hands ” satyam satyam puna:
satyam yatirAjo jagatguru: – sa eva sarva lokAnam uddharta na samsaya:” Yatiraja
is the only Acharya to this world. He is the only one who can bring us out of
the sufferings of this materialistic world.

So let us take pride that we are Ramanuja dasa, let us be without any confusion
as we are Ramanuja sishyas, let us be assured of a birth in Sri vaikuntha as we
are Ramanuja sambandhis. I pray to divya dampatis for Ramanuja groups to reach
greater heights in the service to humanity.

4….Dear Bhagavata,
Question on interpretation of caramaslokam of gIta and mumukshupadi .

The question was:gItArthasangaraha of alavandar says that bhaktyEka gocara:nArAyana: : -nArAyana
is reached only by bhakti. Whereas mumukshuppadi talks about saraNAgati as the
way to reach Sriman nArAyana. Is there a conflict of opinion between the two?
caramasloka a part of gIta prescribes saraNAgati as the ultimate way. Then how
can alavandar say that bhakti is the way to reach nArAyana?

There is no conflict between the two. They talk about two different types of
saraNAgati. saraNAgati otherwise called as prapatti is of two types. 1. anga
prapatti and 2. svatantra prapatti.

1. anga prapatti – is ancillary to bhakti. Here the bhakti (sadhaka) treats
bhakti as the way (upAyam ). To practice bhakti, one has to clean all his sins.
To clean the sins prayascitta is to be performed which may take a long time
considering the quantum of our sins. So he chooses to perform saraNAgati(in
lieu of all the prayascittams) which cleans him of all the sins thus giving
birth to bhakti. So this prapatti is an anga for bhakti which is the main
saraNAgati ___clear sins___practice bhakti____ reach Sriman nArAyana.gIta
this prapatti only and not the following.

2. svatantra prapatti : here the prapanna (saraNAgata) construes that prapatti
(in turn bhagavan’s tiruvadi) would directly give him moksham. there is no
role for bhakti as an upAyam here. Since it directly gives moksham without
anything else, it is known as svatantra prapatti. This is the matter of
gadya and rahasya granthams like mumukshupadi. perform prapatti ( in other words
SMS)____ on receipt of SMS bhagavans krupa gets invoked____HE grants moksham.

These two concepts are explained by AMPerumal nayanar in acarya hrdayam as
bhakti prapatti dvai vidyaikal”. Since bhakti is the upAyam in gIta (since it
preaches a sadhaka like Arjuna), the caramaslokam to be treated as prescribing
anga prapatti only. This was the guidance given by alavandar too.

However we are not in the same boat as arjuna. He stood in pravritti marga.
We as prapannas must be in nivritti marga. So anga prapatti is against our
nature of seshatvam. Ramanuja who is the most eligible to perform bhakti, did
not. He too performed prapatti only. This is an evidence that whether you have
the shakti or not, one must not choose bhakti as upAyam. Ramanuja sampradayam
is svatantra prapatti only. Ramanuja in his gIta bhashyam comments on anga
prapatti only. This is in line with gIta to Arjuna. But in saraNAgati gadya,
he decisively preaches svatantra prapatti in words and action.

5..SrisailEsa dayApatram dhIbhaktyAdi guNArNavam
yatIndra pravanam vandE ramyajAmataram munim

This is considered to be a mantra from various angles.

1. mantAram trAyatE iti mantra: it protects one who meditates or chants it.
This mantra protects the bhaktas of Swamy manavala mamunigal.

2. bhagavan is known as mantram since he is universal protector.
– “mandirattai ( bhagavAnai) mandirattal (tirumandirattAl) maravAdu” alwar
his manas to praise and enjoy bhagavan through tirumandiram. Srisailesa
is a mantram since revealed by the universal protector. It protected even the
universal protector.

3. Some srivaishnavas approached badri narayana for mantra upadesam. Badri
had earlier preached tirumandiram to nara who was himself. To the new
he preached half of srisailesa mantra and guided them to go to srirangam for
the balance half. They came to srirangam and took part in mmunigal kalakshEpam
where there heard ranga nayakam uttering the first half of the same verse and
continuing with the second half. Since badri narayana not satisfied with giving
tirumandiram alone, revealed srisailesa mandiram, it is certainly a mantram.
pramanam : “sIr saila mandirattin sayamana padiyaiyum tandu, mElum padiyaga
tiruvarangam selvIrkal ” Since srisailesa mantram took birth at the same place
and person as tirumandiram.

4. If a doctor prescribes a new medicine today, it would supercede or take
over earlier prescription. He would give a new prescription. vaidyO nArAyanO
hari : Sriman nArAyana the doctor gave an earlier medicine – tirumandiram. To
be more effective gave a new medicine in srisailEsa mantram. So it would get
added or supercede tirumandiram.

5. tirumandiram talks about “a” – paramAtma full of mercy and gnana, “ma” –
jIvAtma who is a sesha bhUta with gnanam. in this mantra also
srisailesa stands for “a”, pAtram stands for “ma” . makAram the jIva is full
of knowledge is told in – dhI bhaktyAdi guNArnavam. Similarly for all other
parts of this mantra.

There are many more reasons for srisailesa dayAptram to be praised as

.6..Dear bhAgavatAs,(oct-2001)
Ten alwars took birth to sing in praise of Sriman nArAyana. Madhurakavi alwar
and Andal were for bhAgavata/acArya abhimAnam. Again, IrAmAnusa nUtrandAdi is
also on bhAgavata/acArya abhimAnam. You would note a difference between the
other prabandhams and the two on acArya namely kanninuN sirutAmbu and IrAmAnusa

When we surrender before bhagavAn, there is a doubt in our mind whether he would
accept us or not. However great he was bharata saraNAgati did not fructify.
However mean he was, guha saraNAgati was fruitful. We cannot decide whether
we would be treated as bharata or guha. It is totally dependant on HIS wish.
All the alwars who were longing for his communion lamented for years without
his darsan. So where are we before them ? This problem arises due to the
svAtantryam of bhagavAn.

Pillai lOkacArya in SV bhUshanam says , to overcome this one has to resort to
acArya abhimAnam. This assures us of the result.

Now the difference between saraNAgati and acArya abhimAnam is evident in the
divine songs of alwars. It is only the songs in kanninuN sirutAmbu and IrAmAnusa
nUtrandAdi which have a unique characteristic. All the songs in these two divya
prabandhams end with “E” which reveals a certainty. For instance in KNS tAmbu
nAvukkE, tirivanE, nanmaiyE, nambiyE,….kANminE. In I NUtrandAdi – nAmangalE,
pEriyalvE, iyalvutannE,….inpuraVe, angAlpaduttE, pUmannavE etc. Why is this
feature predominant in these two only. This also due to the meter they have
sung in. The letter “E” in tamil stands for certainty (avadhAraNam). The poets
of these two only are certain and confident of the results. Not the others.
This stands as a testimony of acArya abhimanams supremacy over saraNAgati.

There is one other feature. All the verbs used for anugraham or reaching alwar,
in KNStAmbu are in past tense. inbameidinEn,mEvinEn, pAthi arulinAn, nenjuL
niruttinAn. Other alwars mostly use future tense representing a request- arulAi,
kANa vArAi.. etc. They are yet to see the result.BhagavAn always keeps them
guessing. But for madhurakavi alwar,before he could request he got the result
without any waiting period.

7…Dear Bhagavatas,

Anything in lila vibhUti is destroyed during maha pralayam. Only Srivaikuntam
would exist. Vedanta ” Eko ha vai nArAyaNa asIt na brahmA na EsAna: na imE dyAvA
prithvI na nakshatrANi” Nothing exists except Nitya vibhUti. tiruppArkadal is
one of the oceans sorrounding the seven dvIpas. so it would not be.

I have to refer to ISKON people to give any statement of gOlOka. However, going
by simple logic, If this is only another name given to Sri Vaikunta, then it
would exist. If this is a different lOka than Sri Vaikunta then it would not
exist – this is as per vedanta.

..8..yan mUlam
ASvayujamAsyavatAra mUlam
kAntOpayanthruyamina: karunaika sindhO:
AsIdasatsu ganitasya mamApi sattAmUlam
tadEva jagadabhyudayaika mUlam
yadavataraNa mUlam mukti mUlam
prajAnAm Satharipumuni drushta AmnAya sAmrAjya mUlam
kalikalusha samUlOn mUlanE mUlamindhE
sa bhavatu varayOgi na: samastArtha mUlam

This verse hails the avatAra day of Swamy Manavala Mamunigal. It is ippasi
month, in the star mUlam. This mUla nakshatra is the root for many roots. Swamy
Manavala Mamunigal the embodiment (root ) of mercy took birth in mula star. This
mulam was the root for my (who was so mean earlier) well being. This is the
root for the universe to blossom with knowledge. This is the root for the
salvation of samsaris. This is the root for the propagation of tamil veda
tiruvoimozhi of nammalwar. This is the root to uproot the evil effects of kali
yuga. This is the root for all my divine wealth.

Root also mean kAraNa (cause). Sriman Narayana is the material and instrumental
cause for this universe. So He is the root. Swamy Manavala mamunigal being His
guru, becomes the kAraNa for Him too. So he is the root of root.

So is the unparalleled glory of mUla star.

Swamy Manavala Mamunigal thiruvadigale SaraNam

..9..Let us enjoy the greatness of Swamy Manavala Mamunigal. His birth day Ippasi
mulam is:
“sentamizh vEdiyar sindai telindu sirandu magizhndidu nAl”

sentamizh – dravida veda – 4000 pasurams.
vEdiyar – one who chant them giving more importance than sankrita veda
sindai telindu – cleared of all doubts which they had on reciting sanskrita
sirandu – attained glory
magizhndidu – full of joy and happiness
naal – the day ippasi mulam which gave them this happiness.

This phrase explains that it was only due to the birth of Swamy Manavala
Mamunigal, vaidikas were cleared of all the doubts they had in sanskrita and
dravida vedas. “MAttrattra sempon mamavala mamunivan vandilanEl Attril karaitta
puLi allavO tamizh aranamE. ” But for the birth of Swamy Manavala mamunigal,
tamil vedas would have been wasted as their proper meaning would not have come
to light. He was the one who spent his whole life in making everyone understand
the greatness of alwars and tamil prabandhams beyond the lines of caste, creed
and language. Being a sober atma, he too is harsh when it comes to condemning
the traitors of tamil prabandhams. He says in upadesa rattina malai –
“alwArgalayum arulicheyalgalayum tAzhvaga ninaippavar tAm narakil vIzhvArgal”.

So ippasi mUlam is the root for all vaidikas.
Let us also hail ippasi mUlam.

Swamy Manavala Mamunigal thiruvadigale SaraNam.

..10..sIr ulagAriyan seidarul narkkalai tEsu pozhindidu nAl”

sIr ulagAriyan – glorious Swamy Pillai lokacarya
seidarul narkalai – the great rahasya works of Swamy Pillailokacarya
tEsu pozhindidu nAl – started to shower its lustre – unending stream of

This phrase hails that it was due to the birth of Swamy Manavala Mamunigal, the
rahasya works of Swamy Pillai lokacarya became crystal clear to all the
knowledge mongers. Swamy Manavala Mamunigal wrote elaborate commentaries on the
three most important works of Swamy Pillai Lokacarya namely –
1. Srivacana bhUshanam – dealing in detail about Bhagavan, His concert, the
duties of samsaris, greatness of acarya, the unconditional grace of the Lord
being the means to attain moksha, the concepts of saranagati and acarya
2. Mumukshupadi – in depth analysis of the three rahasyams , tirumandiram,
dvayam, and caramaslokam.
3. tatva trayam – elaborate study of Isvara, cit and acit.

All these works are in tamil. But being sutra granthas, the wrods used by Swamy
Pillai Lokacarya are minimal. So it needed a right commentator to bring out the
esoteric meanings embedded in it. It was fulfilled by Swamy Manavala Mamunigal
who is known as “viSada vAk sikhAmani ” – one who is adept in making even a lay
man understand difficult concepts with his writing/oratorical power .

So ippasi mUlam is the root for Swamy Pillai Lokacaryas works.
Let us hail ippasi mUlam.

Swamy Manavala Mamunigal thiruvadigale SaraNam

..11..manda madippuvi mAnidar tangalai vAnil uyarttidu nAl”

manda madippuvi mAnidar – Samsaris like us who lack knowedge, and are
disqualified for moksha through the path of action, or knowledge or devotion
vAnil uyarttidu nAl – the day that lifts the above samsaris to the divine abode
of Sriman Narayana.

This phrase is a morale booster to all of us. Engulfed by the sorrow and agnaana
of this materialistic world, the only solace is Swamy Manavala Mamunigal. His
sayings are full of mercy and kindness. The objective of his works was to
provide knowledege of rahasya traya which is the easiest way to attain moksham.
There are three threads for us to reach moksham

1) We are disarmed and disquailified without karma,gnaana and bhakti
2) The objective – moksha is no easy goal.
3) The obstacles in the path to moksham, namely, ahankara, mamakara, kama,
krodha etc. are very powerful.
Consider this – if we were armed, if the goal was something simple like swarga,
if the obstacle was less powerful like stones or thorns, we can dream of
moksham. But all the three odds are against us. So, the only choice is to
repeatedly study the works of Swamy Manavala Mamunigal.

If Swamy Manavala Mamunigal recommends moksham to a jivatma, can his sishya,
Lord Ranganatha, deny the same.

So, Ippasi Mulam reserves a berth in Sri Vaikuntam – mukti moolam. Let us hail
Ippasi MUlam.

Swamy Manavala Mamunigal thiruvadigale SaraNam

..12..mAsaru gnaaniyar sErethirAsartham vAzhvu muLaithhidu nAL

mAsaru gnaaniyar – blemishless, pious, knowledgeable disciples like
koorathalwan, mudaliandan, embar
sErethirAsar-ramanuja who is always sought after by such disciples
vAlvu mulaithhidu nAl-the day when Ramanuja’s glory got propagated.

This phrase brings to light that it was Swamy Manavala Mamunigal who was
instrumental in the propagation of the glory of Ramanuja. After Swamy Ramanuja
reached Sri Vaikuntam in the year 1137 AD, due to passage of time, knowledge
levels deteriorated. Like the light of the sun hindered by clouds, the light of
Srivaishnavism, Visishtadvaitam and Acharya abhimanam were also masked by the
misinterpretors of the samskrita and dravida vedas. Swamy Manavala Mamunigal,
through his continuous outpour of discourses and his rahasya commentarieas
recharged and rejuvenated Srivaishnavas and ended the progress of veda baahyas
and kudrushtis.

Embracing sanyasaashrama, he was promptly glorified as yatipunaravataara
(reincarnation of Swamy Ramanuja). It is a known fact that both Swamy Ramanuja
and Swamy Manavala Mamunigal are the incarnations of Adisesha. Swamy Manavala
Mamunigal drove home the point that it was Swamy Ramanuja who grants moksham.

The second rahasya – the mantra ratnam – dvayam, is in two parts. The first
vaakya stands for absolute surrender to the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana –
Sriman Narayana charanou sharanam prapadye.
The second vakya requests unhindered service to the Lotus Feet of the Divya
Dampathis. Swamy Manavala Mamunigal to bring out the concept of “acharya devo
bhava”, wrote two prabandhams – yatiraja vimshati in sanskrit and arthi
prabandham in tamil.

Yatiraja Vimshati stands for absolute surrender to the Divine feet of Swamy
Ramanuja. Arti prabandham requests for service to the Golden feet of Swamy
Ramanuja. Thus, with these two prabandhams, Swamy Manavala Mamunigal rephrased
dvayam as –
“Srimad Ramanuja charanou sharanam prapadye Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:”

These two prabandhams stand as a testimony to the fact that Ramanuja Sampradayam
was recharged by Swamy Manavala Mamunigal and he was rightly praised Yatindra

In his last verse of Upadesa Rattina Malai – “Inda upadesa ratthina malai
thannai sinthai thannil nalum sindippar yanda ethirasar innarulukkennumilakkaagi
satiraga vazhnthiduvar tham” – one who recites upadesa rattina malai would be
benefitted by the grace of Swamy Ramanuja. Swamy Manavala Mamunigal is so humble
and honest to guide every one of his devotees to Ramanuja’s Lotus Feet.

So Ippasi MUlam is the root for the propogation of Ramanuja Darshanam, Ramanuja
Sampradaya. Let us hail Ippasi MUlam.

Swamy Manavala Mamunigal thiruvadigale SaraNam

..13..Dear bhagavatas,
Mukundan has written a good explanation. Anadhyayana kalam is to bring swamy
Nammalwar for the festival and prepare every one for a 21 day recitation. On
kartikai day perumal orders as follows: “manattAlE ninaindu vAyAlE mozhiyAde
kolla vEndum enru sAsanam.” After this order perumal gives oil to be applied
during this kalam . This is like taking a deep breathe before a race.
Srimate Ramanujaya namaha.

..14..As we all know Thirumangai Azhwar started the tradition of Adhyayana Uthsavam
in Srirangam. When Thirumangai Azhwar started this it was only for ten days.
That is what we call it now IrapPathu or Thiruvaimozhi Thirunaal. During this
time, Thirumangai Mannan used to bring Swami Nammazhwar’s thirumeni from
Azhwar Thirunagari to SriRangam.

For this Thirumangai Mannan will start from Srirangam on the day of Karthigai
(his own thirunakshatram). Even till today this tradition is followed in most of
the temples where the
Kattiyakarar or the Sthalathar who has the traditional rights alongwith
temple’s Paricharakas goes to Swami Nammazhwar’s shrine and read the message
from the Perumal. The day Swami Nammazhwar arrives in SriRangam was always the
Sukla Paksha Ekadasi (Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi).

On this auspicious day, Swami Nammazhwar was adorned with Muthangi and
with Rathnangi. Starting from Ekadasi, next nine days, Sri Thirumangai Azhwar
arranged to recite Swami
Nammazhwar’s prabhandhams in front of Namperumal. After the days of Sri
Thirumangai Azhwar, the practice was slowly stopped. It was Swami Ramanujar,
who started the practice again. (Some may dispute that Sri Nathamunigal
restarted this.)

After Thirumangai Mannan, due to practical difficulties, a
Thirumeni of Swami Nammazhwar must have been installed in SriRangam temple. And
Sri Ramanujar added ten days before the Ira Paththu and called them Pagal
Paththu, and arranged that during these ten days prabhandhams of other Azhwars
should be recited. Also Sri Ramanuja added one more day for the Iyarpa.

Because, Sri Thirumangai Azhwar started it, the day before the Pagal Paththu
Uthsavam first day, Namperumal listens to ThiruNedunthandagam of Sri
Thirumangai Azhwar. So, originally started as ten days festival by Sri
Thirumangai Azhwar and was later modified as Twenty two days (+one day for
ThiruNedunthandagam) by Swami Emberumanar. Therefore the Anadhyayana period is
the time when Swami Nammzhwar is on transit to Srirangam. Therefore, our
Poorvacharyas might thought, it is not appropriate for us to recite, as the
entire 4000 Pranbhandhams was considered as the Pranbhandhams of Swami
Nammazhwar (Nathnakku Nalayiramum alithan vazhiye).

For adiyen, there seems another reason. That is to learn and learn, chant &
listen to our
purvacharya’s works and Divya Srisukthis.

..15..Dear Bhagavatas,
Adiyen saw a question on bhakti and prapatti a few days back. Learned
members would have replied already. Adiyen would like to add a few more
lines to that.

Bhakti is the path of devotion. It is meditating towards the lord,
longing for his union, lamenting on his separation, doing as much
service as possible to his pleasure. Karma and gnana are ancillaries for
bhakti. Bhakti is a “upAya” – “means” to reach our Lord. Bhakti is
sAdhya upAya – achieved by our efforts or even known as pravritti marga
– endeavouring in action. Bhakti as a upAya is known as sAdhana.

Prapatti – is “absolute surrender” to the lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.
In other words having faith that Sriman narayana’s lotus feet is the
upAya (means). Prapatti also known as nyAsa or saraNAgati is siddha
upAya – ie “means” that is pre existing and not achieved by our efforts
(unlike bhakti). This is so because the lotus feet is not achieved or
created by our efforts. It is already existing and ever waiting to
respond. This is nivritti marga – abstaining from action – abstaining
from doing anything as means for liberation other that requesting and
accepting the Lord as the means. Reference for Bhakti – manmanA bhava.
gItA 9th chapter last sloka. Reference for prapatti – tvamEva upAyabhUtO
mE bhava iti prArthanA mati: saraNAgati:. For easier understanding let
us draw a chart differentiating bhakti and prapatti.

1. sAdhya upAyam
siddha upAyam.
2. pravritti margam
nivritti margam
3. Only a select few can practice – those who are eligible for Vedas.
Anyone including animals can surrender.
4. Gives mOksha after burning out the prArabdha karmas which might take
many births. Gives mOksha at the end of that birth in which one
5. to bear fruit, one has to meditate towards the Lord till the last
moment. Once surrendered there is no need to
think of him in the death bed.
(there is a need for antimasmrti)
(no need for antimasmrti)
6. expects karma and gnana as ancillaries (anga) to bear fruit.
Does not expect anything as it is the will of the Lord
7. Bhakti is acit (non sentient)
prapatti is absolutely cit (sentient) as it is the Lord himself.
8. expects some other than itself to give the fruit (Lord has to give)
Itself gives the fruit (as prapatti is Lords will which itself gives the
9. Atma swarUpa viruddham – not a right mean considering the absolute
slavery Atma swarUpa anugunam – the right mean
considering the absolute slavery
nature of jIva. As bhakti casts some independence on him which is
not Atmas nature nature of jIva. No independence on the jIva.
10. Not a fitting means for the great fruit mOksha which we get, as this
is acit fitting means for the great fruit mOksha
which we get, as this is cit.

Interestingly, a bhakta also performs prapatti and a surrenderer also
practices Bhakti. Why so ?

To practice Bhakti, one has to be cleansed of all his papa karmas. Since
our papas are countless, the prayascittams are also countless, which is
almost impossible considering our finite life and knowledge. So in lieu
of prayascittams a bhakta performs prapatti. The fruit for this
surrender is cleaning the karmas. Then on Bhakti is born and further
leads to liberation. This is called anga prapatti (ancillary to Bhakti).

A surrenderer after performing prapatti has to spend his life time in
the service of his master. To generate more interest, to sing His glory,
to chant His divine names and to enjoy His nearness , the surrenderer
uses Bhakti as a medium. Bhakti here is used as a means to enjoy and
experience the Lord. Not as a means for liberation.

For a bhakta, Bhakti is the means for liberation but prapatti is
ancillary for clearing karmas.
For a prapanna, Lord’s feet is the means for liberation , but Bhakti
helps in furtherance of his service.

Bhakti is a mixture of action and meditation. Prapatti is a pure state
of mind. A prapanna possesses the following : makes up his mind to do
what pleases His master, not to do what displeases His master, absolute
faith that He would protect, to seek Him alone as the protector, reveal
his inability and meekness, and lastly submit oneself. Bhakti is easy to
conceive and understand but difficult to practice, prapatti is easy to
do but difficult to conceive understand or digest as a concept.

A hagiology for prapatti : Once Swamy ParAsara bhatta along with his
disciple was going through a forest . He had to stay that day at a
hunter’s place. In the evening the hunter returned and was looking very
hungry. Bhattar enquired whether he could not hunt any animal or bird
that day. Hunter replied : “O knowledgeable ! I caught a small rabbit
and was returning home happily. The mother of that rabbit saw this and
stood before me with pleading eyes. I felt pity and let the small rabbit
go. So I am hungry”. Bhattar on hearing this fell unconscious. After a
while he got up and said “neither the mother rabbit knew saraNagati
sastram, (it did not chant dvayam, it did not say nivEdayata mAm
kshipram like vibhIshana), nor the hunter knew the characteristics of a
protector, (does not know sarva dharman paritryajya mAmEkam saraNam
vraja or abhayam sarvabhUtEbhyO dadAmi). Neverthless without a word
being uttered a prapatti has borne fruit here. ” So it is not words or
actions that matter in prapatti, but the mental make up- the pleading
gesture – feeling of a destitute – absolute faith on Him that is

..16…Dear bhAgavatas,
I saw a posting about the above subject. I would like to add a few lines
to the reply given by the others.

We hail tiruppavai as “vEdamanaittukkum vittu”. It is the gist of vEda /
vEdAnta. This particular line from the 5th verse explains two lines from

There are many misdeeds (pApam) which we commit. They can be categorized
as 1. done before saraNAgati and 2. after saraNAgati. Sriman Narayana
clears both but adopts different tools. The earlier karma is known as
“pUrva agham” and the later as “uttara agham.” Bhagavan burns the pUrva
agham as cotton burnt by fire. He severs the uttara agham like water on
the lotus leaf which never sticks to it. One is destroyed and the other
is thrown away without leaving a mark. VedavyAsa in brahma sUtra
explains this as “tadadhigamE uttara pUrva aghayO: aslEsha vinASou” –
i.e. vinASam for pUrva agha and aslEsha (severance) for uttara agha. The
Upanishads say ” yathA pushkara palASE apa: na slishyatE Evam vidhi
pApam karma naslishyatE” and “tadyathA ishIkatUlam agnou prOtam
pradUyEta Evam hAsya sarvE pApmAna: pradUyantE”

Refer the Ramayana when mArIca and subAhu, the sons of tAtakA, came to
hinder the yAga of Sage viswAmitra. Rama was there to protect the yAga.
Rama neither killed both or drove away both. He killed subAhu (like
destroying pUrva agha) and drove away mArIca (like severing uttara
agha). This episode is symbolic of the concept.

The same subject is discussed in tiruvoimozhi ozhivil kAlamellam decade
” vEnkadangal meimEl vinai muttravum tAngal tangatku nallanavE seivAr “.
TirumAlai Andan was explaining the meaning of this verse to Swamy
Ramanuja as per the school of Alavandar. “kadangal” = karmas “vEm ”
=would be burnt. meimEl vinai muttravum vEm – karmas which get attached
due to our bondage with this body would also be fired. This explanation
was not interesting for Ramanuja. He gave a beautiful explanation :

“Kadangal vEm” – pUrva agha would be burnt. “mEl vinai muttravum sArA” –
uttara agha would not dare to come near. This explanation is as per
brahma sUtra. There is a doubt here. First part is alright. In the
second part the word “SArA” is not found in the pasuram at all. How did
Ramanuja join this word here. This is found in another verse “mAdhavan
enrenru Oda vallirEl tIdonrum adayA Edam sArAvE” From this, Ramanuja
took the word “sArA” and joined in the earlier verse. Now the whole
pasuram was interpreted by Ramanuja as follows :
Kadangal vEm – mEl vinai muttravum sArA – idu mei (this concept is
true). In the earlier explanation “mei” meant body. Here it means truth.

AndAl having all these in mind lucidly simplifies as “pOya pizhaiyum
pugutaruvAn ninranavum tIyinil tUsAgum”.

AndAl tiruvadigalE saraNam.

..17..Priya BhagavatOttamAs,

Nathamunigal and Alavandar , the two great acAryAs who have been pillars to our Srivaishnava sampradayam, took their avatara at Kattumannar koil , 25 kms from Chidambaram. Yesterday, the 23rd June was Ani anusham the avatara day of Swamy Nathamunigal. Swamy Nammalwar India Foundation ( SNIF) celebrated its 3rd anniversary at this holy place coinciding with the tirunakshatram celebrations of Swamy Nathamunigal. It was a new attempt.

Earlier the first two anniversary celebrations were at Chennai attented by over 2000 people and many mathAdhipatis. Since kattumannar koil was a rarely visited place, it was decided to hold it there. To our pleasant surprise, 8 buses from Chennai with 400 people, 2 buses from Bangalore with 70 people, and two buses from Srirangam with 70 people poured in. Besides this, about 100 people came on their own. Along with this, they also visited Srimushnam, Sirkazhi, Chidambaram, Tiruvaheendra puram and madhurantakam.

The main events were :

Submission of the title “Srivaishnava simham” to three scholars – Sri U. Ve MahAmahimOpAdhyAya cEtlur SrivatsAnkAcariar swamy, Sri U. Ve Dr. V. V. Ramanujam swamy and Sri Prapanna vidwan Etiraja Ramanuja Dasar Swamy. Foundation has a practice to honour one vidwan from  tennacarya sampradaya, one from Desika sampradaya and one from Srivaishnava bhagavata goshti. There were 10 vidwans who spoke on Nammalwar and Tirumangai alwar – a compare and contrast on various topics. From the awardees and vidwans to the devotees who attended, there was absolute harmony and no difference in vadakalai or tenkalai, male or female, Brahmin or non Brahmin. All attended in equal number. It is worth to quote Sri U Ve SrivatsAnkacAriar swamy “ I have been honoured by the President of India amidst an elite gathering. But I am carried away here, being honoured amidst a large cohesive Srivaishnava gathering. Nammalwar and Nathamunigal would be pleased by this sight.”  The vidwans were honoured by Sri U Ve ParahamsEtyadi Azhagiya manavala Jeer of Kanchipuram.

As a preparation for this , the foundation issued a question bank comprising of 500 questions  and answers in Tamil and English on Srivaishnava sampradaya, alwars and acAryAs. One month time was given to over 1500 children from the age of 5 to 18 to prepare. A proper objective / fill in the blanks / matching test was conducted last month. It gave us immense pleasure to note that 9 had scored 100, 11 had scored 99, 25 had scored 98, and 50 had scored between 90 and 95. There were almost 500 calls on the day we published the results which showed the interest. All the 100 children were offered free trip to Kattumannar koil to receive the prizes. Over 60 children came in along with their parents. Generous souls immediately came forward to give them prizes, gold coin for first two prizes, silver coin for 3rd and special prize. The foundation also honoured State rank holders (1188 / 1200) in public exams with Sanskrit as their language. They have been denied all the status by Tamil nadu Government because they have taken Sanskrit.

We also passed a unanimous resolution to represent this case in a positive manner to the Government. Inspired by the response the foundation would conduct these exams every year at various centres including overseas. I have already sent this to middle East. I expect your response in conducting this in the US. We also have plans to join hands with JET and Vikas tarangini at Chennai to conduct this in their forums. We would not spare any efforts in catching them young.

Besides the above there were many more events. We also collected a sizeable sum and donated to the repair work being carried out at Kattumannar koil.

Last year I had requested in the Bhakti list for sponsorship for the purse being offered to the Srivaishnava simhams. There was a good response. I request the same individuals or any other who would be willing to participate in this service of honouring people who have put in 40 years of untiring dedicated efforts to our sampradaya.

Services undertaken by the foundation :

  • Regular weekly classes in Gita, Sahasranama, Tiruvoimozhi, and guruparampara at T Nagar. Fresh courses are being started at Mylapore  and Naganallur.
  • Monthly classes in English on Gita at Bangalore
  • Monthly visakam lectures at various divya desams to spread the message the alwar in those hamlets.
  • Conducting santhai classes at divya desams, undertaking the yearly education expense of those children who attend.
  • Helping students in need for higher studies.
  • In the process of acquiring land for a school to be started in a village.
  • Conducting divya desa yatra (covered about 60 divyadesams already).
  • Inscribing or publishing books at Kerala about alwars divine hymns. There is not much trace there now.

We can proudly say that there are no internal politics, discrimination of any nature amongst the 2000 odd members. Almost all the  mathAdhipatis including Srimat Paramahamsetyadi Azhagia singar, Andavan, Vanamamalai Jeer, Srimannarayana Jeer are in the advisory panel of the foundation. All have visited and graced our functions. We owe all this to Swamy NammAlwar and Swamy Ramanuja.

Poliga!  Poliga!  Poliga!

SrimatE Ramanujaya Namaha.



Vaazlvum Vaakkum-Thiruppaavai

November 1, 2007

 1..Emberumaanaar aruliyathu ” thiruppaavai villakkam sollavum ketkavum -movaay ezluntha –thaadi meesai udaiya-aankal thahuthi padaitharkal allar..mulaikal amaiya pettra pennkaley thahuthi yaanavarkal”..paththu Aazlvaarkalin saara -boothaiyaana Aandaal ..pathinmarin gjanamum baktiyum seethanamaaha orungey amaiya pettravall..”anchu kudikku oru santhathiyaay”..Manavaala Maa Muni aruliyathu Upadesa Rathnamalai-24..

2..Ananthaazlvaan thiru muk-kullathin adiyil Aandaal ubayohitha oru manjal kozlunthai  kidaikumaa yentru paarthaar.. Aandal Kanna piraanai aaypaadi pennkal pola anubavikka aasai patathu pola..

3..”yasodhai elam singam.”.peyarai maraitu sollukiraal..manthrangal pola namangalai rahasiyamaaha vaikka..”singa kuruhu “enbaar Battar..serrukkulla singa kutti pola Yasodhaiyidam nadanthu koluvaan..

4..”yeraarntha kanni.”…kuzlanthai paruva thiruvillaiyaadalkalai kanndu kallitha makizltchiyaal malarntha kannkalai udaiyaval..”ambanna kannaala yasodhai”-Periya Thirumozli 6-8-6..avanum “kaarmeyni semkann” udaiyavan –Yasodhai kann azlahai pola enkiraar Pillai Urangaavalli Daasar..

5..”vaiyathu vaazlveerkaall”..Thiruvaay paadiyil pirantha pothu enghu erukkum peru pettravarkallai paadukiraal..Parama Padathil erunthaalum vaazltchi ellai yenkiraal..

6..”onngi ullahallantha uthaman”…”karu maanniyaay erantha kallvaney vunnai piramaannithaar petra peyru”..Eranndaam Thiruvanthaathi-61..avan yaasithathu Enthiranukku mattum seythathillai…avanai naamum pattrinaal namakkaahavum thannai azliyumaaru seyvaan..Arjunan poruppai avanidam vittathaal  thoothu poey..Arjunan peril vitta ambai than maarbil yettrum..theyr ottiyum..sooriyanai marraithu pahalai eravaakkiyum..pala pala seyalkalai seythaan…eppadi thanmaikalai udaiyavan ..athanaal “vuthaman “yenkiraar Battar.

7..”ulakallantha vuthaman peyr paadi.”.thahuthi ellaathavanum Thiru Naamathai solla thahuthi ethuvum vunndaakki kolla thevai ellai…Thiru Naamam solluvathaal paapangal vilahum yennum nambikkai ullavanukku antha Thiru Naama utchaaranam ella paapangalaiyum pokki vidum..Gangaiyil neerada sellubavan veru kullathil neeraadi sella veynndumaa? yenkiraar Battar..

8..”aazli mazlai kanna”..Varuna bagavaanukku kattallai  edukiraarkal..pira devathaikalai kandaal Sri Vaishnavarkal eppadi nadanthu kollanum yentru Koorathazlvaanidam keytka mattra devathaikal evarkalidam eppadi nadanthu kollanum yentru keytkanum.. avarkal evarkalai  vannangi vazli pattu selluvaarkal yentraar..eppadiyey mehathaiyum paarthu “vuoozli mudalvan pol mey karuthu erukkanum” yenkiraal..”mey “yentru eduthu sonnathu mehathin udalil mattum “karumai “adaiyalaam.. avanathu “karunnai”yai yerittu kolla mudiyaathu yenkiraal..Naatchiyaar Thirukolathil “antha vedam poruthamaaha erukkalaam -avallin karunnai vizliyai neer yerittu kolla mudiyaathu yentru Battar onnathu pola..

9..”thaamotharanai”..avanin eduppil thazlumbu erukkum athai marraikka uthareeyam katti kolluvaan.. avanathu udai nazluvi antha thazlumbai paarthu aaytchyar sirippaarkalaam… Namperumaal vayitril antha thazlumbu eppothum erukum..Nanjeeyar..”seshi udaiya thiru vilatchinai”..yenbaar Battar..naam sangu chakrankalai namathu thollil avanathu adimai yentru therivikka adaiyaallamaaha tharithu kolluvathu pola ,thaanum adiyavarkaluku aadpattavan yentru adaiyaallamaaha katta..

10..”pullum silambina kaann”..”kaalai ezlunthirunthu kariya kuruvi  kannangal malin varavu solli marull paaduthal meimai kolo”..Natchyaar Thirumozli-9-8..Aatchan Pillai soluvar..Aandaal pirantha vuooril paraivaikalukkum vurakkam vunndo..avaikalum kann vurangaa..

11..”maamaan mahaley mani kadavam thaall thiravaay..maameer avallai ezlupeero”..yenkiraal.. thaayo gopikaluku adimai yennum ninaipodu erukiraal..udal uravai kaattilum atmavirkku -adiyaakalin adimai thanmaiyey usanthathu..”kallvan koll-“-Periya Thirumozli 3-7 padikathil “annaiyum athanum yentru adiyomukku erangittrilall.”..yengalai thaayahavum thanthaiyaahavum ninaithaaley thavira avallin adiyaarkalukku naangal adimai yentru eruppathai vunnaraamal yennai thaay yentru pazli ettu ponaall yenkiraal Parangysa Naayagiyin Thaayaar..Aandal “maalirum solai nambikku naan nooru thadaa vennaiyum nooru thadaa akkaara vadisilum sonneym” yentru vaay nerntha padiyey emberumaanaarum samarpikka “koyil annaa” yentru konndaadinaal..entha vuravaal Koorathu Aandaalum avarai azlaikka yennaiyum “annan” yentru vuravu solli pazli edalaamaa? naan adiyavarin adiyen yenbaaraam..

12..”arum kalamey”.. acharyar koshtiyil Emberumaanaar thani sirappu pettraar pola entha gopiyum arum kalamaaha eruppavall.

13..”kattru karavai “-11 paasurathil kula thozlil “karathal “seyyum kudiyil piranthaval ezluppa pataal. adutha “kanaithillam kattrerumai “paasurathil kula thozlilaana  “karathalai “vittu Kannan pinney kainkaryam seythu erupavanin thangai ezluppa pattaal..ella darmangalai viduvathaa? avanai pattruvathaa ?motsham kodukkum  yentru “ellaavatraiyum viduvithu thannai pattrumpadi setkira avaney vubaayam”..yentru Pillai Tirunaraiyoor Araiyaridam Nanjeeyar arulinaar..

14..”vunakenna verudaiyai.”.Koorathazlvan kovilil nuzlaiyaamal..Raamanujarin thodarbu vidaamal eruka– erunthathai kaattukiraal..

15..”naayahanaay.”.Kanna piraanai pattra Nanda Gobanai munnitaarkal..Aazlavanthaarum “naadaaya naadamunayey athra parathra saabi “yentru mudalilum “pithaa maham naadamunim vilokya “yentru mudivilum Naada Muniyai munnittathu pola..acharyanai konndu avanai pattrinaal namathu abaraathangalai antha acharyanukaka mannithu viduvaan..

16..”unthu madakallitran.”..Emberumaanaar  Maduraanthahathil pitchai  edukkum pothu “sen thaamarai kaiyaal seeraar vallai olippa vanthu thiravaay “yentra varikallai anusanthitha athey nerathil Athuzlaay-Periya Nambiyin penn-kathavai thirakka avalai Nappinnai piraattiyaaha ninaithu keezley vizlunthu vannanginaar…

.17.”thiruvey thuyil ezlaay.”.avanukkum thiruvin thodarbai ettu perumai.. “thiruvkkum thiruvaahiya selvaa.”.Periya Thirumozli7-7-1…”kaha sree sreeyhah yentrum sreeyahsreeyam” yenkiraar Aazlavanthaar  Stotra Ratnam-12….”yasyah kadashannam sreeyah sreeyam” yenkiraar Koorathaazlvaanum Sri Vaikundastavam-22..”sreeyah sree sreerengesa.”.yenkiraar Battarum Sri Gunarathna kosam-9..

18..”amkann maa gjaalathu.”…brahma mudalaanor pala piravikal –ezlu piravikal eduthu–bagavaanai aarathanai panni perum pettrai entha piraviyiley silar motsham kittum yentru ninaippathu..  ontrum ellaathavarkal thannidam ethuvum ethir paaraamal embiraan ellaavattraiyum arulla pirarthikiraarkal.brahmaa mudalaanavarkal pathavikku thakka ahamgaaram erukkum..aasaipattu pettra vulahangal anaithaiyum vidanum..

19.”thingalum aadityanum ezlunthaar pola.”..orey samayathil gobam, arul eranndum eppadi vunndaahum…singam yanaiyudan sanndaiedum pothu kuttikku mulai paal koduthu kondu erukkumaa pola..Embiraanum virothikalidam seetrathai kaattum pothu adiyavarkalidam arulai pozlivaan..

20…”antru evvulaham..potri..”..vellam karai puranndu odiya pinnar annai kattuvathu thahappanaarukkum mahalukkum panni..Nanjeeyar..ella aabathukalil erunthu thappiya pinbu avanukku mangalaaasanam paadukiraarkal..parivin mihuthiyaal..

21..”yaam perum sammaanam”…Dasaradan azlaithathum vantha Raamanai pinthodarntha Seethai piraattikku “.pathi sammaanidhaa seethaa pathaara masi dheshannaa..aathvaara manuvav raaja mangalaanyabi thath yushee.”.raamanaal parisida pattaal…tholil eruntha maalaiyai eduthu avalin tholil ettaan..enkiraar Koorath aazlvaan..ethai melum sirapithu thannai maranthu vasar padiyai thaanndi varakoodum yentru kaalaiyum thotaan yenkiraar Battar.. appadi Kannanun thanakku maalai annivithu kaalaiyum thoda aasai padukiraal Aandaal..arangan amudhu seyya thallihaikalai muttrathil vaikkavum “emberumaan namakku allikkum parisu-sammaanam -varukirathu “enbaaraam Battar..

22..”muzlankai vazli vaara.”.ney vaay vazli varaamal kai vazli vara kaarannam..Battar aruliyathu..Kannanudan koodi aanantham adainthavarkal –avanaiyay paarthu konndu..paal sottrai unna maranthu kaikalil vaithu konndathaal.. avarkalukku Kannanodu koodi eruppathu thaan payan.. paal soru unnuvathu alla yenkiraar..

23..”sittram siru kaaley”..sadva gunam thalai edukkum kaalai pozluthil Emberumaanai pattri vittaal pira kaalankalil seyyum thavarai poruthu aruluvaan..Periya Nambiyum Maaraner Nambiyum Aazlavanthaarin seedarkal..Maaraner Nambi maranna tharuvaayil embiraanai ninaikka mudiyaamal sakti attru erunthaar..ethai paartha Periya Nambi kalakkam adainthaar..Emberumaanaar avarukku Varaaha Perumaalin sarama slokam..”sthithey manasi susvasthey sareere sathi yonarah..thaathu saamyey sthithey smarththaa visva roopannja maa meham..thastham riya maannanthu kaashta paashaanna sannibam..aham smaraami mathbaktam nayaami paramaam gathim”…yenbathaiyum “janma karma sa mey divyam yevam yo vethi thavatha thyakthvaa theham punar janma naithi maa meythi soorjunah.”.bagavath geethai 4-9..manam kalakkam eintri nilai nirkkaiyil yennai ninaikiravanuku marannatharuvaayil vuyarntha gatikku azlaithu selveyn yentrathaiyum yennudaiya piravi, seyalpaadukalai ulla padi evan arikiraano avan maru pirappu adaivathillai yenkirathaiyum  ninaivu paduthinaar..

24..”ettrai parai kollvaan antru kaann govindaa.” nijamaaha parrai koduthathum .”pasu meykkum edaiyaney “–naangal kettkum parrai yennum vaathyam ellai .yenkirar Battar..

25..”engum thiruvarul pettru enburuvar”..kanntrai ezlantha pasuvirku munnaal thol kantrai vaithaalum thaay pasu paalai surapathu pola..naamum Thirupaavai sonnaal..namudaiya nenju Aandaal pontru anbudan erukkumaa yentru paaraamal Thirupaavaiyai melaaha kooruvatharkkey Emberumaan palan koduppaan..Thiru aaypaadi aaytchikal polavum Aandaalai polavum aanantham adaivaarkal yenkiraar Battar..”vanga kadal kadaintha maadavanai kesavanai”…mudivil vellipatta Mahaa Lakshmiyai thaaney kai pattriyathaal ..Maadavan..”vinnavar amuthunna amudhil varum penn amudunna emberumaan”..Periya Thirumozli 6-1-2….”kesavan” yennum thiru naamam piraman, sivan mudaliya devarkalin thalaivan yentru porul..”kadal kadaintha Kesavan”..sakkaiyai umizlvathu pola kaattuvaraam Battar.. “kadal kadaintha Maadavanai “amudoothuvathu pola kaattuvaraam..

..26..30 paasurangalum kaalaiyil anusanthikkanum..ellaiyaahil avanukku naam thonndu seyyum thonndey naam adaiya venndiya peru yenbathai therivikkum “sittram sirukaalai “paasuramaavathu anusanthikkanum..athuvum mudiyavillaiyaahil eppadi erunthathai -anusanthithu yeedupattu eruntha eruppaiyaavathu nenjinaal ninaikka veynndum.Battar.

Vaazlvum Vaakkum-Perialwar

October 31, 2007

1..Krishna avathaarathil yeedupaadu..”mallaannda thinn tholl manni vannnnaa”..yentrum “vaannanai aayiram thollum pozli kuruthi paaya “yentrum “einthalaiya pain naaga thalai paaynthavaney” yentrum moontru  murai Kannanai ninainthu pallaanndu arulukiraar..ethu pola Namaalwarum “mathuru kadai vennai kalavinil uravidai aayppunndu ethiram uralinodu ennainthirunthengiya ellivey”1-3-1 yentrum “pirrantha vaarum vallarnthavaarum”..5-10-1 yentrum ninainthu mohithaar..etharkku Battar Nanjeeyaridam kaarannam  arulukiraar..Ramarin sahothararkal naalvarum veeram ullavarkal..narkunnangal udaiyavarkal.. Thasaratharum veeramum  ullavar.Enthiranin virothi Sambaasuranaiyu konntravar..avarin manthirikal Vasishtar mudal aanavarkal gjaanam ullavarkal..pirantha edam pahaivar nuzlaiyatha Ayodhi..athanaal ancha veynndaam…Kannan pirantha edam avanin yathiri  Kamsanin sirrai koodam..asurarkalai yevi vidum kodiyavan..thahappan  Nanda gopan saadhuvaana edaiyan..avan vallarukira edam paathu kaappu ellaatha edaiseyri..pillaikal eruvarum theembu seyvathil vallavarkal..Kannan avatharitha kaalam kaliyugathukku sameebamaana thuvara yugathin kadaisi naall..athanaal atcham kollukiraarkal entraar..

2..”ath thoothan appootchi kaattukintraan”..yennum paasurathukku Vuntha Pillai yennum araiyar “ath thoothan “yentrathum Renganai kaatti “appootchi” yentrathum kann emaiyai udpuram vellipuramakki kaatta…Embaar pirakkum pothey sangu chakkrathodu erunthathai avanathu pettrorkal sonnathum marraithu konndathaiyum  villaiyaadum pothu thaan marraitha sangu chakrangalai adikadi katti atchathai villaivithu erupaan..eppadi araiyar mattum purinthu kollum padi kaattiyathum araiyar thamathu kaikalai thollodu serthu vaithu abinayam kattinaar.. ethai paartha Emberumaanaar “Govinda perumaal ner engey thaan erukireraa “yentraaraam..

3..”nallan naavar pazlangal konndu naan allan “yentru sirikintraaney.2-9-10..Pillai Engal Aazlvaan kanavil siruvan vanthu yenakku naavar pazlam thaarum yentru kettaanaam..athai porutpaduthaamal thoonga ,marupadiyum marupadiyum vanthu thontharavu panna ,”neer yaar “yentru keytka “naan Nanjeeyar maha Aayar Devu “yentraanam..ethai nNnjeeyaridam sonnathum avar thanathu thiruvaaradana perumaal ezluntharli erukum araikku sentru “eppadi yellaam seyya koodaathu “yentraaraam..

4..”vaan elavarasu”..3-6-2..Parama Padathil Vishvak senaridam poruppai vittu,avarathu pirambukku adangiyum ,Garudanin sirahukalin nizlalilum (“vinathai siruvan sirahennum meylaappin keezl varuvaanai”.Natchiyaar Thirumozli 14-3),Thiru Ananthaazlvaanin madiyilum adangi ezlavarasu pola suhamaaha eruppaan.. yenkiraar Battar..parama padatil kattunnda kaazlai aay erunthu “patti meynthu oer kaarerru” Natchiyaar Thirumozli14-1..Kannanaaha avatharithathum eshtappadi thiriyum kaallaiyaanaan yenkiraal Aandaalum..”pannangal aayiramudaiya nal aravannai palli koll paramaa.”.Periya Thirumozli 1-2-6..Yasodhai madiyil thaalaatuvathu pola ThiruAnanthaazlvaan thanathu madiyil eruthi kollvathai Thirumangaiyum arulukiraar..

5..”maatru thaay sentru vanam pookey yentrida..yeetruthaay pin thodarnthu empiraan yentrazla..kootruthaay solli kodiya vanam pona seetramilaathaan”…3-9-4..ethil “maattru thaay “yenbathu Sumathiraiyaiyum….”yeetruthaay “yentru Kausalaiyum “kootruthaay ” yentru -erakkam illaatha – Yamanai pontra -Kaikeyi yentrum Naaloor Pillai arulukiraar…Thiruvaay Mozli Pillai “maattru thaay “yentru kodumai paduthiya Kaikeyiyum..”yeetruthaay “yentru pettra Kausalyaiyum.”.kootru thaay “yentru koorupatta havisai unnda Sumithiraiyum yentru arulukiraar..”thanndaham nooyraval sorr konndu pohi-“3-9-9 yentrum” kaikeyi sollai konndu kaattukku ponathaiyum kaikesi..kulakumaraa kaaduraiya poventru vidai koduppa elakkumaan thannodum angehiyathu”3-10-3 yentrum” kodiyaval vaay kadiya sol keyttu kaan thodutha nerri pohi”4-8-4 yentrum aruliyathaal Kaikeyi sol kettu Raaman kaattukku ponaan  yenbathu porunthum yenkiraar Mannavaala Maa Muniyum…evar Naaloor pPllaiyin karuthai solli pinbu thanathu acharyar Thiruvaay Mozli Pillaiyin karuthai sola kaarannam…Nampillai seedar Yeeunni Maadava Perumaan yenkira Siriyaazlvaanapilai..avarin kumararum  seedarum Padmanaaba Perumaal…avarin seedar Naaloor pillai..avarin kumaraum seedarum Naaloor Atchaan Pillai..avaridam Yeedu Muppathaaraayirapadi kaala shebam keyttathaal Thiruvaay Mozli Pillaikku avar acharyar aahirar..ethanaal thaan athai munnam solli pinbu ethai sollikiraar Maa Muni.

6..”baktharkal eruntha vuoril erukkum maanidar ethavangal seythaar kolo.”.4-4-7..Koorathaazlvaanodu koodi eruka mudiyaamal Eraamanujar varunthiya eitheeham..Thiruvaranganidam motsham kettau piraarthitha ,Koorathaazlvaanukku “appadiyey “yentru anumathi koduthaan..Aazlvaar Thiruvaranga Perumaal Ariyar ellathukku prasthaanam sentraar..eppadi motshamallithu emmidam erunthu pirikalaam yentru ketpatharkaka sentravar –Aariya Badaall -“panchu kottaan “-thiruvaasal varai ponavar naan kettaal avarum “sari” yentru soluvaan.. “Aazlvaanukku oru petchu, enakku oru petchu” yentru Perumaal eranndu peytchu pesiyathaahi vidum..athu koodaathu..Aazlvaanukku Perumaal allitha petchey nilaikattum yentru thirumbi vanthu Aazlvaanidam kettathum..evulahil vaazlum thunbathaal motsham ketteyn  engu Devareerodu sernthu erukum eruppai ezlakka neridum yenbathai maranthen yentraar..Parama Padatil nadakum adaivu kettuku anchi ..”mudi udai vaanavar murrai murrai ethir kolla” yentru murrpatavarkal nithya soorikaludan pirpatavarkalai ethir kolla varuvaarkal..athu adiyen pirpadil adivu kedaam yentraar..Pinbazlahiya Perumaal Jeeyar arliyathu.

7..”nambanai narasinganai.”.4-4-9..Draubadi  nambikkaiyuda azlaithaal…Gajendran “Aadhi Moolamey” yentru azlaithaan..engum ullaan yentraan Prahalaadan..eppadi moovarum azlaitha pothum antha edangalil avarkalukku vantha aabathaiyum thanakku vantha aabathaiyum(varaa vidil eraivan ellai yentru aahi vidum aabathu) pokki konndaan…Embaar..

8..”sirappudaiya marraiyavar vaazl thiruvarangam”..4-8-3..marraiyavarkalukku sirappu sirantha seedarkalai pettriruthal..Udaiyavar–Thirukuruhai Piraan Pillaan, Arullaaa Perumaan Emberumaanaar pontravarkallai thiru vullathil konndum…Periya Nambi  mudalaana acharyarkal Udaiyavarai thiruvullam pattrierupathu polavym…Nampillaiyai Nanjeeyar thiruvullam pattri erukumaa polavum..Vadakku Thiru Veedi Pillai thammudaiya kumarar Pillai Lohaacharayarai pettru vallarthathanaal payan pettra marraiyvarkal vaazlum Thiruvarangam.

9.”.enghu puheylmin.”.5-2-4 yentru udal noykal allathu piravi noykal ethuvum thammai annuha ottaathapadi  noykalai virattukiraar..”enghu” yentru thammodu palaanndu paadiya elloraiyum serthu “naangal erukum evvidathil “yentru arulukiraar.Batar..”kadal soozlntha mann vulaham vaazla” yentrum “lohaa samasthaas suhino bavanthu” yentrum vulahm anaithum vaazla mahaankal aasai paduvar..

10..”yem manaa, yen kula deivamey yennudaiya naayahaney”..entha moontraalum …”yem manaa “—yennudaiya annaiyey ..thaayai pola gjana paal koduthavaney yentrum…sriman naaraayananukkey adimai yennum seshathva gjaanam…emm mana  yenbathu gjana virothi..veru silarkku adimai pattu erukira anya seshadvam…”yen kula deivamey” ..yenathu kulathuku para devathaiyaanavaney ..veru oru devathaiyum adi pannihai yaahira bagavaathsrayanna -bagavaanai pattra-virothi pona padiyai solukirathu..”yennudaiya naayahaney ” yenkirathu avanathu thiruvadikalil serthu konndamai pattri sollukirathu..ethanaal motshathukku virothamaana samsaaram pona padiyai sollukirathu..  ethu Aalavanthaar villakkam….”em manaa” yenbthaal gjanam pettrathaiyum—“udalai kaattilum atmaa veru “yenkira arivu..”dehamey atmaa” yennum virothi kazlinthathai sollukirathu…”yen kula deivamey”..kulathukkellaam orey mudalvan yenbathai vunnarthukirathu…ethu veru oruvarkku adimai pattu erunthalaahira anya seshadvam kazlinthathai sollukirathu..”yennudaiya naayahaney” yentru “yenakku thalaivaney” yentra porul…”enakku naan thalaivan” yennum svasvaathantharyam kazlinthathai sollitru..ethu Udaiyavar villakkam..

11..”kadal kadainthu amudham konndu kalasathai nirraithaar pol vudal vyruhi vaay thiranthu maduthu vunnai nirraithu konndeyn.”.5-4-4..samsaaramaahiya kadalai kadainthu easvarnaahiya amudhathai eduthu atmaa vaahiya kalasathil nirraithu konndaar Aazlwar..apadi nirraithu konndu baghavaanai anubavikkum pothu vudalum vuruha pettrathu..”ninaithorum sollum thorum nenju edinthuhum.”.Thiruvaay Mozli 9-6-2..yenkirapadi vuruvattra nenjey vuruhum yentraal udal vuruha solla venumo..eppadi vudalum nenjum vuruhi vitaal amuda vellathai thekki konndathu eppadi? yentru Nanjeeyar ketkka,”Vittu sithan manathey koyil konndal kovalan “yentru emberumaan avarin nenjey eruppidamaaha konndu eruppathaal..engellaam Emberumaan yennum amudha vellam paravi erukiratho angellaam antha embiraanin eruppidamaaha Periaalwarin nenjam paravi erukkum yentru kollum enkiraar Battar..

12..”saayai pola paada vallaar thaamum annukkarkaley”..5-4-11..”saayai “yentraal nizlal.. artham poruntha villai yentru Embaaridam keyttka..Udaiyavarin baathuhaikalai thanathu thirumudiyil  vaithu thiyaanithu..eppothu Emberumaanaarin arulaal eppaasurathin porullai arinthu konnden..amudhamaana Perialwarin Thirumozli paasurangalai paada vallavarkal..Emberumaanukku nizlal pola nerungi erukka peruvaarkal yentru porul…entraar.

74Simhaasaathi pathikal..8 Ashta thig- gajangal

October 30, 2007

Below is a list of the 74 simhaasanaathipathis –

1. sottai nambi s/o aaLavandhaar, His son ennaacchaan,
his son piLLaiappan.
2. pundareekar s/o periya nambi
3. theRkaazhvaan s/o thirukOttiyoor nambi (Y)
4. sundhara thOLudaiyaan s/o thirumalaiyaandaan
5. ramaanujam s/o peria thirumalai nambi and his son
thirumalai nambi
6. kooraththaazhvaan,/battar/sriraama piLLai (Y)
7. mudhaliyaandaan/kandhaadai aandaan (Y)
8. naduvil aazhvaan
9. kOmadaththu aazhvaan
10. thiruk kOvaloor aazhvaan
11. thirumOgoor aazhvaan
12. piLLaipiLLai aazhvaan (Y)
13. nadaadhoor aazhvaan
14. engaLaazhvaan (Y)
15. ananthaazhvaan (Y)
16. miLagaazhvaan
17. neyyundaazhvaan
18. sEttaloor siRiyaazhvaan
19. vEdhaanthiyaazhvaan
20. kOyil aazhvaan
21. ukkal aazhvaan
22. araNa puraththu aazhvaan
23. embaar
24. kidaambi aachchaan (Y)
25. kaNiyanoor siRiyaachchaan
26. eechchambaadi aachchaan
27. kongil aachchaan
28. eechchambaadi seeyar
29. thirumalai nallaan
30. sattampaLLi seeyar
31. thiruveLLaRai seeyar
32. aatkonda villi seeyar (Y)
33. thirunagari piLLaan
34. kaaraanci sOmajiyaar
35. alankaara vEngadavar
36. nambi karundhEvar
37. siRuppuLLi dhEvaraaja Battar
38. piLLi uRandhai udaiyaar
39. thiruk kurugai piraan piLLaan
40. periya kOvil vaLLalaar
41. thiru kaNNapuraththu araiyar
42. aasoorip perumaaL
43. munip perumaaL
44. ammangip perumaaL
45. maaruthip periyaandaan
46. matronRillaa maaruthicciRiyaandaan
47. SOmaasiyaandaan
48. seeyar aandaan
49. eeSvar aandaan
50. eeyuNNi piLLai aandaan
51. periyaandaan
52. siRiyaandaan
53. kuRinchiyoor siRiyaandaan
54. ammangi yaandaan
55. aaLavandhaar aandaan
56. aruLaaLap perumaaLemperumaanaar (Y)
57. thondanoor nambi
58. marudhoor nambi
59. mazhuvoor nambi
60. thirukkurungudi nambi
61. kuravai nambi
62. mudumbai nambi
63. vaduga nambi (Y)
64. vangeepuraththu nambi (Y)
65. sriparaangusa nambi
66. ammangi ammaaL
67. paruththi koLLai ammaaL
68. ukkalam ammaaL
69. sottai ammaaL
70. mudumbai ammaaL
71. komaandoorp piLLai
72. komaandoor iLaiyavilli
73. kidaambi perumaaL
74. kaattup piLLaan..

Ashta Thig Gajangal.

1.Vaanamaamalai Jeeyar

2.Battar-Piraan Jeeyar

3.Thiruvemkada raamaanuja Jeeyar

4.Kovil Annan

5. Pradhivara bayangara Anna

6.Erumbi Appa

7. Appillai

8.Appullaar…Moontru Jeeyarum Einthu Grahastharum..

Vaazlvum Vaakkum-Introduction

October 30, 2007

1..perukaaru pola vibavangal..athil thengina madukkal pola archaaavathaaram..vaaymozliyaaha vazlangi vantha vuraikal perukkaaru pola ezluthi vaithulla vuraikal madukkal pola..

2..eitheeham..ethi ha ethi ha eppadiyaam eppadiyaam yentru solli varum nihatchikal…”oru mahal thanai udaiyen…ulaham niraintha puhalaal thiru mahal pola vallarthen semkannmaal thaan konndu ponaan”…periaalwar 3-8-4 ..Koorathaazlvaanai ezlantha pothu Sri Raamaanujar solli azulthaar….”ubamaanam aseshaannaam saadhoonaam yassdhaabavath’..yentru saathukkalukku ellaam eduthukkaattaaha erunthavar….

3..nirvaaham..evar eppadi kooruvaar yentru solluvathu..thiruvaay mozli 9-5-10 “ezlai nalla aakkaiyum paiyavey puyakkattrathu..thazlai nalla einbam thalai peythu yengum thazlaikkavey”..yentru aabarannankal annintha thamathu udalum pasai attrathaa eittru vulaham ella enbamum pettru suhamaaha vaazlnthiduha yentru aruli seythathai…Aallavanthaar..naan mudinthaalum naadu suhamey vaazlha yentru koorikonndu vueir vidumaa pola paraankusa naayagiyum aruli..Emberumaanaar.. naan thaan padaatha paadu pattu thunbam anubavikiren. mattravarkal enbamaaha vaazlanum..Battar ethuvarai naan patta thunbankalai kanndu vulaham thunbathil moozlhi erunthathu.. eppo naan vueir vida pohintren.. eni thunba pada venndaam einbamaaha vaazlattum enkiraal paraangusa naayagi…..

..4..vaarthai.porul uraikkum pothu avidathukuu thakka acharyarkal aruli seythavai..kalmaari yaahaiyaal kallai eduthu ratchithaan..neermaariyaanaal kadalai eduthu ratchikkum kaannum yentraar batar..sila edathil acharyarkal sollum kathaikalum eduthu kaattuvaarkal…Battar sonna  pithaa =putrarkal kathai “adam kezlil sambathu adanga kanndu easan adam kezlil ahthentru adanhuha vulley”..thiruvaay 1-2-7..vuraivai arinthathum eraivanodu naam kalappathil kootcham erukkaathu yentru villakkiyathum…samvaatham yenbathu santheham kurithu vantha vuraiyaadalkal..

5..”maavali vellviyil thakkathu ethu antru yentru thaanam vilakkiya sukkiran kannai thurumbaal killariya chakra kaiyan”..peraazlvaar 1-8-7..aruliyathai..vanthiruppavan unnmaiyil yaasahan ellai yentra unnmaiyai sonnasukreevankannai ezlanthaan..thaanam kodutha mahaabali raatchiyathai ezlanthaan..ethu yeyn yentru seedar keytkka,..eruvarkkum eranndu kuttram..thaanathai villakiyathu sukkranudaiya kuttram..acharyan sonnathai keyllaathathu mahaabaliyin kuttram..yentru Naaloor achaan pillai edam Naaloor pillai sonnathu…

6..uthaarannam ..”anaithillaarum arrinthu “..yennum 12th  Thiruppaavaikku entha gopikai oruvar thappaamal ellorum emberumaanai pattri arrinthu kolla veynndum yentru virumbuval yenbathai  Emberumaanaar avatharithaar pola –aasai udaiyor anaivarukkum rahasyarthangalai arrinthu kolla veynndum yenpathaarkaaka…kaannum eppenn pillaiyum  entru uthaarannam kaattina pola…

.7.meyrkollkalaaha acharyarkalin sthothirankalai kaattuvaarkal.. “kariyavaahi pudai paranthu millirnthu sevvari yodi neenda apperiya vaaya kannkal “..Battar Renga raja Sthavathil sevikal varai kannkal neenndatharkku kaarannam solluhiraar…Srivaikunnda Naadanuku kannkal eranndu pothum.. meenkalukku thanneer vaarpathu pola nithya soorikalukku muham koduka..Guhan ,Viduran ponntra silarai kadatchika Raman Kannan evarkalukkum eranndu kannkal.. evulahathil vulla ellorum Parama Padam ponaal allaathu ezlunthiren yentru palli konndu erukkum Renganukku eranndu kannkal pothumaa?..Thirumeni muzluvathum kannkalaaha veynndum yentru thiru sevi varai kannkal neenndu erukintrana..

8…”Vaarthaa maalai “yentra nool Pinbazlahiya Perumaal Jeeyar-Nampillaiyin seedar thokuthathaaha solluvaar..”Bagavath Vishayam “..yentra noolai Aranganada Mudaliyaar 1933 vellietaar…”Eithigha Nirvaaha Rathna Maalaa” yenkira nool PBA swamikal 1953 velliettaar..

Vaazlvum Vaakkum-Periya Thirumozli

October 29, 2007

1.”Nann kanndu konndeyn Naarayanaa yennum naamam”..manthram yentru sollaamal naamam yentrathu avanathu thirunamam solla thahuthi ontrum ellai yenbathaal…..

2.”aaviyeu amudhey yena ninainthu”..1-1-2..”Aviyey amudhey” yentru koora veynndum yentru ninaithu antha ninaivu vanthathum “ninaithorum sollum thorum nenju edinthu uruhum.”.Thiruvaay mozli  9-6-2..vaay vittu solla mudiyaamal ullam uruhi..yenkiraar Nampillai..

3..”thaathu malhiya pinndi vinndalakintra thazlal purai ezlil nokki pethai vanndukal yeriyena veruvaru pirithi sentradai nenjey.”1-2-9..mahara thaathukkal mikku ulla asoka malarkal neruppu pola alarukintra azlahai paartha arivillaatha vanndukal ,ammalarai neruppu ninaithu payapadukira thiru pirithi yennum divyadesam sentru manamey kitta paar..ethey pola “oongu pinnidiyin semmalar yeri vannduzli thara theenkuyil mizlatrum padappai thiruvellarai nintraaney”..5-3-9 oongi valarntha asoka marathin sivantha malarkalin meyl vanndukal yeri ulavuvathai kannda kuyilkal –sivantha asoka malarkalai neruppu yentru yenni antha neruppil  vanndukal ahappattathaaha ninaithu konndu bayathudan maa marangalin meethu yeri nintru kookural ettana..yentru eduthu kaattuvaar Nampillai…

4.”kool thunnaiyaa.”-1-3-1..Nanjeeyar thuravaram kollum pothu mukkoolai “sahaa mey koobaaya “yentru yenakku nannbanaay erunthu konndu yennai kaappaay yentru manthram solla veynndum..acharyanai munnittu bahavanai nokki “nee yenakku yella vuraumaaha erunthu yennai kaakka venndum “yentru koorivittu ,arivattra jada porullaana entha mukkoolai kurithum athey pontra vaarthaikalai koora veynndi erukkey yenney eintha sanyaasa asramam  yentru aruli seyvaaraam..

5..”kanntru meythu villaiyaada vallaanai varai meekaanil thadam paruhu karu muhilai.”-2-5-3…kannan thannudaiya kaikalai pinney katti konndu kavizlnthu nintru thaneerai than vaayaal urinchi paruhuvaan..athai paartha kanntrukalum payam thellinthu avanai pola thaneerai parhuvathu,neer nilaikalil meham padinthu nintru neerai paruhuvathu pola erukkum..Battar Aruliyathu.

.6..”veruvaa thaall vaay veruvi vemkadamey vemkadamey yenkintraalaal”-.5-5-1…thiruvarangathu emberumaanai anubavikka pohum parakaala naayahi, thiruvemkadamudaiyaanai vaay veruvatharkku kaarannam..Battar..Thiruppaanaa Aazlvaarum “viraiyaar pozlil vemkadavan “yentru aruliyathu pola,Vinnavar koon vanathilirunthu erangi Thiruvemkada malaiyil vanthu nintraan..purappattu povatharkaha.. avanathu adi suvadai pin thodarnthu ..vadakku thiruvasallaal puhunthu aravannaiyil palli konndaan..

.7..”mattravarkku arulli seythavaaru.”.5-8-9..Thonndaimaan chakravarthi thanga pookkal samarpithaalum Kurumbarutha nambi baktiyudan samarpitha  mannaalaana pookkalai soodi konndu erunthathumm..”alaivalai”..bahu jalban ..ethaiyum maraikka theriyaatha ullaruvaayan yentru  sonnaaraam..

8..”oliya vennaiy vunndaan yentru uralodu aaytchi onn kayitraal villiyaa aarkka aappunndu vimmi azluthaan.”6-7-4..emberumaan eppadi azluvaano?.. Emberumaanaar Vangipurathu Nambikku thiruvaaraadanam murai pattri pala murai keyttum solli kodukkavillai.. Kooratha aazlvaanukkum Hanumathaasarukkum thirumalaiyil solli kodukkum pothu angey vanthaar Vangi purathu Nambi..palamurai kettum solla villai ,eppothum evarkalukku sollum pothu avaraiyum koopida villai.. eruvahai kuttrangalukkum aalaanomey yentru varunthinaar Emberumaanaar..Embiraanum mattravarkalukku anji kattunndu, adiyunndu,azluthu yenginathu eppo purinthathu yentraaraam..

9..”palli kamalathidai pahuvaayalavan muham nokki nalli yoodum vayal zhoolntha naraiyoor”…6-7-6..thaamaraiyil ahappatta aann nanndin muhathai nokki penn vanndaanathu vuoodal konnda vayal zhoolntha Thirunaraiyoor..yentraar Battar…ammbal malaril ulla aan vanndum penn vanndum erunthana..eniya unavai konnduvara ann vanndu thaamarai malarai adainthathu..thenai konnduvara–sooriyan asthamithathaal thaamarai moodi konndathu..vidinthathum velliyavara , nanndin udal ellaam thaathum sunnamum poosi erukka—sooriyan uthithathum aambal malar moodi kollum..ethai paarthathum eravellaam kaathu eruntha penn vanndu eravil veru edathil thangi, udambellaam maharantham poosi erunthathaalum santheham konndu oodalinaal kathavai saathiyathaam..theera aaynthu kuttram urithi patta pinbu thaaney thandanai yentru ketkka, Battar arulinaar..ethu Naatchiyaar kovil. pennarasu naadu..penn vaithathu thaan chatam..yenevey thaan pen vanndu visaarikkaamal thanndithu vittathu..

10..”matteyru karrpahathai maadharkkaay vann thuvarai nattaanai”-6-8-7..kannan sathyabaamavirkkaha verodu karbaha marathai pidungi pullakkadaiyil nattathai sollukiraar.. pillai amudhanaar enthiranin nantri keydu pattri aruli seythaar..

11..”pedai adartha “-6-9 “vaannilaa muruval”-1-6..”thaayey thanthaiyey”1-9 “ezlai edalan”- 5-8 yentru thodangum thirumozlikalil palamurai evar sarannakadi seythullaar.”.sakrudeva prapannaaya davaasmeethi sayaasadey, abayam sarva boothepyo thathaami ethath vradam mama”..yentru solli erunthaalum …”sakrudeva “yenbatharkku “sahadeva’ yentru “udaney” yentru porul Koorathaazlvaan arulukiraar..thontrum pothellaam thaamatham ellaamal sarannakadi seyyanum yenkiraar..sarannakadi pannina pinbu evan adaiyum pettrin perumaiyai paarthaal, oru piravi muzluvathum sarannakadi seythaalum athu oru murai seyvatharkku samam enkiraar Battar….

12″.nangal vinaikal thavira vuraimeen namo naaraayannamey”..6-10-9..thiruvadikalil sarannakadi adaintha pinbu manam arinthu seyyum –pudhi poorvamaana–papangalaiyum manan arriyaamal –praamaadhihamaana–papangalaiyum pokkum..Nanjeeyar. sarannakadi pannina pinbu manam arrinthu seyya maattan..adaivarkku munbu adiyavarkal seytha paapangalaiyum adaintha pinbu kavana kuraivaal sethavattraiyum kaanaakann ettu eruppan yenkiraar Nanjeeyar..

13..”karravaa mada naahaanathu than kanntrai vullinaa poley”7-1-7..karavaatha ellam pasuvaanathu than kanntru vullinaapola..ninaipathu pola..emberumaaney naanum vunnaiyey ninaikintren yenkiraar Pillai Amudhanaar..thaay pasu yentru aazlvaaraiyum kanntru yentru avanaiyum solluvathu pattri varunthavum Battar “karravaa mada naahai than kanntru vullinaa poley’..yentru  karavaatha thaay pasuvin sthanaathil  –arul puriyaatha avanaiyum –antha thaay pasuvai ninaithu kathurum kanntrin nillaiyil aazlvaarum  yentru porul urraithaar battar…

14..”kann sora vem kuruthi “7-4…padiham “nedumaarkku adimai”..”payilum sudar olli “pontra Thiruvaay mozli pola adiyavarkku aad pattu eruppathai aruli seykintraar..Periya Nambi…

15..”thann serrai emberumaan thaall thozluvaar kaannmin yen thalai meylaarey”..yenbathaal Pillai Azlahiya Mannavaala araiyar Thiru serai vuoorukkul puhaamal—avarin thirumudi meethu yerukintra thairiyam ellaamal.. poey vidukiren yenkiraar…

16..”adiyarku adimai yentrathum “alli kaala kannanaa viduvanaam.eyarkkayaaha kamala kannanaaha eruppavan eppothu  nantraaha malarntha kannkaludan..ethai than 8-10-2 pathihathilum nedumaarkku adimai 8-10 padihathilum  Nammaazlvaarum arili erukiraar..

17..”ponnivar meyni marahathin pongilam jothi ahalathaaram min”..9-2-1. ethai “evar pon” yentrum..yennum “ponn vuruvaay “yentru Thirunedum thaandakathil aruliyathu pola svarooba roobamaaha pon pola virumba thakkavan yentrum..” meyni marahadathin pongillam jothi “yentrum “ahalathu aaram min” yentru avan annintha aaram minnal ponntrathu yentru moontru vaakkiyamaaha Pillai Amudhanaar arulukiraar..

18..”thannai naivikkileyn .”.9-3-1.yentru thodangum padihathin mudalil perumaan varum allavum poruthirupathu Seethai piraatti polvaarukku mudiyum puthiyavarkalaana azvaarkalaal mudiyaathu..”aaruir pattathu yenathueir pattathu.”.9-6-9 Thiruvaaymozliyil arulinathu pola..engey avanathu vadivazlahil yeedu pattu evar alaipunndathu pola paramapadathil nithya soorikal padavillai Emberumaanaar aruliathu….manavaallanin kai pattathum pudhu mannapennukku veyrppathu viduvathu pontra puthunnarchi varuvathu pola aazlvaarkalukkum pattathaam..Nanjeeyar aruliathu..

19..”arakkar aada azlaippaar ellai.”.10-2-1..battar arakkaril eni aadu pola koopida vallavar yaarum ellai….aadu singathidam 99 singangalai konntru thinnathu ..eppo unnaiyum thinna pohiren ..yentru sonathum ..singam ooda aadu thappiyathu..yentra kathai unndu nenjil atcham erunthaalum velliyil thairiyathai varavallaithu pesi porukku azlaikka arakkar yaarum ellai yentraar Battar..aadu yentraal vettri yentru oru porul unndu..vettri yentru solla yaarum ellai  yentraar Nampillai..

20..”kozli koovennumaal thozli naan yen seykeyn aazli vannar varum pozlthaatitru kozli koovennu maal.”.10-10-8..kanna piraan saamakozli kooviyathum varuvathaahavum adutha saamathil akkozli koovum varai thangi vittu kozli koovinavudan pirinthu sentru viduvathaaha koori erukiraan..madiyil kozli katti konndu varuvaan polum..eranndu kozliyum udan udan orey paasurathil therivikkira padiyaal..killiyathum koovum,,marubadiyum killiyathum koovum..Battarin villakkam..

21..”edaiyan erintha maramey othiraamey adaiya arulaay yenakku undan aruley”..11-8-6..edaiyan aadu meykka vasathiyaaha marakillaiyai paathi vetti..aadukal  sappithathum meenndum thullir vidumaa pola.. unathu arul muzluvathum kittaamal meenndum piravi adaiya koodaathu..muzluvathaaha aruluvaay enkiraar nampillai villakkam..

Nithya slokam

October 29, 2007

1.Kathyaayini  Slokam..Om  Devendraanni namasthubyam devandra piriya baamini…vivaaha baaghyam, aaroghyam,puthra laabham sadaihimey..padim dehi suham dehi sowmangalyam subham gjaanam …sowbaaghyam dehi mey siva sundari ..kathyaayini mahaa maayey mahaa yogeenya easwari….nanda gopa sudam devi padim mey guruvey namaha…

2..Om sreem klaam kleem devahisudha govinda vasudeva jagath badey ..dehimey danayam krishnath vaam maham saranam gada.. deva deva jagannaatha gothra viruthihaa prabho ..dehi mey danayam seekiram aushmantham yasasminey..

3..Danvanthri Slokam.Om namo bagavathey vasudevaaya danvanthareya amrutha kalasa hasthaaya sarva amana naasthaaya thrailokya naathaaya sri maha vishnuvey namaha..


October 27, 2007

….Mazlisai Alwar.. Piraan aanaar- Aravamudanaar ..Alwaraanaar..

..Mudal Alwarkal ..para thathvam paadinaarkal

..Mazlisai Alwar..anthrathmaa paadinaar

..Perialwar Andal Nammalwar.. kannanukkey

..Kulesekar.. Rama avathaaram

..Thirumangai..Archa avathaaram.

..Thondaradi -podi, Paanalwar.. Arangeney entraarkal..

..Pananaar Thituvengadathil nintra Perumaal engey sayanithu erukirar entraar..

..Srirengamey Srivaikundam, Kaaveriyey vVraaja entru erunthavar Thondaradipodi..araiar ninnavammkidanthaan entryu yaatirai sellathathu solvar..aranganai paadum vaayaal kuranganai paadeyn entru azlagu yetram thirunaarayana puram..abaranangalukku azlagu koottum perumaal..pathinmar paadum perumaal..aranganukkey thaan..thalai thooki peysaadavar evar…adi podi entru peyr maattri kondu paaduvathu yetram evarukku..thezlivu pirakka paadukiravar evar..aran athigan  uzlagalantha ari adigan entru solluvar  ariviligal enkiraar kambar..thiruvarangan ontrey theivam entri aruthiettu solkiraar..1.25 lakh slokams baagavatham.. thirumaalai not too small, not too big.. 10 entri 1000 entri azlavaaha sonnavar..nama sankeerthanam porum entru paadinavar…evan avanai eluppuvathu evan avanai eluppuvathu entru erandu prabandam paadinavar…perialwar kannanai eluppinaar..visvaamidrar ramanai eluppinaar..thirumaalai ariyaar thirumalai ariathavar enbar..

Prabava varushatil..Thanur  raasi..Markazli maadam..Krishna patcham  chaturdidi Tuesday .keyttai natchatram piranthaar…manangudi veda visakarukku vipra naarayanar  vanamaalai amsamaaha..adanoor pillam poodam kudi..nandavanam vaithu kainkaryam panninavar.. maalakaaran -10 year old kannan  coming back from ..kathai keyttu perialwarum adipodium pushpa kainkaryam panninaarkalaam..arul maari entru maalai soodum karuvikku peyar vathaar..nandavanathai othukki madil kattinaar mangai mannan..thondaradipodi , mangai mannan, paanan moovarum sama kaalathavargal..athaa entru azlakka pithaa enkiraargal enkiraar mangaiyaar..muthey mani manikkam unnai yenganey nan viduveyno..nammalvarum kulesekarum pitha paithyam entru peysuvar entru sollkirarkal..prahalaadan paithyam enkiraarkal.. raamanujar arangam entrathum pithahaa eruppar..pillai urangaavalli  daasar..kann azlagu seyvai seythu .avarai adseyyum kathai..thondar adi podi entru peyr maattri kondaar…kannanai thaandi nammalwar adi pattavar madurakavi.. villunthaalum avan thiruvadi..prappal yetram enkiraar maamuni..evar pirappey veyndaam enkiraar..pirathathey kainkaryam enbathaal athuvey sirappaam..mikka vediar vadathin ud porul baagavath sesham entru sonnumaapola..soorpanahai ramar eppo vipra naarayanarahaum devathauahavum vanthaarkalaam…battar nanjeer ..

…thirumaalai vaibhavam..upaayam avan namamey entru sonnavar. bakti upaayam 7 athyayathil sonnavantha krishnan 9 adyayathin kadaisiel sonnan..baktiyoga gowravam Arjunanukku paduvatharkaha ..Periavachaan Pillai 4 pakkam sollukiraar..satru peedai anishtam, annam paanam eshtam..nithya soori bagavaan kainkaryam viruthi eshtam ..paruthi padum paadu.. jeevaatma padum paadu maathiri… naragam swargam anubavithu vittu .sooshma sareeram swaramum naragamum ellaamal paniyaal vanthu annamaaha ..athmaa garbhaa vaasam ..samsaarkal thannayum maranthu easwaranaiyum maranthu kiankaryathaiyum maranthu elanthom ennum ninaipum maranthu..eruppavanukku janam villaivikka ..thrayam

5….veda adyaayanam panna varusham  ahum..kesava enntru oru thirunaamam sonnal porum..nama sankeeratham solla vanthathu thirumaalai…bagavath guna dharpanam battar sonna vishnu sahasranaamam  vyaghyaanam.. kannaadi..vedam avanai  kaattum pola garudan eruppar..nanjeer 100 thadavai thiruvaaymozli kaalatchebam pannierukiraar..nampillai 100 manathil vaithueruppaar…beeshmar dharmakalukku uppaayamaaha solli koduthaar..mahabharathil 125000 slokams..veda vyaasar ellavattraiyum thiratti sollierukiraar..athil siranthathu vishnu sahasrama adyaayam..rishigal sathya naamangalil thirattu..vyaasar eduthu koduthathu..beeshmar thannudayathu entru sonnathu..thalamaraikal vaallnthavar..jaanigal ellorum ethai ethukondaarkal..geethaiyilum sonnathu..kannaney uttkaarnthu keyttathu ethu enbathu sirantha yetram..thamar konda evvuruvam avvuruvam thaaney..kaaveri nadi theerathil periathiruppaavadai uthsavam jeyaashtaabishehathukku adutha nall..manal annam …vennaikku aadum pillai namjeeyar  aarathanam seyyum kannan..salangai azlagiyaar..swappanam  pathathu  brahamanidam vanthaan .. vanthu peyar sonnaar..moorchiti ..yena thirunaamam vaithaalum aananthippaan..katti pon pola avan ..abaranam pani  pola avan thirunaamam..solluvatharku adikaaram veyndaam..sonnaley athikaaram . thoorakkey erunthaalum kitta vara uthavum..avan ellai solluvaarkalum avan thirunaamam solluvaarkal..vyaathiparihaaramaaha..thaayai thittuvaanum kai valika amma ennumaapola..

6…ariya veyndiya einthu theiumaa..mikka erai nilaiyum.,..thirumaalaiel ellam undu..puriyaatha ettalthalla..vishnu dharmathil theriathavan keyttan.. engey arangan keyttan..kulanthai sollai thaay keytkumaapola..engum ulan kannan entra mahanai kaaynthu . thoon pudaithaan…paasuram..unnai peysa mudiyaathu yentru solla aayiram naaku veyndum entraar paraasara battar..srirengam vaalla ellam vaallum .. veyneeril neer serpaarpola.. palli kollum edam ella perumaalum engey vanthu palli kolluvaarkalaam..thirumalai appan 12-30 to 1-30 kul vanthu sayanithu thirumbuvaaraam…nammperumaal nam naathan.. ennudaiya thiruvarangan..alwar, acharya elloraiyum aatharithavan..van thigal solai ..aranganukku aayiram..kaithala seyvai nammalwar azlaikka paadam thaanguvaarkalai annupinathaal..entrm seyvikkalaam..namperumaal ella achayarkaluukku pannina kathaikal niraiya..nampillai solla keyttkka aasai vanthu thiruvillakku pitchan edukiramaathiri ..karutha thirumeyniudan vanthathu ..battar mudikil thatti thoonga pannierukiraarkal nammperumaalum thaayaarum..raja kanda gopalan.vannaan kaatti kodutha azlahiya mana vaalan evan entru kaatti koduthavan kann theriaamal 95 years old eera vaadai theertham sappittu aanantha koothu adinavan..nadai azlagu engu…simham yaanai puli rishabam polaraaman nadanthaan ethai ellam nammperumaal pakkil kaanalaam.. kudai azlagu kaanjiel…vadai prabaavam venkadathil..veda vyasa battar parasara battar evar prasadathai petru piranthavarkal..araiar  sentru varathanidam ethiraajaraiyum thanakku entru vaangi kondavan..

7….mathonnum veyndaam. maneymey ……manathai piduthu vaikkanum..thanathu manathukku upadesam pannikolikiraar..mathu entru ethai sollukiraar?..karppar raamapiraanai   mattru entru namalwar sollukiraar..kannanai vithaiku vizhayam ellai enkiraar.. biramanai sivan evarkallai alla..

aranganey entru matta elloraiyum solukiraar.. devu mattru ariyen entraar pola..thondar adi podi alwar ontrey upaayam enkiraar entha thaniyanil thiruvaranga perumaal arriyar..mattru entru einthu piraharangalaana vibhava ,vyooha …. priya hithangalai thallukiraar..avaney prabtham avaney upaayam ..amudanai kannda kannkal mat..than ooraiyaiyo ,peyraiyo solaamal mudithaar.5 alwarkal eppadi mudithaarkal…mottu , pushpitham ..palitham..bagavan, alwar, acharyar upaayam entru avarkalidam kainkaryam vendiyirappathu…alwar enntru sollum pothu navukkey amudoorum entru sonnar pola…sarama parvatham…adiyar adiyaar adiyaar entru erukkaveyndum..

vittudu entru solli vittu..alwar peysu entraar.. kattinam meythaa kazlal .kannaney arangan enkiraar..madil arangar.. thin kodi madil ..7 prahaarangal…chitrai veedikku vezliyil erunthaarkal..eppo uthara veedikul poha villai..vimaanam thiruvan vaali pradatchanam. jeashtaabisheham…raja mahendran varama pradatshinam…dwajambu  kulesekaran thiruveedi..4.ariya battal  thirumangaiyaar aali naadan amarnthu uraiyum..ariyarkal kaavalukku erunthu  appuram yetru kondaan.. ..5. karthigai gopuram  vaasal suthu.. thaayar sannathuikku pohum vazli..ahalam kal thiru veedi.. 6. uthara thiruvikraman..7.maada maaligai sool thiru veedi..mandapangal pala pala unndu..gosaalai kooda unndu..

8….madil arangar ..kaaveri vallathil manal meydu ettu moodi vittathu..kizli solla raaja keyttu ahantru paarthu appuram kinkaryam panninaan…kattrinam meytha kazlal ennai. keezl..athiley theyngiya madu pola..parathvam vyooham antharathma mukkodalil seyrntha neer pola aabarana neer paar kadal.. perukkaaru pola vibhavam..archa avathaaram theyngiya madukal pola  namaku veyndiya neer kodukkum.. kovalanaay vennai undaay vaayan yen ullam kavarntha van arangan ennumaa pola…meynthu thirintha aayasam theera sayanithu erukiraan..evan thiruvadi seyvithathum avan nadantha vaibhavam theriyum..yasodai eimpadai thaali panni 5 nagamkal vaithu kattinaal..ellorum ratchikkanum entru .. evan sirukiraan..yinikkum paarkalaam..mazlaiku antru kuntram eduthavanum avan thaan..vennai naattram ennum erakkum..mudalum kadaisiyilu kannan arangan enkiraar alwar…vaiyamellum unddan..muttrum unda kandan arangan kandam.. undavan kannan vilungiyavan arangan…poo maalai paa maalai samarpithavar..uttra thirumaalai enkiraar.. paadum seermai..evarukku paadukhaiyay seermai..seer thondar adi podi ..ethanaal seermai…yem perumaanai epothum peysu enkiraar arraiyar..

thirumaalai   prabandam  three or eight parts..3 paasurangalil thanakku sollikiraar.. 11 paasurangalil namakku …adithathu bagavanidam..31 paasurangalaiyum….2 pathu pirithu paraupahaaran entru solluvaar mudal pathu.. avanathu perumaikalaium  adutha 10 thanakku gunam ella thanmai solukiraar..35-37 meezla paarkiraar..38 paasuram kainkaryam. dwayam ..ethuvey thiru maalai enbaar..39-44 entha vaibhavam theintha baagavatharkalai..45 palam sollukiraar…

9….mudal erandaalum ratchahathaiyum enimmaiyum  sollukiraar..suddhiyum boogamum erukkum enkiraar..thirupaatham kamala paatham pola…namathukku undu entru evarum avanukku entru paan alwarum sonnar..rajakula mahathyam kattukiraar..kaavalil pulanai vaithu..kaaval ellaamal pulanai vitttalaam..enthiriyangalai jeyakha avatrai adakki vaikka veyndum..kattu kavalil pulanai vathippathu mudal step..kaaval eil entru kaaval ellamal pulankalai vaithaalum nadakkum enkiraar..

naamam saadanam ..pulanai kaavalil vaipathu ellai.. entru artham pada..aaru  or peyru aha naamam..raaja vanthathum siraiyil vaipathu pola..vaithu  nanna vaikka  aasaiyoda pannuvathu..yekaadesikku nanna sappittaalum ..vinnulaar perumam arkku adimai seyvaar  serum  eimpulan ..nithya sorikalaiyum siramam thaan.. sarpathai thurathi sentra garudan saranam adainthathai kappatria kannanai pasi gopathaal keyttan..kattai viralai vaithu azluthinaan..

..viswamitraar kaamathilum kobathilum patta kathai thaarai lakshmananidam solukiraan….lakshmanan kiskanthaiyil kobathudan erukka thaarai vanthathum thalai kuninthaan..

kondaatta arambithum ennum thalai kuninthathu… ramanai pirinthu .prana dyaaham panna villai ..thaay entru uruha arambithaan.. kaamam krotham koodaathu enkiraal..dasaratha raaja kobam padaamal 60000 years eruntha kathaiyum viswamatrar kathaiyum sonnaal..

kali thannai kadakka paaynthu.. paapangal  ellaam  kali entraar..kadakka .. thaandi  paba samuthrathai thaandi.. hanumaan jalam padaamal kadal thaandinaar pola.. samsaara gantham ellaamal erukkalam..paapam erunthathai theiriyaamal panni vidum..thannai?..kaliyai kadakka paaynthu..kali thannai entru sollum azlavukku paapam moottai..paapam vaibhavam theiriya thanai..aval koopittu sollokiraar..kadakka entru thaaney kadanthaaraa?..sathirathil paduthanda mahanukku thaay adikaari kodukka  ..

10….eraamadam oottumaa pola. kadakka paaynthu entraar.. thannal entru theiyaamal.. ethu pola thaan naamam..vijendra thozlan entru paartha saarathu keyttal pola..

naval ettu ariyo ariyo.. or naaval naaval .. thothavarkal thadam pongath ango.. mangai paadinaar.. rravanan paadinaar pola.. yaarai jeyithu arai koovukireerkal/ oolli tharukintrom?..

thannai paarthum avar pinnaal sellum nammalaiyum ..anumaam varum varai vaanarngal varum varai saappidaamal erunthaarkal..aananthaal madu vanathai azlithathaal..ethai keytathaal seethai kidaithaal entru sukrevan sonnathu pola..evar mattum namam solla namm ellorum paapa vanathai azlikkalaam..naman thamar thalaigal..yaman avan thamar ellorukkum arai koothukiraar..risha muha parvathil sukreevan arai koovinathu pola.. angu naami palam engu naamam palam..nadappathu ellorum aathalaal hamarkalai sonnar….naman peyraasai paduvaanaam evarkal kaal adi pada….nim naamam kattra avalippu.nin manthirathai sollaamal naamam entrathu  ellarum solla veyndum .. saptham onney arinthu artham theriya avasiam ellaamal..kurugoor nambi einesai paadi thiriveyney..esai mattum theriyum.. aavalippu  palam pettrom.. garvam enntrum artham..udamai  sothu pola.kanndaay..nee keyttu theriya veundaam kanndu kollalaam..unnudaiya sarithirathai pola keyttu theriaya veyndiatha ellai.. unnai pola mann unnda meyni ellai..yen thiru meyni prabaavam…

 arangamaa nagar ullaaney..dwam yey enntru sollum pothu nee nammudaiya sothu entru solla.aham yey entru vilangukiraan  srirengathil arum oor naan unnidaiyavan entru solluvaarkal ulla arangam..

11….patchai maa malai ..erandum undu .. enimaiyum baagyamum undu..six type annam aru suvai..mudal paattal bavanathvamum ethaal enimai  bogyathvam sollukiraar..bayam neengi anubhavikkumaa pola..vishnu darmathil sonna maathiri…abaya prapti thaan payam ellai..narasimhan naamam sonna udan ellam anchi oodumaa pola..maathuryam undu aaravamudanukku ..avan thiru naamaum  eranndum unndu..hanumaan vayasaana vesham kondu vanthu nirkkum pothey rama lakshmanarkalai kandathum  ratchagam unndu entrum eniavarkal entrum therinthu kondathu pola….prayajaanantharangalaiyum, upaayanthaaraikalaium,sembadavan trader kaiyil maanikkam, raajaa raanikku koduthu anubavippar pola..sahasra naamam paaraayanam panni  veyndiathai adaivathum. motsham adaivathum. paaraayanam pannuvathey swam prayojanam pannu maa pola….battar thirunednthaandagam vyakhyaanam keyttu  peyr aananthamadainthu peru veedu thanthom entraan arangan..alwarukkum athey solla athil etchai ellai entraar..atchuvai veyndaam entraar.. patchai maa malai pol yentraar..dwarpa yugathil kannan niram. patchai..maragatha patchai pola kulirchi ..maa entru uarvaisollukiraar..malai  entru thairiam sollukiraar..achalam ennal malai  kadi kaachalam  pola ..pol  meyni entru kunathil ethai okkathu entraar.. evarukku avan gunam swarppam ethil aasai ellaamal meyniel aasai entraar.. ananthaa  mayamaana meyni entru..

12….kuntraadu kozlu muhil pol kuvali pol kurai kadal pol nintraadu kanam mayil pol ..entraar perialwar..megam ennaiyum nanaikanum. jalam nirainthu malai muhattil thavallnthu minnal vaana vil veyndum..enthira  entra peria piraatti minnal..abaranangal enthra thanusu.vaanavil  ..theeratham thaayaa enkira gunam karuthu erukurathu.. srirengam divya desam malai..battar sonnathu..neela meha syaamalan…malai meley poha mudiyaamal namm meyley eruppavan…pavala vaay, kamala sen kann…kadalil suli pola ethellam namm ahappattal meendu vara mudiaathu..patchai marahathil pavalam vaay..alwarai kanndathum allai eryri varuvathu pola..kamala senn kann meendu varaamal erukka..kaarunyam kaatta kann..saranam entru vibeeshanan sonnathum   vaayaal peysi  raaman kann malarnthathu  pola..ayothil erunthu lankai vanthu annkeekaaram pannaamal ekkarai vara solli elloridam peysi avakaasam eduthu konndu kaithlam pannina maathiri..naam avanai pidikka kaathundu erukka avan nammai kolla kaathunndu erukiraanaam…vaayaiyum kannkalaiyum seyrthu ellorum paaduvaarkal..punnahai thorkka pannum..manath thoonai pattri ..thirukann paarvai ..kaarunyam ennum guna pravaaham..vadakkilerunthu therkku naakki varum namm therikilurunthu pohum pothu namm adi pattu poohaamal eruka entha manath thoonnkal..sowntharyam  avayava sobham

laavanyam ..padahu pola ethil sentru ellavattraiyum anubavikkalaam..atchuthaa..maaraathathu..kamalam maarum , patchai malai maarum , pavalam maarum .. aanaal evar meyni vaay  kann ellam maaraathavaikal..atchuthaa entru paallaandu paadukiraar..amar yerey..devaathi theyvan..nithyaseyvai kidaippathaal amar.. aayar tham kollunthey.. entru namakkum kidaikkum entraar..yennum..entru thiru naamathu yetram eniraar..

ennum etchuvai thavaira naan pooy..namam vaibhavam theyrintha naann enkiraar..pooy entru vaikundam thooram enkiraar..aallum  entru yenekkey  parama padam koduthaalum  veyndeyn enkiraar..yeeraar muyal vittu kkakkai pin povathu ..mangaiyaar sonna maathiri..

peyrinum veyndeyn ..paalai koduthaalum veyndaam enkirathu maathiri thavirthu peysuhiraar.. angullavarkellam engu vanthu unnai seyvikka yennai angu sella solla veynduveynoo..

13….yen amudhanai kannda kanngal mattrondi..paann alwarum thonar adi podi hanuman moovarukkum sannathi kittey erukku srirengathil..atchudan nazluvudal kidaiathu entru nammai aatkolluvaan entru solkiraar..thiru kanndeyn uarvara entru ellorum sollukiraar..moontavathu paasuramaaha desathil erunthu thirunaama sankeerthanam pannuvathu ena siramam entru solkiraar..adalaal piravi veyndaam enkiraar..veda nool piraayam nooru.. nooru varusham ..ethihaasam puraanam vedam sonna vazliyil aaraaynthu.. veda nool ..veda sasthram ..vidikkarapadiyaal saasthram..param enbathu veyrupattathu uarnthathu ennumaapola ..vedamum noolum entru artham panni  vedathilum saasthrathilum entru..

manisar thaam ..entru brahma varusham ellai enkiraar..uthranaayanamm deva pahal pozluthu  ..namakku oru varusham avaalukku oru naal,,,,ayyiram sadur yugham brahma nall..

kalpam aadi antham entru brahmavaiyum..thaam puhuvareylum..paathi 50 urangi pohum enkiraar..urangaamal erukka lakshmanan..guhan seethaiyoda raaman tharaiyil paduthukondu eruppathai paarthu thoonga maatteyn entru sonnavan..kangulum pahalum kann thuil ariaal. thookkam vaasam theriaathavar..lakshmanan arinthu vittan evar ariaamal vittar  ..10 einthu aandu  50 or 15 pahal thookkam ..

14…..peythai ..baalahan ..athu ..entru yauvanthai  peyar sollaamal  solukiraar….thiru namam sollamal eruntha moontru nilaimagalai sollukiraar…appuram ..pinni  vaithyam seeyanum appuram ..pasi..  athai pokka thanam sampaathikaran….iswaryam vanthathum virithigal varuvarkal…. mooppu  ..arokhyam vanthathum ….thunbam..kalan thaanam swarnathil yamanai vaithu kodupparkal….arokhyam vanthathum vizhaya anubhavam keytkum..yovanam nadi vegam pol pohum 8 or 10 years..adukkulley jakkirathai entru solla poha keyttavan nanna anubhavikka ponnaan.. athanaal peyarai sollaamal athu enkiraar..athu kaalan entru mehathai alwar sonna maathiri..

eivar thisai thisai  valithu ellukumaapola ..eim pulangalum nammai vevera vazliyiley elukkumaapola…thunbamaana maranam varuvatharkkul naama sankeerthanam panna mudiyumaa?..munnan atchuvai veyndaam ennum eppo piravi veyndaam entrum sollukiraar..enna kodukka?….erandu adi nithya leela vibhooti vaitha pin  thirumangai alwar thirumudi moontravathu vibhuti ennumaapola..athu pola everum aranga maa nagarulaaney entru aranga nagaril eruppathey enakku veyndum enkiraar..Arangathil eruppathey veyndum enkiraar..unakkum unathu sothu engey entru sollukireyn entru ….saranaagati gatyathaalum emberumaanaaridam dwathai soli konndu erukka sonna maathiri..nithyam namm perumaal pirappaadu kidaippathaal kulanthaigal baalagan ellorum yavanamum pennai paarkka kovil pohanum  ..purappadu anusanthathithu ellamum angey nadakkum….kiley veedhi vettu vilai jaasthi..ella veethikku entru uthsavam undu..mooppu vanthaalum avanai seyvikka….thattan kulam vaikaasi visaagham..kudaiyai maraithu thottachaaryar seyvai entrum kaanpikiraar..

4-14 paasuram namakku upedesam pannukiraar..nammaiyum avanudan seyrthu vaikka..

moytha val vinaiyil..neykudathai pattria erumbu pola ..

15…..easwaran  sarva saktiyaal thaan ethai pokka mudiyum..ull ninntru..pattu pootchi thannayey suthi koottukolvathu pola..samithai eatha maani entru ..pootchiyai sonnaar..maani enntraal brahamavhaari enbathaal..sathra bandu enkira asuran munivaraal moontru eluthaal go-vin-daa..ovvoru eluthum motcham kodukka vallathu..enna moontru enntru keytgha varuvom entru..paraangati kandu kondaan..paapathai vilakki naragam, swargam vilakki motsham kodukkam..kanndu kondaan.. petraan entru sollaamal  ..kinaru vettum pothu erukkum neer kanndu kollumaapola.. ethanai adiyanaarkku shadra bandu shardiyanil thaalnthavan..

evanidam   gunam onntru ethirpaarkkaamal…erangum ,,katti kolla thudikkum arangan..namm aranganaaya..pithan enkiraar avan thannaium maranthu munnam eruntha parathathvam marunthu pirarkku erukkum thaazltchium maranthu..   pithanai pettrum..nam theydi poha veyndaam..piraviyul pinanguvathu veyndumo?…anthoo entru parithavikiraar….

maaley mani vanna ali nilayaiyaay entru Andal sonnaaal… atchutha amarerey aayar tham kolunthey sowlapyam parthvam and sowseelyam kurikka paadinaar..sowndaryam parathvam  pasu koottangal..koushubam jeevethma prathinidi avanai vittu piriyalaamaa/ entru antho enkiraar..

16….pendiraal suhamgal uyppaan..agniyai thaluvi thaabam thaniikumaapola..uynthallathu eruppom antru viratham eruppaan pola..konda pendir makkal uttraar ..nalla8=10=kadaisiyil nalaa pathaal manai vallvar konda pendeer makkaley..mudalil therivikka pendir anukoolamaaha konda pendir  ..kainkaryathukku anukoolamaha erukkum peyndir veyndum….appuram sonnathu apraaptha panthugal..periothor edumai poonndu..abaranamaaha papangalai poonduvathai sonnar..iswaryam mudinthapin athu thaan evanukku kidaikkum paanai vaay kluthuil soodinamaathiri..unndu eraa kidakkum pothu..eravil than saappidukiraan pahalil panam sammpaathikka poonaal..appo pendiraal suham kulippan.. udalukey karainthu nainthu..ehaaram sariramey entru eruppathai kattinaar..lohaautha mathathai thallukiraar..jaavaali  entra manthiri ramanidam sonna maathiri kannaal paarthvaikal thaan unnmai..athmaavai pattri sinthikkaamal udalukkey karainthu nainthu eruppaarkal…than thulaay maalai maarban damarkalaay paadi aadi..avan adiyaarkalaay erukka veynndum..maduvanathil vaanarangal raamanai gaanam panni aadinaapola..thondu poonndu edumai poonndaamal thondai poodikka azlaikiraar…veera sundara paandiyan pathakkam poa thondu poonndu kollanum..lakshmanan kainkaryathukkahaha marauri tharithu ..amudham unna ..aaravamudha alwar pola amudam..soru veeynum entru keytpaaraa?.uhakkumaarey?mannai thinna maattaamal sarirathukku  venn soru unnukirom..athmaaukku kainkaryam veynndum entru theriaathaa?…easvaranai pathaamal penkal pin povatheyn?..

 Next paasuram..6..Maram suvar madil eduthu..aram enntri maram.atharmam entra suvar..ahankaaram mahankaaram..suvar kattiyathaal ethirigal varaamal erukka kattuvaarkal ..engey easvaran vara mudiyaamal erukka..raavanan sisubaalan pola..vibeeshananai raavananukku samskaaram panna raaman sona maathiri..uueir eruntha mattum avan nammai suvar katti maraithu erunthaan..  eppo namm sellalaam thaduppu suvar ellaathathaal…namm ennikkum avanai dwadishakka villai ..anban vishnu thannai adainthavargal anban then nagar nammbi..athanai peyrukkum polintha nintra piraan anban entraar…..marumaaikeey verumai poonndu..  emmaiiku eisvaryam seythu vaithu marumaikku onnum ellaamal…antha lohathuku onnum sampaathikkaamal verumai ..puram suvar ottai maadam..sareeram viluvathu theriaathu .. ennikkey pannividungo…porulum pothu ariya maatteer….aram suvar aahi ninntra aranga

17…vaasal ethanai erunthaalum aathma ennum poohaathathu acharyam entru etchanukku darman sonna maathiri..avan deekshai kattinndu nammai kaakiraan..aranganarr aatseyyathey.. ninna aadi piraan  polintu nintra perumaal enuumaapola….puram suvar koolam seythu pul kavva kidakkintrerey…yen solli marappeno nambiyai then kurikudungudi nintra semponney thigalum thiru moorthy…enkiraar nammalwar..sareerathai kaligukal unna ennaamal kavva enkiraar…arangaa entru sollaatha sareeathai pullum sappidaathu enkiraar..appothukku eppothey soli vitten enkiraar..

adutha paasuram..7..ethu vazli enkiraar..pulai ara..silaiyinaal elangai settra devaney devanaavan enkiraar…baadayarkal  vedam othukkathavarkal.. puthodu samanamellaam..sarva sonya matham..prathyatsham jaanam ariappada vishayam aribavan ellam soonyan..saptha 7 logic undu ellai etc. kalai ara kattra maanthar .kannbaro ketpero..kalaiara kattra maanthar..koorath alvaan pola..thalai arupundum saaveyn sathyam kaanmin..aiyya entru piraarthikiraar..silaienaal elangai settra devaney devanaavaan..mudal devan prahaasan.. erandaavathu devan avaney kathi enbathai kaattukirathu..

18….nammam kitti ninntru uthavum dwravbathikku udavinapola..4-14 paasurathaal  adiyaarkku upadesam pannukiraar..kannbaro keytparo entru mattra mathangalai vida sollukiraar..nirdevathvam keyttka vantha kumbakarnan nirthai entriu thappi keytaan  athu kidaithathu..ramaha viraamaaha. entru sahasranamathil sollumaapola  .ooyyvu ellaathavan..ratchahan avan thaan.. silaiyinaal .entru sollukiraar…angey appouzluthey thontriaya singa perumaan pola ..

adutha 8th paasuram…..veruppodu samanarkal mundan saivarkal.. thalaiyai mundam pannina

samanarkal..purappaadu aptham keyttaudan thalaiyai muttinndu eruppavarkal..thondanoor yeriyil vaadam panni adiseshan roopam kondu thiraiettu 1000 jainarkalaiyum jeythavar..sakkiya peykal..

raamanujar enkira baaskaran vanthathum sankara yadava madangalai venntraar..thirukandiyoor ulakezlum suttri thirium periyon..thahappanaar thalaiyai killiyathaal periyon..thiruvikraman thiruvadiyaal braha sivan motsham adainthaarkal…vidiyil sakkiyarkal.ninpaal poruppu arianakal ,,ketpaar ..sevi sudum ..sisubaalan..bagavan ninthukku aal viduvaan…theengu ninaintha kamsan..vaay manan kai ellam ontru sernthu ninthippavarkal..

19….ninpaal poruppu .arianakal .peysil.. povathey noyathaai..pillai urangaavalli araiyar kathi vaithunndu selluvaar..sri padaam thaanguvaar vehathodu  ..uayirai maaythu kolla.. ..kurippu yenakku adaiyumaahil koodumeen  ..thalaiyai aruppathey karumam..enkiraar.prahaladanukku peyran mahaapali..ninthuthathum  sabam etta maathiri..nanjeeyar desam poha saabam eduvaara entru keyttar..naay thavuru ellakkaium pothu adhukku uarnthathu entru ninaipathey ennumaapola..

kandaay arangamaa nagar ulaaney enkiraar..parasurar parangusar  ,parakaalan.. perumaalai viruthamaahi peysuvaarkalai ninthippavarkal..

raman..sakravarthy ..madi sool ayodhiyil eruppavan…patta mudiyumaa..entru yosikiraarkal..

adutha  paasurathil 9th mattrum oor  theivam..undey .kattrinam meytha enthai…madIyilaa maanidangaal.. easwara thathvam enkira .jaanam ellathavarkal…uttra pothu aantri..pralaya kaalathil antri enkiraar..kaakaasuran engum sentru kadaisiyil oruvanai unarnthu..oppilla bagavaan..oru sarakakaaha unara maattreerkaley..virahu kattai nanaiyaamal erukirathaa/ kovil alwar pattri kavalai padaamal. kunthu manikku edaiyaha thannai oppu nokkum pothu thangam varutham padumaapola…artham meyl onnum aroyeyn..avan allaal deivam ellai..enkiraar..kattrinam meytha enthai kazlalinai ..pasukkal entru sollaamal kannanaium sollaamal kattrinam enkiraar

20….nithya soorikalai vida kattrinam meykka aasai paduvaan aathalaal..nithya soorikalukku vizhayam theriyum..pasukkaluuk theriathu. aathalaal..nammaiyum ratchippaan ..kantru meythu enithu uhanthaan..kaiyai katti kuninthu neer paruha  kattru koduppaan…yeyaathi enthiran thar pughaltchiaal kizley vizlunthaan..easwaraney poruka vallavan entru thotruvathai…arti prabandam kadaisiel poruppathai sollukiraar..yenthai enthiran abachaaram patallum poruthu arulum yen thanthai..pattra vallavan nam arangan..kaliyuga perumaal raamanumkannanum ellathathaal. naattinnan deyvamengum.. ..samsaarathil ulla elloraiyum pattri kolla vida vida deyvangalai nattuvithaan….kodiyai panthalil vida vasathiaaha..panthalukku munnam kitchi vaikkum pola….ella deyvathukkum antharathmaa vahi erunthaan…yengum entru ella edathilum ..entru adutha paasuram 10th…entha deyvangalaiyey  namakku entru erunthom…nallaothar arul thannaaley kattinaan..arul ..oor arul ..matra deyvangalai pidithu evanai adaiya ..nalathor arlu…pasumaadu kantrukku erangi pozlyumaapola.. thannaley entru ehaaram..kaattinaan thiruvarangam..thanaithai koduppaan kizlicheeraioda koduppan.. thirumanthirathaum thannaium alwarukku kodutha maathiri.. uybavarkku uyuum vannam..antha deyvangalum uyyummvannam engey vanthaan..

pattrudai adiavarkaluuku adiyavan..adwesham bakti..unnudaiya nizlaley othuna maattom entru erunthaal porum.. pasumaadu ratchi entru keytka villai varaathey entru sollaum ellai aathalaal..


October 27, 2007

These are notes  taken as I was hearing Sri Velukudi Krishnan Swamigal’s upanyaasam from the recordings..This was like Ara-Amudham and I wanted to jot down  the  amudha-droplets to recollect later and enjoy..

Kalyanam….Srivaikundam sentru kainkaryam pannuvathu.

Edaitchi paavam…Alwarakalai .Vinchi nirkkum  thanmaiyaal….

Sringaara rasathukku mattri kondaarkal Alwarkal….

erul, mayakku,thurakku, (santhegam poy thappaha purinthukolluthal…kayiru, paambu example)…Maraththal…four type of agjaanam….

 Aghjaanam  Janam, Bakti,   premam….mayarvara madi nalam arulinan….Janam plus friendship and kainkaryam….

Janathil than petchu Alwarkaludaiathu , premaiyil penn petchu  Andal paasuram..

Munnam vidhi.( nonbu)…..mukhil vannan mayam kolo….

Malattu madams except markzali….

Thirunarayana Puram….visva roopam at 9am…

selva sreemeerghaal….krishna Anubhava selvam….

Nandagopalan kumaran..esodai elamsingham…..


Upaayam, praapyam, adikhaari ellam Narayananey.

madhi niraintha nannaal….markazli powrnamiel arambithu thai madam powrnami varai nonbu…

bagavatha samletchanam than nookku….Bagavath sambathaal, markazli. powrnami usathiaha poettru…

saptha gunam valrkathaan, entha madam kalyanam panna vendaam entru vaithaargal….

 1…Andal ,Maduragavi eruvarum baagavatha anubhavam mikku erunthaargal..preymathaaley perumaalai adiya aasai pattu.. acharyar moolam nonbu notru.. adainthaall..thannayey edai pennaha maattri kondu.. anubhavithu paadinaal..krishna bakti enum theertham aval vaayyal thiruppaavai yaaha vanthathu.. Kramam thappaamal nadakkum entha margazli vaibhavam. even after so many thousand years ..Thaaney avathaaram eduthum nadakkaamal ..manujarkalaahiya aalwaarkalai pirappithaan..boomi piraatiyai varaaha perumaal meetka, nammai  uykka vazli keyttal..vayyinnal paadi ..manathinaal sinthikka .veyndum entru sonnar..adhanaal Andal vanthuthithaal…..bakti, kaadal ,anbhu ,avaa, nilaikku sentraal..nonbu norka gogulam kannan panja laksham pennkallum pannina kathaikeyttu ..kaarthiaani viratham..nunn manal eduthu pisinthu bommai seythu ppavai nonbu panninnal..

abinayam piduthu padukiraal…edai nadaiyum, edai petchum, edai mudiyum, mudi naattramaha mari vittathu..

2….pinnjaay palluthaal..vinji nirkkum thanmaiyai..boktum dava baktim nijaam piranaya bhavanaamaay sringaara rasamaaha maattri kondaal..unnai parthu un bhaavam avarkalukku.. .erul , mayakku eduvo aduvo entru mayakkam. thuakku santhagam poy thappaha purinthu kolvathu.. kayiru bambu pola, maranthu poghuvathu..marappu. entha nanku nillaiyum mattri amaikka..madi jaanam nakam bakti, premai kadaisi nilai..

akjaanam..erul thuakku mayakky marappu…mayarvara madi arulinan..maryara nalam aruliathu..kadaikann paarvaiyaal maattrukiraan….jaanam mutri anbhumayamaay preymai pada veyndum..dhyaanam mattum entri verum pulli mattum paarkaamal perumaludan sneham  nilai ..mad baktaaha entru geethaiyil sonnar….jaanam, preymam. araadanai, preymai..sringaaram eruppathaha erpadithukolkiraal..kaadal ,anbhu, veydkai, avaa..nanku nilai..eval snehamaahavey erunthaal avargal jaanathodey sneham kalanthu paadinaarkal..jaanathil than peytchu, premaiyil penn peytchu….tholai villi mangalam sentru seyvithu   maaran aanaar pola,, antha perumaalai thavira yaaraiyum paarkkamal erunthaar.. namma kaivilierunthu tholai villi mangalm yenaallaal.. munnam notha vidhi? muhil vannan maayangalo? saadana bakti sathya bakti  ellai sahaja bakti thaan..avan chinnamum thitunamamum..perumaal enu kidakiraal…

malttu masathil entha masam markazli yaanathu…kannanudan sernthu poha kidaitha maadam entru entha naazli potrukiraal..krishna anubhavathai sevamaaha kondavarkal..kumaran angey  nandagopan pakkalil  singam engey yasodai pakkalil.. naarayananey namakkey tharuvan..

3….viswam ellathukkum avan pathi..ellorukkum ratchahan..jjaalathiluum nadanthu ninnun kidanthu erunthum

 saala palakaal unnum umilnthum  uirkal kaappaan..kolathi rumaamahal  koodaathey..sala pala naal adiyen ennum thalarveno..anugarithu tharikiraal Andal….krithya akrithya viveyham pannukiraal..seyuum kaariyangalum seyyakoodaatha kaariyangalum sollukiraal..Namm munney saranaagati pannum pothu  bakti bhavanai pola erunthathu papaam enkiraar Raamanujar gathyathil..seytha seyyum seyyapokira enkiraar…kanna erukkum edam vaazltchi..Vaiyathu vaazlveerkaal enkiraal…paavai..bommai, paasuram, nonbu..keyleero..vyuha moorthy yaay paiyath thuintra paraman adi paadukiraall…neyrellaiyaar..athma alangaaram ullavarkal..aanthanaiyum kai kaatti..mudintha alavu bagavaanukkum baagavatharkalukkum kodukka veyndum..

4….bagavath sambandam eyrpattathaal markazliyum madi niraintha naallum nanna ahivittathu..markazli vanthathu brahman kooda kalyaanam koodithu..ezluvaar ..veedu kettu vankindu udaney senntraar..vidai kolvaar…kaivalyam keettu solli kondu sentraar…nithya kainkaryam keettu avan kooda erukka keyttargal. ….yekkalenthu enthaiyaay  ennul mannil mattru ekkaalathilum yaathonnum veyndum mikkar vedam vizlunga akkarakaniyai ..mikkan thakkan avan pughalai sollum paasurangalai kollaum thanmaiyaan….peria nambi, thirumalai nambi ,thiru koshti nambi, thirumaalai aandaan.arriyar, katchi nambi..oru thadavaiyaavathu enudan kalakka keyttar entru artham sonnar thirumaalai aandaan..oru dadavai sernthu erunthu pirinthaalum uirai vaduvaar alwar..pitchu pitchu soluvar natchinaarkku eniaar..ennul mannil pirinthu pohamal eruppathu..ekkalathilum mattru yatthonnumveyndeyn enkiraar..yethirkondu meethalippa  mattrathey paal soriyum..raman vasishterai thernthu eduthaapola nammai acharyaraaha kondaar.. koshtiyoor nambi sonnar  ..evarthathai alavandaar solla nan kettu erukireyn entraar…bagavath sampantham yerpattathaal kondaadukiraal..niraintha nannal ammavasai madi nirainthathu ellai bagavan baagavatherkal niraintha naal..

5….karuppu kannan muha mandalam kaana madi vendierunthathu…

..thirukurunthandagham..18..ellaipinai eyakam neekki ,erunthu mun emaiyai kootti ..allaippil  aimeympulanaiyum  adakki anbhu avar kanney vaithu thulakkamil sinthai seythu thontralum sudar vittu aangey villakinai vidiyin kaanbaar meeymai kaannkirpaarey..mun emaiyai kootti un mooku niniyai paar..

alappilaatha einthu pulankalai adakki..unkittey erunthu pirikka vaitha valaikal entha einthu pulangal…sinthai seythu dyaanam arambam..thulakkamil vinaadi kooda edai eintri..vilakkinai paramaathmaavai..kaanbaar meymaiyey kannkirrpaarey  yarum ellai entraar..

..thirunedn thandagam..vilukku oliyaay  mulaithe  zluntha thingal thaanaay…minuruvaay munnuruvil vedam nangaay  ..santhranil kalangam erukkum.. athmaa kalangam bagavath anughrahathaal pohum..sooryan dhaba jaanam.. ashtaanga yogathaal jaanam.. avanaal vantha Jaanam kulirnthu erukkum…

manahah malamara malarmisai ezlutharum manan unnar vazlavilan poriunnar valai elan enanunnar muzlu nalam sasthram sonarkal..madi nirraintha poorna chandran..rishikal patta kashtam padalai enkiraal…

swayam prahasamaay..madi niraitha   thingal? sollai paarthaalum porulai paarthaalum pinjaay pazluthaalai vinji nirkkum thanmaiyai paarkirom..Narayananey namakkey entru ekaaram kooti sonnal..

6….thirikoshtiyooril  eruntha Battar ..neela thunga entra thanian paadinaar..ulaha nookoda padukiraal Andal..theerthamaduvathaavathu mukkyam enkiraal..elai vaithu santhanam koduppar namboodari..mummaari..moontru thadavai peythathaal  ..perum sennel ongitraam..veyndiya azlavu koduppathaal vallal perm pasukkal…neengaatha sevam nonbinaal kittum enkiraal….erunbu pontra valiya nenjam oru alavu kittathum magnet pidithuhumaapola..avan kaanthan .nam erumbu..ethukkuthan nonbu,etc,  namm vida vendiathu niraiya..pattra vendiyathu avan thiruvadi ontrey…dwathai kathil othuvathu pallakkum..koorath alwan dwayam than patchai karpooram pola…nanjeer viduhai upaayamaa/ patruthal upaayamaa. nanjeer patruvithum  viduvikkum Avaney upaayam entraar…

7….namum nam paavaikku ..saranaagati pannina namum nonbu norkka ennumaapola…vibhooti  sothu leela vibooti nithya vibooti ellam avanathu…kadal soolntha loham .boo mandalam.. meyla 7 loham keezla 7 loham.. ellam seyrnthu 0.25 pangu…soozlnthu azlnthu.. ethukku leela vibooti..avan leelaikku thaguntha mathiri mattrapadukirathu….vaazltchi vaiyahathil ellai engey thaan enkiraal…battar sri vaikundam sella padi katta vallavar…namm perumaala seyvai saathithaal varuveyn entraar…sri vaikunda seyvai veyndaam..eppo vazltchi engeyyaa angeyyaa. parathvam sowlapyam theivathu engey thaan…vaikundam puhuvathu mannavar vidhiyey entraar..ezlimaiyai katta Avan engey vanthaan…pahal villakku pattu erukkum angey.. erutti villakku pola engey…rain on sea,nanna sappitavarai sappida sonnapola,pahal vilakku, samarthayam erukkaravanukku thaanam koduppathu ellam veenn….kalyanaguna kadal pola avan…athai angey katta mandalam vanthaan ellaiyaa? sri vaikunda virakthaaya ..angirukiravarkal engey vara mudiyaathu..yeytri vaithu yeyni vaangi..enguerppavarkal angu pohalamey..ethan yetram…thiruvanantha Alwan azlala umizlum ..saama gaanam keyttu theeppori kakkukirrar..hiranya hasubu vanthaan entru..urahal urahal..paryangaasana paasuram..thiruvanthaalvaanai thoongaathey enkiraar perialwar…emaiyoorai thoongaathey entru paadum parivu..thaduthu emai. eduthathu kandanar odithathu keyttanar…pongum parivu avarukku.. athanaal vaithu vaalveergaal enkiraal…

8….visvakseynar..mani paadughai samarpippar.. azliangai ammaanai pin thodarntha ammaan…kodu poduvathu vaalmihi kaavyathil ellai..vermkaalaal nadanthu anthaar..boomo piraatti kavalai padukiraal..lakshmanan elaigalai eduthu vaithaaraam..Raamanujar entha thalai vaithu nadakka mudia villai entraara..padughai kodukka angey.. thalaiyai kodukka engey eruppar..entha voorkku yetram ethu..

garudan..sumuhan pambu abayam keyttu kaaladi vanthathu..garudan perumaalai keeta avar thisai thisai kettu avanaiyum paduthithi..nan thookindu varuhireyn entru peysinaan..kelvikeyrpaar erukkum naadu athu…thirumohoor valithunai perumaal.. thirumaalirumsolai azlaga.. appam kuduthaan ellorum vanthaar.. alwar keyttar..nethukku yeen varavillai entru keytkka  ..nethu azluuku manam ..malathu azluukku nee thaaney pokinaay.. neer vanthu yennai vara manam thanthaay..thalai kuninthu nirkiraanaam…kodittu kallaaley vedkappattu nirkumaapola ninnaanaam..battar nanjeer sonnar..seshadvam svaroopam keyttathu entru adutha paasurathai mattri paadukiraar..entha voor vaazltchi therinthathey…soottu nann maalaigal ..kottitidakoothu…

poosum santhu yen nenjamey..maalai saathinaarkal angey engey nenjam paamaalai ellam avanukku kidaithathu…angey kaala maaraattemey kidaiyaathu..peethaambaram naga palam ..mann thool mara vuri koduthaal…parakaala naayahi kitteu pohanum..kaadil thuni thiri pottuerunthaal..mahara kundalam deydinaan..sowriraaja perumaal in naagapattinam….vaasudeyvaa un varavu paarthey..10 minute thaangaamal uudukiraal engey..angirukkum ananthalvaan,  garudalvaan  ..engey vanthu kainkaryam panna aasai padukiraal..

neermali vaithu needu nirpaarkaley…theller paasuram thirukannapuram.. eruppaarkal enkiraar.. gokulam kaattu maathiri. ethu… maduraa  ayodhya pola adhu…raamanaum kannanaiyum ezlantha voorkal athu..avan soll padi mattravar ketppaar.. engey namm solvathey avan keyppan..8-6..arul thiruvaattatru perumaal..sareerathoda koottindu poha aasai entraanaam.  veru pattruvarkall.mann epattrodu soodumaapola.

yennudaya vidi vaikaiyey enkiraar..perumaal evar sonnapadi keytkiraar..namahaa sonnal avan than thalaiyaal sumanthu motsham koduppaanaam..

9….karavel..maraikkathey..maranthum puram thzlaa maanthaar….koorath alwar..sivan and karthikeyan namm enna pannuvom enbaarkalaam.. mazlai mudalvan eppo kankaryam ayarpaadi gopieskku enna panna veyndum..

killi kilainthaan..narasimhan pattri sonnaal..rama, krishna, thiruvikrama varaaha avathaarangalai meendum meendum paadukiraal..onginaan, ulahazlanthaan, uthaman..athaman, madyaman, uthaman..mattravarkalukkaaha thannaiyay kuraithu kondu kullamaaha, pitchai eduthu,.mattrikondaan ….swaroopathaalum swaapathaalum maarathavan easwaran..chit swaroopathaaley maaraathu.. swapa vihaaram..karmaatheenamaay..achit swapam and swarpam erandaalum maarum….avihaaraya ,suddhaaya, nithyaaya paramatmaney,..vishnavey sarva jishnavey….srivaikundathil avaakyanaaha eruppan..engey azlagarai paada avan thalaiyai aatti siruthu paarppannam…kurugoor yachilai .naayodu ..antha naay entha peykkum.. .pirattiedam eppadi entru keytpaalaam….nenju deeyil uruhum mezlugu pola uruhanum.. avanai ninainthu uruhi  azla azla thaan azlukku pohum..

etchaadeenamaay adiyaarkalukkukaaha ongukiraan, ulahu alakkiraan..engum vaamana avatharathai andal solla villai.. enthparthavai pattriyum elimaiyai sollamaattal.. vaman avathaarathai natchiar thirumozliyil sollierukiraal..peruhiathai sonnathaal siriathaiyum sonnamaathiri enbaarkal..

10….thayy( namm ellorukkum avan than maada pitaa )

thanthaiyai pola munnam kavalai pattu munnan santhosham

paduvaanaam raaman janangalukkaha….adiham janjanmanthram vantha maathiri..romba varautham

romba santhosham..sankalpathaaley saripaduthum thaayy avan..

Raman vibeeshananukku pattabisheham pannanithum juram poeduthaam…than adiyaarkalellam sothu koduthal veyndaam entru sonnathaal vibeeshanan  othu kondathum juram poeduthaam…thuar aru sudar adi ..yaar thuyar? than thuarum theera namathu..adiyavarkal in..thuarathaiyum arukiraan..

thozluthezlu yen maneney.. nammalwar than manathai kattukiraar .Kanchiel  mattum appadi archaa roopam….

anthaamathu anbhu seythu yen aavi seyr ammanukku  ..anthaama vall sangu. uzla .udaiyey yennudan seyrnthu .thirumaalai aandaan raamanujar.. alwarudan servatharkku munbu ellam erunthum ellathathu pola.. alwar vanthu seyrnthathum anubhavitha pinbu thaan eruntha thirupti ..yennodu serntha pinbu amman aanaan  swamy  aanaan pin thaan entraar..ammanaaha aavi seyrnthaan yentru ellamal eppo than swami aanaanaam..

11…..eruthum viyanthu..aruthuthu karuthuara vittrunthaan..vidaamal paarthu kondu erukiraan…nampillai kelvi solli patil sollukiraar..naram vanarathukum enna thodarbu..raaman -sukreevan.. vaitha kan vaangaama erandu peyrum paathukondu erunthathai Hanumaan Seethaiyidam sonnar…kurangal Raaman parthundu erunthaal alwarai avan vaithakann vaangaamal parthundu erunthaal yenna?kannkall sivanthu periya vaay vaayum siivanthu kaninthu ulley venn pali lahu sudar elahu vila mahara kundalathan  kondal vannan  sudar mudiyan nanghu tholan …10-8-1..

oli maaraamal erukkum enberumaan avar seyrnthathum oli koodinathaaha sonnaar..jagat nammathey entru erukkum oli ever seyrnthathum oli koodiyathaam…viraja nadhi antha pakkal vaazlnthu entha pakkan yen thaazlnthu..  yen uirai aravillai sey joti..

 thondar adi podi.34 thirumaalai..ulluvaan ..soodanaay kalvanaay erandu kalvan voor karai emaathi unnaiyum yemaathi.. vilavarra ..vilakineynen entraar ..avari vida manasillamal perumaal

… adutha paasuram.35..thaavi ..thaavi antru ulaham ellaam thalai vizlaakonda enthaey ..sikkeney senkann maaley..alwar sernthathum kann romba svanthu semmkann ahitraam..

thalir puraiyum yen thalai meley..thirunednthaandaham..avan thiruvadi pattathum thalir ahitraam. alwar sampathaal ularnthu eruntha thiruvadi thalirnthu malarnthathu….mahabali prahladanukku peyran..kulathu uthithorai kolla maatteyn entru sonnathaalum enthranukaaha vamana avathaaram eduthaar..thannai mattri kondaar..koduthu koduthu vanthavan pitchai edukka ponaan.. maha lakshmiai vidaamal eruppavan brahamachaariyaanaan..pitchaikku antha vesham veyndum….samudra rajan veettukku pirattiyai anuppukiraanaam…ahalahilleyn entraal..mann tholai vaithu potrikollukiraan..antha purathai thirai pottu maraithaanaam..pitchaiyadukka pugazla veyndumey? sthavaprian avan ..nilam entraar..maavali. kobatodu thirumbinaar.mahaabali? moovadi.. entha moontru variyil thiruvikramaanaar….asuranai peysa vaayppu koduthathu avan thaan..naarayana, raamaanuja nanku ezluthukkalai asattu samarthu entrusolla avan thaan yerpaduthinaan…nalaikkey  kannan avathaarathil ,abachara pada pohum enthranukku , udavi seythathaal uthaman enkiraal.. ..

12..mudal ..srivaikunadan..paarkadilil ..shreeabtinaathan, …3,4,5, thiruvikraman, raman, kannan entru amaithaal…kannan kaiyil erunthathaal sasthram everkal pinnal pohum..edaichi pettrathai adaiyathaan ella acharyarkalum veyndinaarkal..mayanal damotharanai seppu..vadamadurai piranaha varukiraan..devaki anathamaana avanai azlavy undu panninaal.. thaayai  kudal villakam  seythavan..manam vakku meyy. moontraalum ninainthu ..

azli mazlai kanna ..seethai pola kaarunyam panna sollukiraal..oozli mudalvan…shrishtikku dayaaraaha erukkum mudalvanai sollukiraal…jagat ratchahan….devar, manushya karumam ellam padaithy koduthu paras paramaaha erukka padaithaan..sadu yugam 12000 year devar kanaakkaal..namathu 365days devarkalukku oru naal..  mulitiply by 12000.intha nangu yugangalum maari maari varumaam….52  years  battar, 32 nammalvaar, 120 raamaanujar.. ellam avan seyal..aattru neer, ootru neer, veyttru neer =mazlai neer elam avan padaikiraan..dajja jala anu. piravi, layikkum ratchikkum..muth thozlilum seybavan avan…nithya, naimithya pralayam. 3 loham azlinthu 4,5,6,7 erukkum..brahma rathiri.yil moontru lohathai

13….Karunai,dayai yaal .achit avashitataan,prelayathil achit chit ellam onnu pola erukkum..jaanathai kodukka shrishtiyai thondangukiraan..tharayai tatti sri bashyam sonnavar kettu patil sonnamaathiri..udambu enthirayam serthu vaikiraan…porullanna erukka veyndum entru padaikiraan..nithya sorikaludan erunthum thanithu vittu erukkum thaay kavalai padumpola eruppanaam..pralayam erukkum kaalam srishtikkum aahumaam.. uppu kandam vittu vayalai saripaduthuvaan pola..suvadey theiriathaathu pola azlithaalum pralayathukku munbu panina thappukalai meendum naam pannumopola..oli mudalvanin sinthai. velukkumaapola raamanujar kaarunyam.thantha aranganum  than charan  thanthilan.. thaam adhu thanthu..raamanujarey oli mudalvan..veettai panni vilayaadum vimalan..varuna deyvaney avan thirumeyni pola nee karuppu ahalaam.. avan kaarunyathai unnal kaatta mudiathu.. uruvam poll mey karuththu enkiraall..

14…vedam vallarkalai kondu vinnor perumaan thirupaatham  paninthu entru nammalwar sonna mathiri…  acharyar pattri piratti yai pattri perumaalai pattrumaapola…panthalil yerimun kutchi kombil vaithu panthalil paduraamaapola.. thanithu seethai yai pattra ninaitha raavanan, ramanai pattra ninaintha soorpanahai and ramanaiyum seetha pirattiyai pattriya vibeeshananum theriyumey….thiruvannvanndoor..6pathu  thodakkam.thoothu vidukiraar..paravaiyai yetram alwarkalaal.. chitra powrnami  srirengathil  kollidathil nadakkum..Yanaikku thaan mudal sadaari..gajengra motsham..  ahalahilleyn uraiyum entru..piratti kaalil vizlunthu..6- kadaisiyil  perumaal kall adiyil .unadikkeezl amarnthu puhuntheyney entrathum adiyeer vaazlmin yentru arul kodukkum padi kezlilla perumaan… vedam.. appuram vinnoraikalai pattrukiraal..6-16 varai vedam valorkalai pattri pin vinnorkalai pattrukiraal andal..  mudalil pullam…ullam puhunthu kulirnthu hari namam enkiraal..pullum entru umm sonnathu .ulla erukkaval pesuvathu  spachtama solla villai..ungalukkum patchikalukum vidinthathu theiraathu..visvaroopam pothu sangam oli keytkum..pillay entru baagavatha vizhayam theiriyathathu pattri sollkiraal…pey mulai entru payappada sonnal.. unndu entru aval ullaey solla,…kalla sakadam entru evarkal soll kalakkazliya meylotchi entru aval sonnal….vithu siriathaanathaaley nam athai  ullathil kollalaam….ullathu konndu mella ezlunthu ..manasil antat atmaavaaha  perumaal eruppathaal mella ezlunthuerukkanum…verum thozlukueniyyanai vaithu pazlaha solluvaarkal srirengathil…sheashtabisheham srirengathil seyvikka mudiyathu.. romba varushamaaha eruppathaal..thiru othu vadai parivudan seyya veyndum kuzlunthaikku seyyumaapola..kuzlanthai yaanai paahan raaja seyvahan pannumaapola…

15….hari entru 7 times solluvathu ella papangalum abaharithu kolla solluvathu..maayan thaamotharan enum soll  poya and pukutharuvaan  papangalai theeyinil doosahi..thiruvanantha puram varuhal  vaithu thodappam keez;la  panna veyndum..eitheeham alahida veyndum..kadaithiley enkira paasurathil

sollukiraar..tamillilum archanai pannuvathu..  samaskrithalum.. alwar achara solum sollhalal

pannalaam..padmanaaban mudalil ,-brahma vanthathai -oolimudalvanukku appuram sonnal…

eppo maayanai enkiraal. 5th paasurathil…shrishtiyum maayam thaaney…acharayathil  avan villaiyaaduvathai maayan enkiraar…thiruvasiriam alwar sonna “maayak kadavul”maathiri..yavaha ulahumum yathum ellai. mel varu pall kalathil erum porullkellaam arum perilthani vithu.  oru thaanahi  ..maayak kadavul.onnun devem ulahamum yathintrumella enkiraar…thani vithu oru entra moontru sollkal..entha onai therinthu kondaayaa? theiathathu athanaiyu theriyum.. brham ethu entru sollkiraar..vithu entru ellavathukkum avan moola kaaranam entraar..kuyavan yaar?  upaadaana  kaaranamum nimitha kaaranamum avan thaan..mannum kuyavanum pola..thangamum thattanum pola..thani entru nintha kaaranam sonnal..than maari antha vasthu vaaha maruthalum sankalpithu maattruvathum..chakkaram thandamum saha karam..thanakku thaaney othaasai pannikanum..perumalin sakthi thaan …padamanaaba amar pirabo..avihaaro maaraathu avan entraal eppadi maruhiraan..swaroopathaalu swapathaalum maaraathavan..upaathaanam?..

16….udambu dress athma azlukku pattu maattruvaar pola..athmaavikku vihaaram ellai.. avar sariramaahiya ssshma sethaana sethanam marri vittana..avar maara maattaar..athanaal maayan entraal.. mayakadavul entraar Alwar..payam pokka daamodaran enkiraal..edaitchi kaiyaal adi patavan kattu pattavan entru …parathvam sowlapyam pada mayan daamotharan enkiraal..vayinaal paadi manathinaal sinthithu thoomalar thoova sollkiraal..

17….muda naattrathodu muzluvathaaha edaiponnaaha maarivittal..pey panney entru..  bagavath prabaavam theirunthu erunthum maranthu erunthavalai solkirathu..sathaan valiyan kuruvi..kalai ..kariya kuruvi kunnangal  maalin varuvu solli ..pactchigalsamsaara thookam vidiyaum sonnathaam..

yengum enkiraal.. ellar veetu anai chattan enkiraal..kalanthu peysina petcharavam..vazlithunaiku veyndum entru peysi kollumaam…kaasum pirappum ..kai peyrthu.. naharthi . vaasa narum kuzlal aytchiar mathinaal  oosai padutha thayir. aravam .muppothum thayir kadaivaarkalaam..thayirai morraka vidaamal kannan eduppai piduthukolvaanaam..jeeyar pattam pola pasu maadukallin vamsam…nayaha  penn pillaay..naarayanan  moorthy kesavan..oosai ahhayam azlavu pohumaam..suhanum baagavathil ethai solluhiraar..

pull araiyan kovil..pactchi  raajanin thalaivan..kovil appothum kooda undaam. archai raama avaathaarathilum  kooda undaam..raaman peyril archanai pannuvaarkalaam..sarvam poornam archai yentri sasthram sona maathiri.. theevattiyil ahanda deepathil neruppu vaikkumapol..saampal ahuti kodukka koodaathu..keyttillaiyoo?.ezlunthiraay enkiraal..kousalya .vaalmeeki raamayanathil ullathu.. vantha perumaal eruntha perumaalai marraithaapola..entha Raman suprabadathai thiruvenkada perumaal eduthu konndaar..

18….Ramarai Baradvaajar thanga sonathum thatta mudiyaamal Hanumaanai Barathanidam thoothu anuppinaan pola.. arriyan vanthanan adiyen vantheyn enkiraarpola.. annu saraasarangalai vaikunthathethi..purpaa mudalaka ..karppar rama piran allal mattrum karporo/ 3 pattil ketpaar  sevisodu.keelmai vasaivuhalai sisubaalan  bagavath ninthanathikku jeevanam vaippavan..naasathihaney kathai pothu kollum azlavu vaivaanaam..antha sisubalanukkum motsham koduthaan kannan..vihalpa pirithu keytbathu..erukku entru solli vaithaayaa? ellai entru vaithaayaa? vedam kondu avanai therinthu kondaan sisubaalan..ellatha vasthuvai vaiyamidiyumaa? ulan yenil ulan ulan alan yenil ..muyal kombu pola..vall eppadiyum appadiyum poy varuvathai pattri nall povathai therinthu kollaamal erupavarkal.. thirumaalai…nattinnammtheyvamangum.. uyybarkku uyyum vannam keetirey  ungu kaathu erunthaal poraathu manamum veyndum nambimeerkaal.. kidaitha nanku vizhayathai .poornam entru ninainthu erukeerkaley .. garuda vaahanum nirkka jeashtai than madi ahathu selvam. parthirukintrey… maha lakshmi erukka moodevi enkiraar jeashtai akka  ..Sri rengathil thaayar mandapathil  oru  thoonil ullavalai vittu suthuvaarkalaam…devathaikalai niruthi avarkal moolam antharathmaavaal avan petrrukollumaapola..rajo gunam ,thabo gunam ullavarkalukkaha kondi mattukku thadi kattuvaar pola nasthigana poha ottaamal….pirojana aasaiyaal ketkaamal erukkom…mayil thihaiyil ezlithiya kann pola thavalaiyin nakku pola, bambu puttru pola kaathu, ..suhar solkiraar..thirumangai..seviall neel vaan kural vuruvaay…thondarku enianaay….

19.. keyttu, manathil vaithu ,sinthanai seythu, pathu,..srunu 10 th athyaayathil sollukiraar..sonnal virotham ethu ahilum solluveyn keynmino entraar alwar…mudal nilai nastiga..2nd nilai asthiganaa erunthu meethi vizhayangalil edu pattu ketkaamal eruppathu…3rd nilai keyllu keyllu entru keytka solli keytpathu..thiru villakku pitchan periya perumaal 16 adi uyarathil mothindu etti paarthu nammpillai kaalatchebam keyttaanaam…namanum nutkalunum  peysa narahil  ninnargal..keytkka..atharathodu utkaarnthu ninnundey keyttarkal  ..narahamey swargamaahum… namangaludaya nambi..mudal thirunamam ethai mattrittu. entraar. thondaradipodi….nalvarthai keytkaamal raavanan patta paadu theriyumey…rukmani kathin vazliyaal unn kalyana gunangalai kettathaaha sollukiraal..seviyin vazliyaa puhunthu yen ullaay  thiruviruthathil alwar sonnar…ketka keytka .kaal ada kannkalaal neer soriya..

anubhavam mutta namm avanai keytka arambippom..thamarai poo vaithu pazluvaana ulahathai eppadi thookineer entru …adutha nilai matta vizhayangal kaadil padaamal erukkum…ketpaarkal keysavan keerthi allaal matru onnum ketka maattaar.. karpaar rama piran. kellvikku keysavan.. kalvi karkka mudiyaavidil kattra vanidam ..

20…..vallaalaan pin  pona ninjam varum alavum  .thirupullani paasuram..pullani yemberumaan poy keyttu eruntheynay entraar..konkunn  vandey  kariyaaha vanthaan..vandu antha emberumaan poy thaan sollum entraar..anubhavam muttri paasuram.. nithya soorikalum ethai ketkka vara aasai paduvaarkal.. aravam  oli bagavath seshadvam.. eppo peya aravam.. bagavatha seshadvam.. vellai vili sangam.. om.vadivaana sangu sonnal..uttrathum un adiyaarykky adimai thirukanna purathil sonnathum muham malarnthathu….keettileo entro appuram avanai keytka arambikiraal..

21….sarngam uthaitha saramazlai entru ramapiranai sonnal.

kodukalam..kauthookalam..kannanidam ulla preethi sollapadukirathu..6/7/8 13,14 avidinthathukku adaiaalam sollapadukirathu ..9,10,11,12,15 sollapadavillai..

siruvedu..edaiyan veettu thottathil nunipul meeya pohumaam..appuram peru veedu pohumaam..edaichi paavathil sollukiraal..kozliyai patti appuramum eppadi paduvaal…erul pohuvathu ungalmuhajoti pattu erumaipol erkirathu.entraalaam..povaan pohintraarai pohaamal unnai koopittu..parai entru bagavath kainkaryathaim sollkiraal..kesi arakkan kadaisi kuthirai vadivam konda arakkan.. poothanai mudal arakki..sevithaal.. entri neetti solvathu  apoorvam entru ..

oli pattri paasuram..kadalosai  vida paravai oli ..janasvaroopan..raikuvar kathai..pactchi anuppi vanthaayaa?..paravai kurangukal anil ellathukkum perumai seyyum sampraathayam..paadukaa samarpipparkal..periya perumaal . vannanukkum mariathai undu.. Raamanujar seytha vahai ennum eruku…seer thiruthathai peysaamal panni vaippavar….arisivantha adaiyaal moothaathaiyaril mannippaayaa?.rajakan kamsanuuk kondu ponaan..abacharathai samithaaraam….

paravai oli vida nattu makkal oli.. lowkiham, manusha peytshu, devarkal petchu, bagavath vizhayangal peysuvathu..veda uruvaay ullavanai pattri peysaveyndum..upanishad..vedantham soll yetram….narayana anuvaahathukku romba yettram..manthrathil naraayana manthram yettram..ettuluthu yeytraam..thayir kadaitha oli uarnthathu..kaasum pirappum kala kalappa ..moontru manthra paashai yentraal….bagavath vishayam..vaasanai/aytchiar.srivaishnavar/mathu.. sankalpathinaal..svaapadesam artham..thayir sishyaas..kadaya..acharya.sishya santhai ..divyaprabandam rahasyathrayathukku aduthathu enkiraal..

22….1250000slokams maha bhaaratham, 24000 raamaayanam/18000 baagavatham/6000 vishnu puranam/  ethellam kadaloosai ..rahasyathrayam theriya veyndum..acharyarkalukku thaan upadesam seyya veyndum…samaashraanathil therinthu kollaveyndum.. brahamanyan thaandi vaishnavaakiraan.. yarvaraalum vaishnavanaha mudiyum..yellorum daasanaavarkal….sarma, varma gupta and dasar ellorum dasanaavarkal..thootham  entravan seethai daasoham yenkiraar hanumaan..nadhikal yellam kadil kalanthu thani thanmai marainthu onnumaapola…ooraan /74 simhaathibathigalai yerpaduthinaar…kai peerthu..nammai kadainthu prapannan aha acharya kashta paduvathai sonnaal….

nara/narayana thirumanthram..badriyil..moontru soll 8 ezluthu/moontru saradu ettu elaayaay..

thirumankalyam ..

vishnu lohathil thayaaruku sonnathu..6 patham/25 ezluthu/24 thathvam jeevaathma..

sarama slokam ..arjunanuku gurushetrathil ther thattilurunthu/geetha 32 eluthu. anusht chandam/11pathangal..

3/6/11..20 pathangal…8/25/32/==65 eluthukkal…

23….athikaarangal erunthaal arangan..ellavidil raamanujan..neeyum karma bakta yogam entru keytpaayaanaal yengey povom? enkiraar maamuni..pettra thaayinum aayina seyyum naaraayanaa yennym naamam entraar..swaroopa, uppaya,purusharthathai sollum..entha moontrum..

vedam kadainthu  thirumanthram..vedathukku om enbathu pola palland divya prabandam ..vedathukku aasai

bagavanukku .charama slokam..

acharya rusi..dwayam….

perumaalai seyvika poohum pothu moontrum ..kreedam parkkum pothu thirumanthram.avanukkeu namm adimai yenntru ninnaikkaveyndum..amavaasai aruhil soorya chandra..  greeda sooda rathna adi raajya jalpikha ..thiruvadikalil charama slokam..thirumaarbil dwayathil nokku..

charama slokam thirumaarbu enntrum dwayathil thiruvadi entrum sooluvar..mmam enntru sollum pothu avan thannai thottu uraitha soll..angiyai kalainthu marbai thottu sonnathaal…charanau enntru thiruvadiyai sollvathaal.. andallum adiyil arambithu adiyil mudithaal…kalkandu enna entru theriyum ethai solli seyvithaal..dwathai solli konday erupparkal..thaaragam. boshagam bogyam..thanneer, soru, vettalai pakku pola…unnum soru parugum neer thinum vettilai ellam kannan…vaasudevan thaan ellam ..42nd day after kannan nammalwar came here..

9 types of sampantham-nava vida sambandam-.pitha, ratchaha, seshi,parthajaanam niyamam,swaami.. aathara, athmaa,boghyam–nammai anubavippavan..themmbaa eruppathey entha sampathaal thaan..

araatha thoppul kodi pola eruppom..avanaalum kooda arukka mudiathu..thaaragam..thirumanthram.

charama slokam.. boshagam..sappadu sappida maathiri

dwayam…boghyam. appa appo sappiduvathu …norukku theeni…enippu athigam ullathaal

kaalilirunthu thalaikku kuliyal pola nadhi kuliyal..

vaay ooyaamal sollaveyndiathu  …guru paranbarai, dwayam….saraanaagati oru dadavai thaan ..  motsham ..enimaikkaaha….marunthu pala vasanaiyoda kodukkum pola/

24….poliga poliga poliga/santhi santi santhi ennumasapola/ellam moontru roopam..janathaal akka pattu avanukku sesha poothamaay eruppavan athma..jnaani adimai ethu munnathu  ..rishigal mudalum alwar, acharyas pinnathu entrum unarthum.. namaha enakku nann alleyen ..avanukey enkirathu..perumaanukku namm adimai ennum jannam than jaanam..athu thaan munnadi..upaayam avan thiruvadiyai pattruvathu..

25…vaalmeeki boomi piratti kathu puttrilirunthu thontriavar..avar 24000 raamayanam paadinaal boomi piratti thiruppaavai paada solla veyndumo..ananthaloo neenda thookkathil azlnthaval…maamaayan  sowlapyathukku ellai.. vaikunthan para thathvathukku ellai..maadavan aana padiyaala thann evar sulabar, periavar..maareesan sollkiraan seethai paatri..manditri thaara soorpanagi sathrukkuul ellam peysuvaarkal.seetha raamanai  apremeyam. puthiku elai ellathavan.. dat dejas janaka putri seethaiyudan koodiya ramanin thejas pattri sollukiraan..yennu yenny naamam palaum enkiraal..oneonnukkum  ayiranamam sollkiraalaam..700 sanyaasin12000 srivaishnava and ayiram ayiram natchiarkal.. erunthum avan oruvan ellaamal sri baashyam sollaamal neer nammai vittaalum nam unnai vida maattom entru azlaithu vanthu solli koduthapola povan pohintraar poohaamal  enkiraal.. kilorielzimai tazlagar malai sentru pinbu srivilliputtur sella neera namakku thamaiyanaar entraal..maman mahaley.. uravukkaarar yaarum ellavittalum athma swaroopathaal..namm pen namm pillaikal appadi erukkaamal erukka namm seyya veyndiyathu..

26….thiruvaanai ninnanai sadakkenna ninnar..vasam seyyum   thiruvaannai ninnaanai kanndaay..

10-10-2 … andaal appadi ellamal sadakkentru nintraal.. alwarkku minijaval aval..

sethathin vayatril siriathu ..sinna jaanam thinbathu upaayamaal engey kidakkum athaiyey upaayam athaiyey pattri kondu kankairyam panni kondieruppan..mudal pattil salippudan paadukiraar enntru 16 vayathu munthiya janmam ellam therinthavar..ennnintra neermai.. eni onnum maayam seeyyel ..kadaisiyilum solluvaar..20 thadavai ..sollkiraar.eni eni yentru..yella paasuramum petrukondu namakku veyndum entru than kuzlanthaiyai pattini pottu namakku virunthu koduthaana.. 3 thiru virutham.. 17 thiruvaaymozli yil sonnar…thisai thiruppi paada vaithaan.. thiruvaanai yun per sathyam  thirmaalerum solai yil nadantha kathai.. yaanai erandum..ann yaanai peysa pen yaanai sethukondathu..thiruvaanai piratti peyril aanai enkiraar.

..thirunedum thaandagam 21, 22..yennaivasapadutha try panninaan..karutha kunji kuzlal,,thooki vaari vittathu kunji..thonga viduvathu kuzlal..eruvaraha vanthaar yen muney ninraar..vaay kamalam polum entraan…mayangaamal eruntheyn..nivalamum raahathil paadinaan.. nammai nookinan.nanninaanar pol erunthaan..oli suvadi kondu om namo naarayana entru kaattinnan.. vittu kodukka manam ellathu ennai nin sishyan vaithukko entraan..sampantham veyndi..yem manesay virithi ayitru..manumkannum odi avan thiruvadi adainthathu..

27….barathanum. aanai ettaan..kausalai.barathan sampaashanai..neyey nattai azlu enntraal..hanumaan ,bheeshma praghthighyai..nammpaaduvaan thirukurungudi  malai meyl nambi seyvitu ekadesi viratham mudippan.. thirupaannaarrukku mun vanthavar..kundumani thangam saman padutha varutham padumapola ennoru theivam avanukku saman enntru sollamal aanai paninnaan..srirengam enngu erukiratho antha thisai nokki kaalaiyil adi vaithu ezlunthu erukka veyndum..kulesekar azlwar ramanin rathna kathai ..kudathil paambu vittu arangeda ..kuda paambil kai ettavan..baagavatha apachaarathil eruntha payathil aanai ettavar  thondaradi podi aanai….oosi ..yaanai eduthu solvomo?..pulaiyara  buthodu samanamellaam.  soonyathaal soonya etc…thalai  raaman  entru aanai ettavar..koorath alvaan.sathyam sathyam puna sathyam.entru sathyam panninaar…

vaduha nambikal sonna kathai..yathiraajo jagat guru entru kaaveru nintru sonnaar..mamabicha entru naanum solveyn entru raaman sonnaar .theeyavan serkaathey nalavan seyrthukko.. theeyavan aanaalum sethuppeyn kai vida matteyn entru sathyam panni seyrthukolkiraan..povaan pohintraarai poohaamal….saranaagati pattri entha earnu paasuramm solkirathu..

28….notru svargam..avaney vanthu eval norkaamal thaney vanthu evalidam vanthathai kattum..nattra thulaay avan engey eruppathai katti koduthathaam..kathavu thappal ellavattilum athmaa avan athanaal naraayanan allavey nee thiranthu vittu namgal varanum enkiraal…attra ananthal enkiraal..arum kalamey entru gokulathil ulla ellorukkum periya selvam enkiraal.. theytramaay entru sonnathu thaaraiyai  paarthu vanthathum thalaiyai kuninthu  polnathu solkiraal.

toomani maadathu  entrathu maniei erandu vahai undu..thoomani avalukkum thooyathamaniyai thhooyathaakki avanuku ..thoshm ellatha rathnangal kondu pirattikku mazligai kattuvvaanaam.. pann alwar mudal pattil amalan. vimalan entru nanku thadavai kuttram ellathavan enkiraar.. amalan, thanakku adpaduthinathaal.. vimalan adiyarkku adimai akkinathaal..

thirutholaivillimangalam paasurathil thuvalil maamanimaadam  kuttramattra entru solluvathaal kuttram erunthu pokkuvitha enkiraar.. ethaal mukthaas and gatyam keyttavarkalai sonnar enkiraar..elloraiyum vasapaduthumavan. elloraiyum entru baltas, muktas, nithyas enkiravarkal ellaraiyum sonar..nithyas samsaara ganthams ellathavar..pallaandu pallaandu entru  eppothum edaiellaamal solli kondu erupparkal..sathya sankalam enkira ella gunangalum namakku appo kittum. jagat viyaabaara sakthi undu seyyamaattom. seshadvam athihamaahi antha seyalai avanidamey vittu viduvaan.suttrum vilaaku eriyum  olithaan kannil padum sudar padaathu  ..thoobamkamazlum  enkiranthu varuhirathu entru theriathu.. uarntha nilai….kann vazlarum entru sonnathu ..edaitchi baavanaiyil peysum aval bagavath sammantham udaiyarkalai peysum murai..battar thirunednthaandagam aasai nanjeer ethai vaithu thiruthinaar..thathiyaarathanai mandabathil naduvil nintraar..avan ratchikka maatteyn entru sonnaallum eppadiyey eruppen entru sonnavar battar kuradu..nanjeeyarai thiruppa eppadi panninaar….enna veyndum entru keyttathum ummidathil tharkka pitchaientrathum thirunedm thaandagam entru sonnavar neero entraar.. 1=10 aann peusy..11-20 thaay. paasuram.21-30 ..

29 pauramum edaichi bavam..kadaisiel than battar piran kothai..

Krithya Akrithya vivegam therivikiraal vaithu vallveerkal paasurathaal…

saranagati gatyathilum vidavendiyathu solli, kidaikkavendiathai sonnar..

krithaan, kriamaanan,Saranagati panni vesham podukirathu, karishyamanathu…past present and future sins.

Vaithu vazltchiaa? thazltchiaa? Kannan nizallil eruppathu vazltchi thaaney….

Paiath theintra….shreepthinathan..

bogha porullgal vida ney, paal unnom entraal…

Iyyam, pitchaiyum..bagavaanai katti koduthaal, pitchaiyum bagavathanai katti koduthal….

porul. vizhaya thaanam.. aam thanaiyum…. ellavatraiyum kai kattuthal….


Thirunedundaandagam..mupathum Pattarukku..ethai vaithu nanjeerai mattriavar…perumaalai adaya naam onnum try panna veyndaam.. avanathu thiru ullathaaley than kittaikkam…neer erukka avar eyen vanthu ooroorraaraha sella vendumaa?..thankaalai paadi than kudanthai orraaraanai paadi…peysinathaal. thirukovalooril  mudal alwar eruntha edathaiyum paadinaar..naraiyoorum paadinaal etharkkum vedka padaamal paadinaar.. thaayaarahaum thaanaahaum paadiyavar..5-1 -1 thiruvaaymozli..vidhi ennal easwaranin sankalpam..5-2-1.azulthi paadiyavar eppo siruthu paadukiraar..4 kadaii pathu 5-2 naduil 5-1 pallanndu paduvatharkku munbu paadinaar…kannan vanthu kalavaamaiyaal…madalooruthal  pommai kuthirai

vaithu villayaadukiraar..penngal madal ooramatar…vadakkey pennkalum madal ooduvaar…purushothaman kidaikka asai migunthu maran madal oornthaan..see 5-3 thiruvaymozli anthaathi…manavaamaamuniyum nadumginaar…5-6  nithya bakthar.. ankuttraynallan etc..5-8 araavamatha  perumaalai thiruvadi pattriya pinbu

yen naan seyhaeyn  yaarey kalaikann yennai 

30….thannkaal paadi ..than kudanthai  nagarum paadi ..thirukovaloor paadinaar.. avan vanthu serrnthu  athaal.. nangaay namm kudikku ethuo nanmai yenna . .naraiyoorum ..nammalwar thudithu padinaarey..paaduvaall…5.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 pathil nammalwar paadinaar..theyney ennamudey entrnnenney sila  koothu solla..neeyay yemaanthu ..poyey  kaimai solli. orraarai emaatra poy avanai  kaimai.. motsham koduthathum  ..5-2 poliga poliga . entraar  …ananthathil paadinaar..azluvar sirippar appo appo ananthathaium anubavithu.  kuzlanthaigal pola…4pathu kadaisiyil onnum devum paadinaar..nammai thirutha paadinaar.. ellorum maarivittarkal…,namanukku vellai ellai.. 5-2 paadinaar..5-1 kaiyaar sakkarathu  yen theriamai thann kaaranam..asangathuya sangathi   theriathathu thaan sangathi enkiraar ettil..nantriyai solli nar ethil..pallandu paadum mun avanukku nantri paadinaar..5-3..masirujoti kannan vanthu kalavaamaiyaal? srivaikundam ponathaaha ninaithom eppo kannan vanthu kalavaamaiyaal aasai mihunthu. pazlihhu anjaamal .madaloora arambithaar.. thaan oor nadunga ..panai madalil evanum naayahanum utkaarnthu paattu paduthal..alwar naayagi paavathil madal ooruhiraar..pengal ethai seyya maattarkal..vadakkey samaskara kavigal penngal madaloruvaarkalaam…evarum avvooril avathariththaal evarum nadunguhiraar..manavaala maamunikalum entraar naayanaar..kadal jaalam  ..thudipil  niraiya paadukiraar..5-7.upadesam panna arambikiraar..ethana varai mayakkam thuduppu.. araavamudaey entru saranaagati pannukiraar.unnal anal evaraanum. ..yen nan seykeyn….yaarey kallaikann…yennai yen kaiyil mattravar kaiyil nallaiyentru sollathey…neytrey koduthirukaveyndum..saranaagati mudiyaamalayaal..acharyar , alwar baktiyaal…madinalam arulineyn,,jaanam vanthathaal onum elai entra jaanam koduthaay…yen nann yentru moontrum sonnar..madiyaa nalamaa madi nalamaa.. thuilanal meyl kann vazlarun entru oru variyil sonnal aandal

31…kattru karavai  kantrukalaay erukkum pothey karavum.. kantrukalinudan erukum.. yennillathe kanangal..siriya vayathiley kannan anubhavamkidaikka petravarkal..sentru seru seyyum.. kuttram ellathavan….

swargam puhukintra … present tense ..eppo anubavathu  kondu  erukiraval..eppo krishna anubhavam pannikondu eruppaval..anantha kunavanaisugha sapthathaal solapadukirathu..kannaney kannanidan kannan kodupathu sugham..aananthamaaha, aanantham koduppavanaha, …vedam nadakka povathum solum..pruhu, varuna bagabanidam  kettan..evar avan pilai..brhmam ethu entru keyttathum annam brahamam,entru arambitthu jaanam vigjaanam uarvara uar nalam udaiyavan..pranamaya manomaya ,janamaya vigjaanamaya entru 5 levels.. ananthathaaley aakka patta pattavan… ananthamey brahman,  ananthathai udaiyavan brahman,…pria ,motha ,pramotha ,anantha ,athma..avan aananthai eppadi azlappathu?..

32…orunaayagamaay..pitchai  thaam   evan raaja vaha  erukkum pothu koduthathai yaaro vaangi kolla solvaan  eppo evan thaan ..kolvar karu naay kavarntha . thirunaarayana puram kalam pera sinthuthi eru entraar..perunaadu kaanna enkiraar..

raamanujar erandu kai pavithram thirunaaraayanapurathil eruppar..

ananthamaanavan, aanantham azlavillaamal eruppavan aananthai koduppavan..

senbaka maramaaha eruppeyn yentraar kulesekarar..sankaran renganatha ashtagam pannierukiraar.

33…jeevathmaavai annaithu kollkiraa eppothaavathu vanthaaney entru .  barathan akroovan raman anaithaal pola…enthiran  thappu pannuvaan thiruviruthamm viyakyaanam nammpillai  solkiraar..swargam avan thaan enkiraar…puhuhintra entru sonnathu avvanubavathai krishnanaaley  engey kidaithathaal…3-3 olivil kaalamellam avathaarigai vanthey theeruveyn entraar.. ennum paasuram kolla avanukku aasai.. ethuku varanum entraar ?  ..angullavarkallum appadiyey solukiraar..avarkallum theendi anubavikka mudiyaathu..aarra amudhan.yaanaiku kuthirai vaippar pola….yaanaikku vaalai thoda pallakkyvarkalam..thodavum vilahavum mudiyaathu..umakkahaha thiruvenkadam entraar  ..athai thaan puhuhintra entraal….barathan perumai lakshmananukku varaathu.. marakkaamal erukka unnai kodu enkiraal..muhunda moorthy un thiruvadi thaamaraiyil marakkaamal eruka  narahathil boomiyil swargathil vaithaalum sari  enkiraar.. unnai maranthu swargamum veyndaam…yennai adainthavargal ella mattraiyum thoosiyaaha mathippaarkal….un sothai maraithaal unnaiyaavathu katta maattaayaa? entru maattramum thiravaathaar vaasal thiravaathar  enkiraal.  kannanuku unnai koduthaay  .yenkalukkaha kural nadai kodu..enkiraal..

34….vedam vallarkalai pattri ..vinnorkalaiyum pattri ..alwarkal , kovil kappan nandagopan mudalvarkalai ellupikiraal..kanaithu .elam katterimai ..anushtaanam panninaalum pana vittalum anal paadukiraal.madi valiyey kottum..paal vellam keel meley pani vellam naduvil maal vellam…thirumanath thoon pola un vaaal padi pattrinom.

35….mukhyaprana bagavan hanumaan.. bagavathanai vaithu avan ennumaapola..anban bagavan enkiraar maduragavi.. ellorukkum anban avan..adainthavarkaluukellam  nammalwar anban enkiraar..vithyaasam ellatha ellorukkum avan anban..kadal jaalamellam  uttraarkal yenku engu ellorum.. karanathai pattri uttrarkal yaarum ellai enkiraar.. aruka mudiyaatha thoppul kodi sampantham.. kudalthuvakku enbaarkal..  5-6 solkiraar..settrar entru bagavanukku viithi solkiral..un adiavarkalukku theemai pokkukiraar.. oru yaanaiyai konnukiraan oru yaanaiyai kaappathuvaan..anna katthu oru yaanai konnu thirumazlisai paadukiraar.. asubam padaithavarkalai asura yoniyil pidithu thallukiraan..samsaarathil thallukiraan asura subathoda thallukiraan..geethaiyil kannan sollukiran..adutha janmathil yennai pattri jaanam ellaamal erupparkal  yenkiraan..karama than kaaranam..thamas yaagam thamo gunathodun pannuvarkal …ahangaaram ..  nann nann entru eruppavarkal .. avan namakuulley erunthu avan pannukiraan entru ninaikaamal eruppathu ..kainkaryam entru ninaikkaamal thiruvaarathanam pannindu palan koduppathu un kadamai yentru ….2.palam ..thairiyam erukku entru ….peralwar vedam peysa sonnathum maalai thodukkum yennai solla entrathum neer maalai thoduppathum nammaley maalaiyum nammaley entru sonnathu ….3. dharpam namakku nihar yaarum ellai entru eruppathu thannaiyey easwaran enbathu  4.kaamam..5.krotham.. .yellam avanukkey avanaaley avaney pannukiraan entru ….

36….karma yogam pannubavan kurukkey aasai vanthaal swargam koduthu mahatma veettil pirakka vaipeyn  meendum vidaamal karma yogam panna vaippen yenkiraan..ever samam ..8/16 athyaayam..yellam avanaal entru erunthaal enbamum thunbamum avan thaanpaduvaan…thunbathai pokiduvaan..sediyaaya valvinaikal theerpavan..aananthai oottukiraan..erandaiyum avanidamsamarpikka veyndum….kulesekar maalaatha kaadal..vithuvakkottu amman  vaallal aruthaalum  maruthuvar paal meezla aruley paarppeyn enkiraar..Poraamai .assuyai ..anassuyai..maharishi naduvil erukka aasai pattal Seethai.. namma thalaiyil  vannan vaithu  nadathinaan..athri ..anussuyai..

37….then elangai koomaanai settru entrum.. manathikku eiaannai  entrum paadi pullin vaayy keendaan entru baagaasuran kokku alahin vaayai  keendiathai paadinaal.. polla arakkanai entu ramanai meendum paadukiraal..pull entru jadayu entu vaithu kondu ramanai meendum sonnathaaha rasikar sonnar..meendum patchi naatham sollukiraal..koottai vittu piriyum mun aan paravai pen paravaikal peysikirathaam.. eppo aan paravaikal koottamaaha pesukirathaam…pothau ari kanninaay..pushpathai thorkumkann.. ulahihira maanaiotha kann..kann ennum pothu jaanam sonnal. edai arighyam vairaaghyam sonnal…marbukalai pirarkku entru solum bakti thanakku ennaamal avan aananthathukku ennumaapola…acharyar jaanam undu enntru pothari kanninaay enkiraal..jaanam anushtaanam erandu alahukal..naavudayaay.. namakku jaanathai oottuvarkal aathalaal..kulla. kulira neeraaduthal.krishna anubhavam..

karanthu mudithavan 11 paasuram.. kanaithu .vaay valiyum kai valiyum pall pohavillai.. varanaasraya kainkairyam ellai  kannan kai oonninndu povaanaan..raman rishikalidamum kannan gopikaludan eruppanaam..manjal uraithu paarkka kannan kuninthu kattuvaanaam..lakshmanan oormilai udan akni kaaryam pannum pothu even karappan.. erandum nadakkaathu..seethai nishta kainkaryam panna nann veyndum entru solli ..11000. years  raman erunthaaraam…1000 years seethai.. meedam swarna seethai panni naan..urmilai ellaamal lakshmanan?.. ever piranthathey avanukkaaha..kulesekar .suttramellam pin thodara thol kaanam ..ellorum panna veyndiya kainkaryam evar panninathaal..pattabisheham kudai saamarathal erandu kaiyaalum kainkaryam pannuvaan…swayam paahathil vayir valarthaan thaaney ..satham  thaaney pannuvaan..kooda sernthu utkaaramaattan..namakku sotriley avarukku kainkaryathil..

38. Pattrilaarukku evan thann…..mannarkudi sattai kaiyil uunindu eruppar.. sathya baamai angu thol koduthaal..pattrilen eeasanum muttravum ..avan muttril adangey..garudan nann unai thaangineen.. kapathu avaney namm peril unnindu erunthaalum erumaappu kollathu avanai ninaithu kollalum..sammanya darmam vibeeshanan panninathu.. raavanudan erunthaal swaroopa ..karnan thaalnthavan  ..vibeeshanan.. karnan swargam vibeeshanan motsham petraan..battar koshtiyil sellum pothu santhya vanthanam  5-45 manikku vittathu papathil kanakku varaathu..senjitru kadanukhaha oruthan..ethu saamanuya darmam..praptha pandan swaroopa naasam ellamal raavanai vittu raamanai pattrinaan..

50 paasuram   arangan pasuram paadinaar mangai mannan.elai edalan..moontru thosham guhanukku.  elai keelmahan edalan..jaanam kidaiyathu kudi pirappu kidaiyaathu  acharyathaal uarnthaanaa? yennaathu eranginaan ..or   yenntru guhan ninainthu paarkka mudiyaamal  .athai solikolanum entru jaanam ellai .namal earnginaal avan erangukiraan.. namm erangu vathu avanodey serum thudippu..errathal  veynduthal maranamaanaal vaikuntham..nammudaiya erakkam yenna?  erangi na..kanna vadapala thiru tholaivilli mangalam.. mangalaasana seyvai 5 uthsavam ellorum varuvaarkal .. vanamaamalai sri satariyil nammawar….marunall  kaalai vidai pettru selvaarkal  ellorukkum mangalaasasanam aahum..erattai thiruppathi 6 pathu pasuram kodikku poy kann parvaiyaal alwar paathundu eruppar..erangi nadorum vaay veri ..eval kannneerkal alamara  ..manivana  kovymaal  ..marangalum erangukintrana..11 alwarum mangaiyaarai paarkka varuvaar..marappum jaanamum.. marakumeny senthaamarai kannodu marappano ….pattu uduthum ayarkkum earngum  ..tharanga  neer peysilum  kadal neer arpathithaalum  ..than madi .erangalum  erangumo …8pathu. 5 pathigham  ayyan maayan  namm pennukku erangumo..peyinaal milai unda pillai  nammalaiyum poothanai ?…upahaaram kondu seyvithaanaa?.elaiya pun kavithai entraar thondaradi podi avr paadiya 45 thirumaalai paasuram..

39….entraauaaha .eni siruthu naal ahilum nee eranguvaay..enneeramai kandu erangi ethu thahaathu .enaatha ..neermaimpasalai nouy.. kandi erangi parthaal eppadi pasalai nouy varum? ..eruthu anaikka kai eduthathum antha edam pasalai pattathaam….punal arangam namm oor entru  mangai mannan sonnaan..pinnai nila maamahalo thiru mahalo entru moovar aanaar nammalwar..yen vidu thoothaay. enkirar vandidam  … raman seethai thoothu ..vaalil thee  raaman aalinam…pathughai naduvil sirukka ..yenneermai thodappadaathaedathil veluukkumapola.. nadu paaham padamal siruthathu entraar desikan…erakkam  upaayam enimai prapyam..avanai pirinthu erukiromay entru ninaithaal eranguvaan..guhanukaaha eranginaapola..kannukuttiku thai maadu erangumapola..ketkka kooda mudiyathaKANTRUKKU ERANGUMAAPOLA….yannai koopidum entri katundu erupan pola..vishvak senar kai kodukka kathindu erukkaamal garudanai viratti sentraan ellaiyaa?..perumaanukkdaiya vehathukku vanakkam entraar  battar..ummudaiya srishti veham mudiyathu entrathum garudanai thookindu sentraan..kulanthai ketkattum pal koduppom ennum thaay pola erunthom entru varunthukiraan…gajan koopitukirathu kaa solli jam entru kuthithaan….ena erandi kooraaha  madalil sonnar..anai ..pullurnthu sentru ninnu yosithaanaam..thaadai seyra edathil pilanthathaam..

40….Barna salai kattina azlaghai parthu Raman dasarathar graha Prevesam pannina sonthisham..Seetahi Ramar serthu erukkum room kattinaaraanaam.. ninaithathai naduthikattinaan…Pineravu kaalaiyil Barathan kulikuum ninaivu ..kulesekarar  dasarathanaaha pullampum  paasuram..yell pirappum  ninnaiyey  mahanaaha  peruveyn….swargham kidaithavan thann.. sri vaikundam kidaikka pettreyn allan…Sahasra vadanam.. adiseshan ayiram vayy….eppadi erukka Kaikeyyi ?…Barathan nammai vittu pirinthathaal  soodaha erukkaanaam….kothithu poyerukiraan….thann therial  pattar piraan… kulirntha maalai….sarayu vattri poyidumaam…

41….Raavanan  ramananin veerathai pesukiraan….mareesanidam pesinaan…kannan kadiyan…podiyan..

ahilum kodiya yen nenjum  avan yenney….Bakthan adikka pattthaaley kobam pattaanaam….ramathvam

veerathai  katta  oruvar eruvar  kumbanoodu nihumbanudam pada…keerthimai paadi.. annan thotraan…

seelathaaley thambi vibeeshanan thotraan…..sevidan oomai.. motsham.. ssrathai poorum.. raamaanujar

koorath alwar namm sevituu oomai yay pohavillayai entru moorchai aanaar….12 kalyaana gunangal..strortha ratnam..ramanukku entru sonnaaraam…munbella raavanan than  polla arakkan raavanan, nalla arakkan vibeeshanan…kumbakarnan sugreevan kishkanthai oodi poonaanaam….amudhunbaay  nanjunnbaayoo…

adutha janmam…oor azlavukku.. raamanai kanndathaal….thiranthu seyvai saathikiraaney  seela kunathaal…

rakshkum visvaasam…pattru ellaamal nintraan….ahaasathil romba naazli nintraanaam….eranga kathirukiraan.. kanaithu elam kanntrukku erangi..vibeeshananaum eranga kathirukiraan.. ramanum kathirukiraan…kannapuram

paadinaar….nadai azlahu..kidantha azlahu..thirukanna puram sentraar..vibeeshanan thani sannathi.. thirukaithal sevai….ammaavaasai thoorum sevai….namm perumalai seyvithu seyvithu ukkarnthaarkal garudanum…ooruppadi 64 sappidukiraar….muniarthan pongal…maranamaanal vaikuntham kodukkum piraan…

zool visimbu…saraanaagati koduthathum sowri raajan ullam pool ramanin thudithaanaam..

.42…vibeeshanai kaakka vaithathey thappu..kaaliley vizlunthavanai kai videyn….thaay naadum kantru poola…theinthu ezlanthavan Avan…neerpandam pool urgughiraan…seela gunam..sowseelya gunavaan….bagavath guna dharpanam…mirror for His gunam…paraasara battar…..vishsha gunam Adiyavar kettathai pannuvar krishnan…ammavaasai gooda mattuvaar….sahadevan  ..yamunauyil jala darpanam  ..sooryanum chandranum kittey aruhil vanthaal ammaavaasai…perumaal seyvathu thaan dharmam….pararthi para..sowseelyam guhan, sugreevan, veebishanan    sabari..etc…thambi entru sollikondaar ellaiyey…Kanngalaal paruhinaar.. vibeeshanan uruginathaaley…

Azlahukku soorpanagai addpattal…..darunow  roopa sampanau.. strortham….thaarai kondaadinaal…mandothari kondaadinaal..keerthimai paadi ..Andaal manathukuu eniaayaanai paada koopidukiraal.

43..ulley erukira gopimaarum peysiathaium sollukiraal…einthu laktsham kudi pillaikalaiyum eluppa/..Elam kizli..pangaya kannannaai paadi  evalum paadinaalaam…petchu azlagai kanndu ezlam kizliyey…pathavathu azlwar athanaal ezlam…naaney thaan ..pannaatha kuttrathaiyum ..thiruppaavai eppaattu entru ethaiyum 29 pattum battar.. baagavathan eppadi erukka veyndum entru solluvathaal..29  baghavan eppadi erukka veyndum entru solluvathaal….sangu chakkaram pangaya kannan  entru .. evai ellavittaalum avan maayan enbhathaal paada vara koopidukiraal…sahasa seyil..kulinga sahuni paravai…kathai..pesuvargal and seyvargal…lion vaayil ullathai sappittta paravai sollum ..

peysinavar panninaaraa? saranaagathi  ?villeduthaar vall eduthaar…acharyargal poola erukkanum…kattru nirrkka acharyargal…keettuerupeyr..keetuu nadakiravar…Andal annam entru perialwarai paadinaal..Oru magal thannai entru Andalai paadavillai.. pattey naayagi paavathaal paadinathaal…kabisthalam..kootraamum aattrangarai karai  kannaanai kurikkathaaha …jaanaamum anushtaanamum  niraintha guruvai adainthaakkaal…

sangu//jeer sangu eduthu oothinaappoola entru thirumalai nambi sonnaar….

44…maanasam kashtam..kai seyal easy..poochsoodal..acharyar kainkaryam..51rs to be sent to acharya everymonth…samuthram usaraathu, erangaathu..sirathai katta veyndum….kanndarulappauuthal thaan.. kondu arlapaana?..udal azlavil kood erukkaavittaalum ullathil kooda erukka veyndum….valaithum edam. ..archa roopam..oottam edam anthrayami….kettu eruthal.. guruparambaraiyil ullavaegalai elloraiyum ninainthu paarthal..sengaluneer..aanbal..pokirathu, valarkirathu…mann.thanner  kalimann.. madakku..pot..udaithaal..mann….poosal pattoolai..mahabhaaratham  ellam erukkum….swanthariam   kurainthu paarathanthiram…thottam..thirumanthiram…vay  namaha…ahamgaaram mahangaaraam kurainthu  nann allatha sareerathai naan enbathu ahangaaram.. ennuthu allathathai ennathu enbathu mahangaraam…swanthiran ellai?

barathan..vasishtar.dialog…paarathanthiram  raaja aavathu  ?..

45….athmaa, paramaathmaa, enthiriam, ….

swami entru ninaippathu paarathanthiram….bagavath kribai….yaarey kazlai kann….sesha boothan  enkira jaanam…adimai entru purinthu …kalidaasan  anaambikaa..peyr ellaa viral…marbil uthaithavankukku salangai pooda sonnavar….adimai seyal naay seyal ..pidithu seythaal   adimai ellai….naamaha seshathvathai theirnthu eduthaal  paarathanthiram….maadaraar azlahanoor arangam…kannum suzlantru..peelaiyoodu..paiya nadamun..

thirunariyoor nambi..mudal paasuram….manakkal nambi..alawandaar….thoothuvazlai..six monthes..pitchai?

namakku yenna koduppeer/ geetha slokam solli..thirumana thoonai katti….yen solli marappenenoo?

adimai kondathum thaan pannavathaha ninaipaar…lakshmanar ezlavarasu pattam othukka villai..barathan sonna padi keyttan…eishta viniyoha arrgam…seshathvam…payan pada yoghyathai..

udaaseenathvam. seshadvam, paraathanthiriram thalai saaynthu 10-10-senjor kavikaal…nan thirumaal vanjak kalvan maamaayan…kaal pidikka veyndum entru ketkum poothu ..yaanai thiruvadi pidithavan ellaiyah/

boga thisaiyil..easwaran azlikka venum pothu avan aananthai azlikka koodaathu…namah sapthathaaley  ..kallu pola erunthaal avan aananthathai keduppathaa? ethir vizli kodukkum paarathanthiram…thaaney aahi nirainthaaney….

48..Raamanujar ,kooratalwar…kirimaganda cholan…vayir kaappan…kunavaan entru ulley vida acharya sampantham ellamey kovil veyndaam entru thirumaal erunchoolai sentraar…Srirengam pattri meendum Raamaanujaraudan seyra paadinaar…kannan..thirukovaloor.. nambi.. 3-7 payilum thiruvudaiyaar  yavareylum…valanthaangu  sakkarathannal mani vannan  thaal…adiyaar tham adiyaar  emm adikaley..pallam vetti adiyaar adiyaar etc entraar..kann azlagil thotra koshti, nenjamealbu kanndu  ..maaran adieinil azlaha veyndum..8-10-nedumaark adimai.. Andal mudal paattiley baagavatha swaroopam.. penn paazai..thanimaa theyvath thalaradi  keezl  puhudathalantri  avan adiyaar  nani maa kalaviyinbamey  naalum vaaykka namkadkey..alli kamala kannanai.. adiyaarkali paadiathum  allikamala kannan ahivittan…Adiyaar vaibhavam ellorum paadierukiraarkal..athan achan aranganukku adiyaarkalaahi avanukku …thiru mangai kaan soora  paasurathilum paadierukiraar…sathrugan mathiri…barathan entri mattru ontru ellai entru erunthaar…vaduha nambi alwaraiyum mudaliandaanaiyum eru karaiar entru attrilum serrilum kaal entraar…unakenna perudaiyay..ponthaaroo ..Thiru maaligaiyil puhukiraarkal…

49…nappinai piraati  maal thirumaal anaa maathiri..varaha perumaan boomi piraati, undu mada kalitran  raamaanujarakku piditha paasuram…..vaaranam ayiram soola  yaanai engirunthu vanthathu… vasudevar selavamum varum ellaiya?..kooli alaithena..edaichi paavam…Maadavai panthal ennum seyvikaalam…

erumbu pol vazliya nenju.. baagavathar kaiyil rasa kuzligai kannan.. nambalai thottathum  thangamahiroom..

Vibeeshanum neyraaha Ramaridam poohaamal sugreevan moolam sentraar poola…acharyarai bagavatharkaludan sella veyndum entru kaatinaar…vibeeshana or Raavananaalum   accept entru sonnarpoola…kuttramgalai maraippathargaaha naamum Avanum..thappu pannum antrey kaappaathaamaal ernthathu Avan thappamm…kovil kappan, vaasal kaapaan entru paadikiraal….kapada sanyaasiyaha Arjunar

Subadraiyum koottitindu sentru…veetil vaithu paathukka  balaraman sonnar…Deertha yatraikku Balaraman, Kannan sentraarkal…antha kadayai nennaley vaay nernthaan entru sonnaraam…mani kadavam. -kodi thontrum,..

thirumanthiram..pitha, puttran,…A saptham sollitru…seshi seshan..raksha sambandam..sakrath Alwar avanidam erunthu avanai rakshikka venduvom…didyonam, naagapalam..jalathosham periya perumal..garudavahana pandithar…arulaala perumaal kainkairyam thiruvaarathana kainkaryam koduthaar..

ambaramey…urangu..yeylrombaavaay…vasthram, ..samithu paathi savithri paathi 1008 samuthiu ellamal 504 pannuvathu…thiruvadiyey pattravendum…naan thaan thanneer ..kanntru meythu romba anantham..nirai uhanthu…deertha thaanam kannan thanner kudikka kattrukoduthavan..anna daanam….yachahan ..rishi ..kadambam..aduthaveettil panninathai seyvathu…yagjamey avan thaaney..rishi kumaarargal..

54…..Anrudyan  grand son of krishnan…bagaasuran’s daughter sushai…chitra lekha can draw pictures of others dream persons….

55….karunai, paaradandram,seshiyaha  muntru kalyana gunangalai….nadai azlagu namperumaal..kodai azlagu Kanchi..18,19, 20 paasuram…thayaar vaibhavam sonnal….kuthu vilakku thaayaarai kondu Avanai seyrvathai sonnaal…thathuvamantru thahavu antru…swropam, karunai ….valaiyal,oli, kandam kamazlum kuzlali, kaadhu, mookku anubhavam..namosthu raamaayaay salakshmanaayaa..devyacha..perumaanai katti kodukka Aval venum.. Avalai katta aval thaan veynum..veneer thaneer maathiri…

56..piraatti pakkallil anumaan odunkinaan…dhuthan daasan annaan…peyalwar  vinai theerppal  entru paadinaar…nahaa..moontru  pambu seyvi..seethakitteyum  koshtiel thannai pattri sollavillai entraar…seetha samastham  thiruvadi pattri Raman kooda sentraar…kishkanthaa moottai sugreevan anughraham…soorpanahai ramanai parthaarpola, Hanumaan ramani veerathai paarthaar…sugreevan kittey kootindu vanthathum saraanaagati nokki paarthaar….

57..yen thirumagal seyr maarbaney7-2-yennudaiya aviyey ennum, ..enakku nee avi yaanathey thirumagal seyr maarbaney entraar nanjeeyar…battar anubhavam…yen thirumagal nee aval kanavan…evazludaya nizlalil battar eruppar…thiruvaranga kovil amudanaar  oththan…oru varusham..kooram kadavu mani oosai keyttu Pern devi thaayaar ketkka Varadan sonnaraam…madi payam..thanga vattil..amudhu seyya..swarnam Raamanujar entru pattaalum…thirupthosi…rengesan kovil saavi keyttar…vadakku vaasal nam parikarangal  yaavaraiyum maatravillai..paapam erunthum kaappaval aval..oodaatha thool valiyan..kannanai poola..Raman gunangal Dasarathanidam ernthaappoola..devaperumaal thooll .. rn31..kaannthaghu thool  annal  then athiyoor kazlalennai keel…

58….sundara thooludayaan thirumaalerm soolai…oodum thool valimai kannanudaiyathu…nandagopan thool oodaatha thool…Jarasanthan..Musukundan..kannai thiranthu paarthaal saambal aavaan…kalaivanan saambal aanaan…kunnedutha tholinaay..govarthana malai ..thooluukku keel ratchitaal..thooditta kaadu thoodu ellattalum theriamoppola tholla parkum pothu theriyum.. ulagalantha kaalai paarthaal theriyum…

59…..vinnorgalai eluppa 5 paasurangal  muppathu moovar 20 ..piraati nizlalil odungi, avalai purashagaaramaaha pattri, erandu peyraiyum pattri kainkaryam panna paadukiraal..serthi kainkaryam..eppo mudalil emberumanai pattri peysukiraal..devarkalukku munn sentru nadukkam thavithaan…vimalaa..malam attravaney..kuttram ellathavaney…elloraiyum ratchikiravan ..nangai guna poorni..nambi gunam poornan..thiruvukkum thiruvahiya thiru…theyrezlunthoor…unn manazlanai entri avalai pattri peysinaal…ukkam..visiri thattozli..kannadi..un manaalaniyum thanthu entraal..porul pool avanaiyum thara sonnal..avalavu adangi eruppanaam..avan swantharan ellaiyoo?..karia semmal oruvanai tharuthee?..eduthu koduthaan..antha azlavukku Raman adangi eruppan…

kuttuvizlakku eriya..eruttatheydaamal kannanudan seyrnthu erukiraal…eravai pahal akkikiraal…krishna anubhavam kidiakkamal pagalum eravatchu..pillai urangaavallii jeer…erattai vananguvaar.kananai kaappati koduthathaal..thannaiun avanaiyum katti koduppaval  villakku poola..malarntha maarbaa…avighaaraayaa…vighaaramm attravan…maarauhal than maaraathathu..athmaa poola..adiyeyn raanaanuja daasan abeevathay saeeram…athmaa erukkum poothu thaan sugam thukkam sareerathukku…suddhaaya..muktha aathmaapoolaya?..nithyaaya..nithyasoori polaya?..paramatmaney..entraar..

60….baktha, muktha, nithya ..sadaya eha roopa roopaayaaya..avanukkum thirumeyniyum maaraatha roopam kondavai…piraatii sernthathum malarumaa?..karmaanethamaha malaraathu, kuviyaadhu…edai..theriaamal mey pahamum adi pahamum kattuvathu..etchaadheenathaal malarkirathu..aasai pattu pannukiraan…eraiyum ahalahilleyn…hiranya praharram..ponn madil avan thool…santhana kappu….karaisal santhanam..abhyahastham…anthapuram poola..enbahar poo chootuerukiraan..all jewels are vidhaanam…kausthubam than vilakku.. kolam?viyamudai ..madamagal..7 rishabangalain kombai murithavan..

keeral thaan kolamam..lakshmi lalitha graham…sri gunarathna gosham paadinathum ..unnai kaatilum uarnthathaaha paaduveyn entraar..thol uarnthu  kavasam maattranum entraar..Thigalkintra ..thirumaarbu..thiruvattaaru pathigham..lot of Thiru?..baaramaaya.  palavinai  aruthu…thiruvaara maarbu..yennul pughundaan..gora maadavam seythanan rengan thaan..seythanan.. avan seythaan..Thaaraaya thandulaba  vandulatha  vanndulatha valar maarbannilam   enkintraal.badamaha,theyn kotti,..vandu odi uluthathaam….mennmai thirumangai..vanmai namm alwar..mattri paadivaar…malayaala root pola?..

61…Raaman anaithathum Barathanukku thaabam thaninthathu..akrooranai anaithaan..hanumaanai anaithaan…aalinganam seyvathaal malarnthathu…swarom svaabam..thathuvam thahavu entraal..

63…muppathu moovar ..nangalum amararkal? avargal amutham keyttu vanthaargal..nangal unnaiyey keyttu vanthom..maasusuhaa..vidithu soham padaamal achiivittan ellaiya?..saranaagatikku munn saham pinn soham ellai…viraja sonnathum vidhi..nann unnai papamkalilirunthu viduvikereyn entru sonnan…

66..ootramudayay, periyay, thotramay nintra sudarey ellam devapiraan than..Ramanujarai ootrivittar ellaya?  Thaaney Aham Parabrahmam entru sonnavar than..Vedam roopamaaha brahma yagyam panna thontriavar evan thaaney..Thirumangai mannanai vegavati nadikaraikku vara sonnavaranum avan thaaney…perumaal garudostavam panna varum pothu yem veettu vasal vazliyaha vara solli doothu vittar ellayay/ eppothum garuga sevai nammalwar  sathumurai antru thaan.vaikaasi visaham.. veedi thorum suthi poy kadaisiyil Namalwar sannathikku ezlantharuligiraar..uarvara uarnalam entru mudal paasuramum, yen maam entru tham manasukku solvathu pola amainthu ullathu..koshti thodangum pothu varathanai vazli marithu thodanguvarkal..thozluthen manemey..thiruviruttam mudal paattum emaiyor thalaiva entru meu nintru kettarulay entru paadinaar….Greedam jalbikirathu entru koorath alwarum battar greeda sooda rathna ..adi raja ..jalbikaa..nee thaan Parabrahmam entru tha n solkirathaam..ellavatukkum appar pattavanai Deva piranai seyvithu arikirom….Ottramuday..periyay…Attrapadaithaan..Pathram vaikiravargal than kurai…mattukku entha pathiram entru kavalai ellai..yaar vanthu kettalum Acharyarkal jaanam koduppathupola…Thatkkum, Seethai..Raavananedam.Thambi veebishananu,,prahaladan..mahan ..Nammalwar namakku Ramaanujar jagathukku koduthappola…kodukka thaan theiriyum  nee eppadi entri theriathu.. Arjunanukku Kannan Geethai kottinaappola..700 slokams sonnan.. therintha nallathu ellam sonnar ethu nallathu entru kettaththum..kadaisiyil slokam bakti ellathavargalidam kodukkathey entraraam.. Arjunanukku antha paritchai pana vilai.. Nanjeer-battar.. ddowrabati attraamai theerkka kaappathinappola….Perumaal paritchai paarthu tharubavar ellaiya….,vallal perum pasukkal kannaai pola  pasukkalukkum entha swaapam…mitra baavathoda Raman por parkalam entru Seethai piraatti sonnapola….vesham ettukondu vantha nanbanukku udavuvaan Raaman entrapola….Kandeyn seethaiyai entru sonnathum kizlambiya Hanumaanai ellam solla solli keyttu aanantham patta Raamanai pola..Asoka vanam vaith soham entha aananthathukku thaan….Yeyrkka pathiram vendum..namakku Divya prabandam sollum Param porul entra Paal kolla vendum….sonnal virotham..kathu koduthaal solluveyn entraar….pillai perumaal iyengaar..battar sishyar.. romba paadierukiraar…aasai udaiyaarkellam sonnar Raamaanujar….Potri vanthom..pallandu paada vanthom…

67…..Aranganukku muppathum paadinaal..maarimalai muzlanjil avanukkahavey paadinathaam..vizliyaavoo entrathum vizlithu paarthaanaam…singaasanathierunthu vara paadukiraal….mazlai kaalathil singangal manni kidakkumaapola..vanmaium menmaiyum undu..pooth thanmai solla potharumaapola entraal….raavananukkaha, sisubaalanukkhaha, mahabalikkaha nadanthavan evarkalukkaha nadakka pokiraan…

vantha kaariyam sitham siru kaalil vaitharkal..ettraikkumyezl yezl piraivikkum  yun thannodu  uttromey avom entru..

.kuninthu nokkinaal thiruvadiyai paarthaal meyla pohalam..abimaana bangamaay..thozluthu ezla ..ahangaaram ..raamaleela..  5 vayasil kooniedam vizlaiyaadiyathu..oru leelaikey evvazlavu pattaar…krishnan leelai pannavey piranthaan…konda konda kodai meethu theyn ulavu  kuuni koon undai konnda aranga votti  ull mahizlntha naathanoor ..nanndai  unndu  naarai  peyra  vaazlai  paaya  neelamey

andai  konndu  kendai  meyum  annthann eera arangamey.. nimrnthu erukiravarkalai kuniya vaippavan rengan thaaney..nel kadir poornamaanathum kuniamaapola..bakti baarathai eytri kunia vaippavan…..sivantha thiruvadi ..thaayar kaihalaal varudiyathaal.. rajakkal rathna kuviyalaal…vanthu thalai peythom…vazli sorukku pozli soru kattinaapola…..

68….namakku kidaikkumaa?  nanjeer battaridam kettaramm.. pattiretellam vida vendum evarkalukku ..brahma ella darmam vittu thiruvadi kitta vendum.. nam piduthukolla onnum ellai….veedumin muttravum..avan thiruvadikalai mattum pattra sollukiraar….siruthu sirthu pattal sollikoduthaar….

69….vaikundam nintru natham amarnthu thiru kidanthu…oorahathu paadahathu vehha kidanthathu..munnellam eppo yen nenjulley…kallu kadalum pull mullaithathaam alwar nenjil vanthathaal…aravath t..kadaloosai kettkkum…perialwar nenjathil….thiruneermalai..nankumaaha seyvai…thiru alli keyni ….yemmanai nadaikkaha yennai adkondavaney..yen mahanai..mayamaanai pirinthu pona ammanai thiruvadi sudaamal nadakka udayavar kalanginaar…thirukovolur, thirukannapuram perumaal romba nadakiraar…kidakkil thottil. kizliya uthaididum..nirkka erukka kidakka pidikkum…utharathey peynthidum…dalanadai nadavaano..kannan nadaiyai padukiraar…nadanthathellam namakkaha…

70….vellip perumalai pinna pearnthadi..balaraaman kannan nadanthathai paadinaar..oru kaalil sangu ulladi pothithu erukaalil  ..avaney than kaaladi pottu koduppan…singam nadanthaal dejas puli nadanthaal       

..siruthai payythal kaaley tharaiyil paahaathu…raappathu uthsavam thirumaamani mandapam..kaalamaadu paytchal veera vandi seymakalam..rishabam odum pothu manisaptham..padiyetram…aanai asainthu pohum pola…mashthaha gati..garudaparavai, hamsam pola thai mada uthsavam….erangum pothu hamsam appadiyey erangumaapola…sarpagati..raaman even kittey thaan nadai azlagai katraanaam….even yellam namakku namm perumaal pakkam anubhavikkalaam….perumaal, kidanthathu, nammperumaal nintra kolam…natchiar thirukolam amarntha…thirukaithla seyvai…koopudaiya seeria singaathanathirunthu  yaam vantha kaariyam ..nadanthu

71….pongu parivval perialwar..thodakkam mudivum pallandu thaaney…avanukku pallandu paduvathey namm kadamai….veyriley thanneer vittapola…24 paauram potri paadukiraal..Antru thodangi entril mudithaal…antru paadaamal thangalukku motsham keyttarkal rishigal… entri yaam vanthom enkiraal.. six potri..Arusuvai unavu pola..arjunan seynaikku nadivil theyrai kondu vaikka solli nadanthavan…swaapavam  unakkum eakkum thaayukkum kulznthaikum ulla sampantham…than vaarthaiyai ketkaatha avanukkaha nadanthavan andalukkukaha nadakka maattaanaa?..piraarthanai eyintri potri paadukiraal…eruntha  edathiley pallandu paadaamal nadakka vaithomaey entru kavalai pattaalaam…pushpathai summadu akkumaapola…yaam vantha kaariyam entru athai sollamal potrikiraal…thiruvikrama avathaaram  moontru pathilum paadukiraal  ..antru evvulagam azanthaan adi potri…ninna edathilirunthu vazlarntha adiyai paadukiraal…seerkaazli and thirukovil seyvikkalam..sentru entru aarambithu  munnal sellathathai sonnal..thiruvadikku mudalil..eppo thiral potri..nadantha thiruvadi potrukiraal…12,12, 14 ..39 vayasy..25 kunadanthu 39il ..pontra sahadam uthaitha 7 mada kuzlanthai paadukiraal…aharathukkum aahaarathukkum yasodaikku vithiaasam ellai.. erandaiyum katti podukiraal…pugazl potri..oru asuran thaaney..erandu asurargal..kantru kunnilaa erinthaay…kunnam potri…

72..viroothigal ethuvarai..yinthiran..kuntru kudaiyaay eduthaay kunnam potri….5-30 to 5-50 sevai 7-30 -7-50 11-30 11-50.vadakkey parivaal romba paathuhathu…beethi preethi aarathanam…saathupadi vaikunda yekaadesi  ..nammperumaalidam undu….kanndarula pannukiromm satham karumathi kalakki samarpikiraal….

nithaanam entri doopam deepam kitta kaattuvomo?kulanthai kulikkum pothu …thiruothu vaadai..vasthram thaan othuvom..pooghai kulanthaikku kattum pola..padina pattilum kannu padum entru..nin kaiyil veyl potri …yentrenum seyvahamey  yetri parai kolvaan..ovuori adikkum…..perialwar nithya thirumanjanam..daily pallandu paaduvaar…365days..archaiyilum…evarukku nithyam…..nazlkalor naalanthu. thingal azlavil.ezlu entru sollaamal….pongum parivu 4 or 5 and peysindu erupparkal maraithu paadinaar…hasthithin paththaanan//rohini entru neyra sollathathu..pongum parivu…kamsan..Thiruvikramanukku pallandu paadival eval than..mattravarkal antha thiruvadi saranaagati entrim kannboomey entrum paaduvaarkal..kaathu kaathuellai..kathaiyai ketka solluvaar..appan oozliyezla.. pathum paadinaal.vetri kodukkum entru solkiraar..

73….Raamanukkum pallandu paadina alwar ellai….silaiyinaal  elangai setra ..devaney devanaavaan…devaprayagai..kandam ennum kadinagar..mariathaa purushothaman…dayaathukku magan thanjam..nammalwar..dasarathar vakku thaanam  ..viswamitraar mahaan entrar…thullal oosai veeranay entru thirumazlisai paaduvaar…sentrukontru ventri konda  veeranaay…thiruvannvandoor..vandu thoothu ..ratchikka keyttar..srraamaan  entru sivanai vaalmiki sonnathum  brahmaa oorkku varasonnathum…ellorrum kaariyam vanga perumaalai paarkirraakal  pallandu paadavillai….vellthathellam paal entru ninaikkum nandagopan..orey karuppu kannan thaan…balaraaman deertha yaatri ponaar..thamaiyanum ellai.

parivoda erukkanum…daily pallandu kooda antru ev vulagam paasurathaiyum paadaveyndum…

74….piranthathaiyum vazlarnthathaiyum paadukiraal oruthi mahanaay…varutham theernthu mahizlnthu..unnai aruthithu vanthom…veengyeruvall poondu antri annai pulambapoy aaykulam pukkathum..olithu nilavaraiyil valartharkalaam…deengu ninainthaan…nedumaaley..10 years gokulam eruntha pinbu kanjanai konnapinbu maada pithaavai paarkka sentraan…piranthu valarnthu kontru kattu vanthom ellai unnai aruthithi vanthom..parai entraal..parai tharihiaahil ..thiruthakka selvamum  sevahamum…kainkaryam thiruvukku thaga veyndum…achit, chit ..iswaryam anubhavam, kaivalyam anubhavam..easwaran .koodi erunthu kulirthal…

viraaja nadhi thaandi 14 loham thaandi 7 aavaranangal thaandi  moolaprahati andamil prahiriti..thirusangu swargam..iswaryam, athma ellam easwaranidam thaan keyttu vangikirom…nammai keytkavillai entru avan kavalai paduvaan pola….varutham theerathal..iswaryamtheerthal..varuthamum. kaivalyam veyndam entru sonnal.. magizlnthu..easwaranai adainthu….

75….thanthai kaalil vilangu veydithapola..  thirukannapuram thirumangai paasuram… avanai ninaithaal nam pirappum arum..  erumbu sangili pola…avathaara rahasyam….oruthi ?..eval oru thani koshti aval oru thani goshti…evalai pola matroruthi ellai ennumaapola….veyndi ( prarthikka )..devar  veynda.  thanakku tnaaney vendidaanaam  .devarkal erakka thanum veyndi piranthaanaam..vasu pradhaha, .  erandu naamam vanthathu vishnu sahasranaamam…thaney mahamaha selvathai koduthu anantham kondaan…..sudhaba prishni garbathil mudalil pranthaan…athithikku kkasya munivarukkum piranthaan.. moontraam thadavaiyaaha eppo piranthaan…ajaha..pirappey ellatha..sthamba pirappu…pirappil pal piraapil piranthaan….petratha kaattilum vallartha perumaii..old kovilkalai jeeranothvam panni paathukaakka veyndum…emberumaanaar darisanam  vallartha perumaiyaal…Rama ratnam oruthar thavam erunthu naalvar petraar..kannan ratnam nanku peyr thavam erunthu petra ontru..Devaki,, vasudevan, Yasodai,Nanda gopalan….10-3.thiruvaaymozli…

{koorathalwar 2009 }..

76….perumaal thirumozli7-1 deyvahi pulambalai sonnaar..ontrum kanndidapetrileyn  kaanumaaru  nee eni  undenil ariley entru avan arlai keyttallam…solli solli thaalattukiraal….adisilin michil unnai petrilleyn  oo kodu vinaiyen yennai yen seyya pettra themmoyey…ezlil kol thaambu..avan parsathaal ezlil petrathu…thozlukaiyum  5,00,000   punja laksham penngalum..pergalum vanthathaal….unnai aruthuthu vanthom..piranthu valarnthu katta veyndaam entru Andal sonnall…



Neela malai..kola varaha perymaal..aayaasam theera thirukudanthaiyil sayanithirukiraanaam..sowlapyam and parathvam paadukiraal..yeenach soolla..jaanapiraan.thiruvirutham kadaisiyil paadikiraar…pasithoorthu kirantha paar mahazllkkaha vantha varaahan…nachiarr thirumozli paasuram…varaaha parumaalukku thaamarai kanngal..yentha avaatharathilum avan kesamum kanngalum appaidithaan…hiranyakasububi siruvanukaha azlithaan…parathvam sowlapyam and sowntharyam yella avathaarangillumerukkum..

80….sammyaapathi ennum motsham munney sonnal…eni paapam ,pasi moopu maranamkidayaathu…polvana sangangal etc paadinathaal.. unnidathil ullathu yennidathil vara veyndum entru keyttathaal..eppo saayujyaam keyttu paadukiraal….sakkarai pongalai pola avan gunangalai kaati kodukka, ellorudamum anubavipathai paadukiraal…paadinoom parisu kidaikkum  goshti.. swaabam .prabaavam..sammanam pettrathai paadikiraal..kooda mattom ennal vellukiraan,, kooduvaarkalukku avan adimaithanathai erittu kollkiraan…mudal govinda saptham entha pattil…karaivahal koopittathapothu pinnal ponaney..namm kodinaal namm pin varaketkanumaa?..arthithu veyndum entru keytkaathu.. sey nantri kattavum thriathu.. bandam kaaranam..ollikka olliyaatha sampantham..thaay kuzlanthaiyai annathu thoongumaapola..ratchippathu aval kadamai yaathalaaley…naadu pigalum parisinaal…kai tthol keel kaathu mey kaathu, ..soodahamey etc..

thamargal kootta valvinaiyai..naasam seyyum …adiyaargal koodinaal  ..seer govindaa..

81….umai sevidu seygaiyaal sonnathai kandi Raamaanujar  yehantha araiyil kootti ..koorath alwar moortchai yaanaar.. avar paathathai avan thalaiyil vaithu ..aruthithu varanumaa? karavaigal pola erukkanuma?mora koduthaval seettu koduthu motsham vanga veyndinaal..olisuvadi vangi thiruvengadam sentru thiruthirai murinthu azlaithu poy motsham petraal…arthiaathaar  perumaal pakkal pohaathavargal…mannarkudi Raajagopaalan kannukutti  pola gopaalanai paathundu erukkum…karappam pootchi maalai athu petra baagyam…kumbakarnan raavananai pola…sathyam  sitha punyam…ninnu ponnal ninnu ponathathu.. saraanagatiyil seyvathu avan kadamai..seyvargal.arthippargal.. keettom kidaithathu entru eruppargal.. moontraam vagai  arthithu arthikkathavargal.. saraanaagati panninaalum avanaaley palan kidaithathu entru eruppargal…srivasana pooshanam..silar thaan purinthukolvaar..saraanaagati= yen ratchgaum kadamai yennudaiathu alla…1269-79 vedantha desikar.. maamuni 1443 varai 1281 mudal..

pillai lohaacharyar..yojanaa bedam..Raamaanujar daasan..18 bedangal undu…eppo paathi..prabati saadanam enbaar desikan..upaayam ellai entraar ..lohaachaariyaar…aruthithuvanthom..vadagalai?koodaarai vellum.thegalaiyaa?…kribaiyai kurikool kondaar nammavar..vedaanda desikan vedam sonnapadi solkiraar…saraanagatiyaal motsham entraal krubaikku enna velai?…pasi annadaanam..karnaiyaala? koduthathaalaa? ketghaiyum devai karunaiyum devai….panninaatthan motsham..eduvum veyndam ennal  upaayam kedum ..evarum erandu vaarthai sollierukiraar…nam prasaarathaal vendiyathai mattum eduthukondu mattrathai maraikirom…

82….puriaamal netti vaithu sandai podikirom..acharya vithyaasam 100 meyla potchu…smarthargal thiruthappattu vaishnavar aanar desigaraal..nan vaishnava raamaanujaraal samsaaranam panni vaishnava aanargal..erandum sarithaan…ellerum veedu petraar..valai viruthu vaithu erukiraar…ethu pithavidum  pithran ezluthu vangumaapola erukkum…ratchayathukku veyndiyathu ratchikku anumathiyey…thadukkaamal erunthaal pothum..kanthaal kazlinthaal puriyum…ethaiyum naam pannithaellai entru erukkaveyndum…pasumaadu kannukutti pola erukkanum…vazlum sombarai uhakkum polum..kambara thalai sirakka veyndum…prarthanai yo anumathiyo upaayam ellai govindaa sapthamthaan…vellum seer govindaa entraal…koodierunthu kuzliru ennal…

83….Dvam vasanathuku romba yeytram..mun vakiyam entha vakyaam nalaiya pasurathaaley palan solkiraal..atcheyumm kainkaryam nalaya paasurathil sonnall…six pagam..karaivagal pin setyhu kanam ..sathkarmakkal engalidam ellai..2..arionnum ellatha aykulam.  entrumey ellai.3.unthannai ..engalidam onnum ellai neeyey punyam entraal..4.unthannodu uraveu..sambantham eruppathaal koduka veyndum..5.abachaarapattathukku mannippaha….6.parai ennum kaikaryam..six  sollum aru patham dvayam..seeman narayana  ..eight or six saptham..sastra, easwaean acharyan piditha manthram..dvyam periya piraatiyaal..vedam dehathaal motsham entru sollum..sariram darmam seyya kaaryam..athmavin nanmaikka deham mukkyam… ..chit  jeevatmakku sollapadikirathu..athmaavaaley peru..easwaran charama slokam….piraattiyai munettu kondu peysukirathaal..kumbakarnanaipola.thoongikalikkathay, ravanan..soorpanagai vibeeshanan..

84…nammalwarum nanku davai saranaagati pannukiraar..nanbu vanaamaamalai perumaalai mudalil panni kadaisiyil ahalakilleyn enkum bothu palankitti, AVAN vanthu avarul puhunthu meedam paasurangal paadukiraar..thondaradipodikadalvanna kathirukintreyn entru aadukiraar..thirumazlisai.kulangalaaya eerirandu  ontrillum piranthileyn..nalangalahiya ..naallilum payintrileyn….nangu kulangil pirakka villai

enkiraar..Na darama nishtomi baktimaan..du charaanaama.. entru Alavandaar sonnar…  kurai ontru ella govindaa..neethaaraay..eraivaa nee thaaraay…moontru vaakyam..erai thanmaiyai sollukiraal..pattathu yaanai maalai kondu raajavai kaattumaapola..vadavaanaay..nanku yaanai enkiraar mangai mannan.parakaalan..parameswarana naraayananukkum kaalan.. thiru manthram solli koduthaan…govinda sowlapyam..eraivaa parathathvam….visvaroopam varadanai seyvikkanum..valaiyal muttarai..varadaarajasthavam..pattru entru solli thaayar varai sonnar koorath alwan..nee saptham..asthudey enbathai aval sonnal .saranaagati katyam…aham motcham tharukireyn entru nee sollavendum enkiraar…edai pennkalukku eppadi theriyum..karthigaikku karthigaikku udal erukka thalai kulippar avan eppoluthum kulikkavillai.. perialwar kulikka koopidukiraar…pulialaitha ponn meyni kandaal kalippeyn. nappinai kaana sirippal kulikka vaaraay enkirrar…evargal seythathai saasthram pin sollum…avargal peysuvadhu veda vakkiyam…entha manthrangalukku pranamangalai dedi poha veyndaam…

85….vedan  muyal kutti muyal thaay muyal kaalai sutti parithaahamaay vanthatham.. muyalukku saranaagati theriyaathu, vadanukkum dvam theriathu.. saranaagati arangeritru…battar nanjeer kathai.. saraanaagati kandom..nanjeer madiyil thoonginaar..acgaryan dvam visvaasam..kattil kattiya kathai..namm nigzlail vantham ratchittan Avan nizlalil vanthaal Kappatramaattanaa..  dwayathilan thaan jeeyar battarai ezluppaamal erunthaaraam…nallathaha pidathaaha solla sonnar oruvar ketkha dwayam than piriyamahay hithamaay erukkum entraar…dwayathukkul thirumanthram erukku..nammpillai nanjeer kaalam 100 thadavai thiruvaymozli solli erukiraar. 100 thadavai 100 maathiri artham solluvaar..arulala perumaalukku ..gopaala manthrammavathu solla solla dwam sonnar..rama manthram putram gopala manthram selvam nann nambara manthram dwyam sonneyn.. ethaiyum kodukkum.. nanjeer nammpillai…erandu tall and short men crossing river kettiyaha katti kolla sasratham veyndaam..samsaara kadalai kadakka dwayam pattra …katraalaisedi..moolighai uirai kathukodukkum pola..sree baashyam anusanthaanam panna solla nandavan seyya solla,..raamaanujar andima kaalathil sonnathu..viduthi poo vaangi thoduthu kodukka solli.. dwathil manam vaikka sonnar…madva samraathayam  shri devi sampantham sollathathu..dwayam upedesithu mattrinaaraam..marunthu virunthu athuvey..ammangai ammal..vittu piriya ..vaari azlaithuthum noy potchaam..dwayam solli meendum marunthu entraaraam..nanjeer ananthalvaan..eranduperum mysore ..thirumanthrathil piranthu dwayathil vazlarnthu dwayathil vallnthaar..entha loha antha loham vallvu samaasranyam panninathu..nammperumaal entha loham antha loham battar entraar..battar edam thappu vanthaal nammperumal onnum seyya mudiyaathu…sarirathukku dwayam sonnar koorath alwanukku ….

86….pinjaay pazluthaal.. thiruthulaay pola…lakshmananum rama kainkairyam piranthathum kidaithapola….six questions vishnu sahasranaamam kettathu parambarai darma raaja beeshmarai kettu…asmath acharya namm mun ullarai patra vandikal sellumapola..avan adi selluvom..krishnanaiyey rasi kulighaiyattum vaithukondu erunthavarkal…avargal anushtibathu veda vakkiyam akirathu..25 elithu arey patham..dwayam..seekiram elunthu vanthom..kalai siru kaalai sittram siru kaalai..vanthu  sevithom.. nee vara wait pannamal nangal vanthom.. vanthathu antri seyvithom..avanai adaiya dudippu thotra sonnarkal..2.un adi, pon adi thaamarai adi..ponnai theydi pohavill, poovum theydi pohavillai..un thiru vadi anathaal atheyvey ponnun poovum ahitru..potrinom..adaivikkum adaivathu erandum un thiru vadi..3.thaduthum valaithum parkiraal..nee kutreyval engalai kollaamal poohaathy .4..unnai thavirthu ver ontrum kolla maattom entraarkal..entha paraiyai kettu varavillai..kankaryam keetu vanthom entraarkal..5.sampantham pesukiral..6..kainkaryam panni yenakku anantham entru asai paadaamal unakku anantham entru yennuvathu..

thudippu ,kalakkam,mudaliyavatrai sonnal..yellam avan seyal entru eruppathu..neytru poorva vakyam entru uthra vakyam  …

87….soodahamey  tholvalaiyey   thodey  sevipoovey  paadahamey entru  anaiyey….moontru abaranam..orey thirupattam kannanukku..thodu omkaaram thiru manthram..sevipoovey..kaadukuu aruhil vanthu dwayam sollavathu….boghya manthram..maruthum virunthum adhu thaan..naarayana naamam moontru thadavai varumaapola  moontru govinda naamam..naarayana saptham moontru murai sollivattal.. kannan muham malaravey ellaiyaam..naarayananai maraikka ayppadi vanthathaal govinda entraal..naarayana naamam siru peyraa? thamotharanai amotharamariya?  thambu kayiraal katta panninavan..siru peyr alaithom ..narayana naamam siru peyraa?..tholz thottu aval anumathi perukirom..koduppathu evar anumathikoduppathu aval…omkaaram naarayana saptham..

avanath thavira mattru oruvanukku adimaiyaaha erunthu avanukkey entru erunthu ..ananyaaha saranathvam.. unthiruvadikale entru eruppathunamaha.. ananya boghyathvam naraayana entra moontraam pathathaal..koodaaraivellum seer govinda…adimai ellavarkalaiyum thanakkey kolkiraan..

kurai onnum ella govindaa.unthannodu..28..

eppo naarayana saptha arthamaaha solkiraal…

naarangalukelam ayanamaaha eruppavan  ..namm elorum  ..aliatha vasthukkalin thiral eruppidam.. enbathu..naara+ayana=naarayanan.erandum seyrum pothu Naraayannan..paanini sootram..orutharai mattum kurikkum…soorpa+nagai=muram pontra nagam udaiyaval, soorpanagai..mattra oru pennai kurikkathu..malarnthu erukkum thaamarai pola kannkal erandu moontru…

naarangillum eruppuvan..maar ulatho..unnaiyum nann thangukireyn..uraiyoor  sevai..kudirai vaahanam..moontru thadavai..pranaya kalaham…nammalwar periyan solluvathaal natchiar keyttpaal…periya thiruvanthaathi erupathil sinnathu  unnaivida namm periyavan entru sollavanthathaal..

ethai kodarai vellum enbathaal sonnal..

dwayam ashtaslokam 10 artham..mudal variyaal srihi..nehtaa..munnooki alaithu selpaval..madhu nithya yogam avanai vittu piriaamal eruppaval..sarannagati eppovendumaanaalum pannalaam enbathaal…moontru naduvil duwrabati panninaal..

88….vasthsalyam..kutrathaiyey gunamaaha kollupavan..,kutramilla eruppavanai ratchippathu avanukku peyr kidaikkathu….swaamithvam..kaariyangalai nadathuvan.kaikalai sevithu, kavitha mudi kattum…

sowseelyam..muhamum muravalum,kattum..gireedam parthu oda parthaal uthadugal sollum..bayanthu pogaamal erukka

sowlapyam.kandu pattrughaikku….poorva naarayana saptham entha nangu arthamum sollum…

karaivagalil ulla govinda naamam…parkkum pothu vathsalyam theriyum kannu kutti azlukkai nakki vilakkumaapola..piremayasaaram jaana saaram arulalaperumaan emberumaamar…madathai edithaar..yentha emberumanaar entru keytathum… vazluvannai kaadalippathu antru athanai ..entrum kutrangalai gunamaaha koluuvaan..govindam pasudhanam  swamithvam thontrugirathu..kazlathil erukum uzlavan pola namm ull erukiraan..sothu ratchikiravan swami…sowseelyam..Raman guha sukreevan vibeeshanan vedan kurangu ratchasan kai kothundan..veda kula thalaivan kurangu kula thalaivan ratchadan thalaivan..kannan appadi ellai

kaiyu ulavu kolum piditha ..thiruvadigal madu kannin pinney pohirathu..ezliyarkalluku ezliyavan…

89…. kainkaryam panninatha pothu pannum kuttrangalai gunamaaha kolluvaan..vathsayam gunam..

parivydan seyyammal pannuvom..swamithvam..kainkaryam pannuvathu swamithvam erunthaalthan..daasan swamukku than pannuvaan..swamithvam mukkiam…sowseelyam..nithya sori naduvil nammalai amarthinavan avan thaaney…sowlapyam paley pol seer entha kainkaryathai seyya avan panna solvathey sowlapyam…yennai ettu pannikondavan…patchaipalai kodukkum pasu maadai kolbavan govindan…

thiruvadikaliley saranam entru sollum..adiyey adainthu uvveen..adikkell amarnthu…ella edathilum thiruvadikaley sollittru…pal pirakkum mulai kuzlanthaikku pidikkumaapola…pin vakkyam thiruvadi ellai.. thiruvadikalil kainkaryam?..engeyum thiruvadi sollavillai..arivippu vazlakkuthukuu ellathathai solluvar…pushpathai sooduvathu vazlakkam.. summaadu vaithukondaal solluvaarkal..perumaal thiruvadigal kainkaryathukku yentru erppattavai…anubhavipathai vazliyakkittom..charanou entru..8-3.parivatharkku all ellai enkha..anubhavippathai velai vannkinom….28,29 paasurathilum thiruvadikalai yengey vaikiraal?..

yengum thiruvadi thavirthaal..pottraamarai adi yentru mudiathathai solli thalai kattinnal.. pushpethai summadu akkaamal soodi kondathaal soodi kodutha natchiar aanazl..murai murai yaaha yasodai yasadai pola nandan pola peysinaar..bagavaanai solla everthan sollanum….ellorum munn nintru solla solkiraarkal..

90….azlaihiya  manavaala perumaal naayanaar pillai lohaacharyarin.. thamaiyanaar

padi=32 ezluthukkal..yennilum varum  varavaan AVAN..peravaachan pillai 3000 padi..nayaanaar 6000padi..edaichi paavathil 29 paasuram paadinaal..mudal 5 munnurai..1st bagavaanukku erppatta maasam kalyananangalai vaikeyvillai..sela srimeergaal..kannai seyvikka aasai vanthathaal…urupottan urupaduvaan..urupottathavan urupada maattan…sinaa vayasil urupoda veyndum.mudal paasurathil baagavatha anubhavam pannukiraal..nedumaarkku adiyaan entru 4-8 il thaan padikiraar nammalwar…thanna uhapparai thaam uhapaan..

91….vashitar nall kurithaar ninnu potchu.. namm seythaal nana nadakkum..naraayanan ,paraman,( samam yaarukkum ellathavan),..paramaswaami  oppilatha appan.. uthaman,  ooli mudalvan..padbanaaban…10-2 nadamino alavandaar kizlambittaar..bakti bhavanai.., nabi kamalathoda erukkan..brahama ularindu erukkan thaay pola keyttundu erukkanaam.. maayan..thamotharan…theeraa gopam yasodai ..azltha kaiyum..thirumazlisai ..kulesekarum thamotharanai padukiraar…Narayananey ellam..uthaman elooraium vida siranthavan..(apursha, purusha, bakta atma, mukta atma, nithyar,  purushotaman..) ..6-15 ten pillaigalai ezluppukiraal..pillaay..baagavatha anubhavam ellathavar..thanithu seyvikkum aasai kondaval..nanjeer nampillai grahastaar yen sishyar unnai seyvithu solluvaar..thailum sudar adi moorthiyai..3pathu..kiley vizlunthu seyvithaan..kaalashebam ninnathu..nammalwar sonnathum amirtham oorkirathu..yen naavukkey entraar..7.pey penney entraal..maranthu erukiraal..8.kodukalam udaiya paavay..kannanukku priamaanaval..

9,10, nanna thoongukiravalai eluppukiraal..maaman mahaley,..uriadi uthsavam at srirengam..battar ethirtha koshti eda penngal goshti seyrnthaar..anughraham ulla edam venum entru erunthaar..maaman maheley atma bandam..10.armkalamey..thotha kumbakarnan avan sothaana thookathai koduthaanaam..

 92..    6.vithu , (jagat kaaranan). gajendra varadaraaja perumaal  eru kaiyai vitteno thurowpathi pola…Harihi..7 times hari hari solli ezlunthirukka vendum..raatri vellai raatchathanukku rajo gunam…

7..naarayanan, moorthy,

(uruvathoda seyvai saathippavan..)keysavan..

8.devaathi devan,..emberumaan kai piduthu kondu pohum  paran mey erukumaapola..

9.maamaayaan, maadavan,( Sriapathi) vaikundan..moontru peyrgal..l thirumaal sreeman naarayanan

10. naatra thullay mudi naarayanan,punnian,.. 

11-15…11.porrkodi..narselvan thangaay..kaanaamal ,  koonaamal,kandu.thirikaalam santhyaavanthanam…

kannan sathya baamaa mannarkudi yil kaiyai thozlil vaithu kondu eruppan..

pothari kanninaay,nangaay, nanathaay naaudayaay, ezlamkizlyey,..

11..mihil vannan, neela meha syaamalan..meham avan minnal aval ,haaram vaana vill ,..

12.manathukku  eniyan…

13. polla arakkanai .killikkalainthaan..pullin vaay keendaan,…

14..pangaya kannaan..yaadava prahaasar raamanujar kathai.. kaapyaasam..kurangi asana vaay…

sooriya grahangalaley malarntha entru artham sonnar..pundareeha dala..

15..vallanai,maayan…vanthaay poll vaarathaay ..moontru peril nirkireyney entri sirikkum maayan..

93…Jaya vijarkalai elupikiraal16 paasurathil.

nandagopalan.. padukkaiyey thoongalaamaa?

18,19, 20 nappinnai munnittu ..nandagopalan marumahaley entrathum  yaarum pesaamal nappinai pey solli koopital..avarakandu payappadaamal erukka Thayaarum abhaya hastam vaithukondu erukiraal…piraati sannathi sentru pin thaan perumaal sannathi sella veyndum..thanikovil, pakkathu, thiru maarbu natchiar moontru paasuram..

16.mani vannan..ratna garga swaban saligraamam..aartha nanaintha thanmai..nam paal naintha amsamaaha..

17..umbar komaan..nithya soorikalukkum thalaivan..devaathi devanukum meyl..devarkal ellorum thangal vellaikkaha avanai anukikiral

18.un maithunan ..pathi saptham .macchaan..ellorukkum pathi..nithya kalyana perumaal.

19..malar maarbaa..

20..kaliyey..vimalaa..kuttram ellathavan..

21.25..kattacham , nadandu paadi , pottri, unnai aruthu,

21.uttramudayay, periyaay.


23.poovaipoo vanna,

24.ulahamazlanthaay,then elangai settraay, etc

25.nedumaal..maal pithu abaara pithu..thaay thanthaiedam paithyam pol ponan

26..alinelaiyaay. vadapathrasay..

27. 28 29.govindaa, govindaa, govindaa.  koodaarai vellum seer govindaa .madu pin pohiraan..pinnal ponaal varathey entru sollaamal..

28..kurai ontrum ella govindaa…govardanothram panninavan..manushyan entru peysiney..unkalukkul oruvan ennum sonnavar neer thaaney..

29..ettrai parai kollvaan antru kann govindaa..vathyam kondu vaithaan..sonnathai sariyaaha purinthu kollathavaney..naraayananey raamaanujaney erandum nanku  eluthu annal saamarthiam ever than entru koorath alwan sonnar..

30..four parts..maadavanai keysavanai..kelesa nasaham pannuvan..ka-brahma, easan sivan..

paiyath thuentra paraman adi el arambithu eppo mudiyil mudithaal..

94….Kannan thalai azlagai paadikiraal ..angu nadantha pirabaavathai , battar piran kothai sonnathu , sanga tamil maalai..maalai maalai kattithu.. mall-thirumalai kattinaval..muppathum thappamey engu eppo sollavendum…eyrierandu..mahizlnthu thollkal erandaaha perikindu vanthathaam..thighalukintra thirumaal..thirumaalaal yaavarum thiruvarull peruvar…narkaannuku erangum paal thol kannukku erangu maapola namm thiruppavai sonnal Andal than entru nammai ninaithu arul sonnal..

…..9…..aazlimalai kannaa….uroovam poll…you can atbest be like Him and cannot match his Kaarunyam…mudalil bagavatharkalai alaithaal…erandaam  ..kurugoor dog motcham..nayoodu peyuukkum ?….asai pattu ongukiraan…

10…..pirarkaaha thukkam avanukku…..ramanukku vibishana pattabisheham anathum juram neenga pettraar.. thambi rajyam venndaam ennal enna pannuvaar?….kanchi purathil thizluthezlu yen manamey entru paadinaar..

than thuirai thaaney aruthu kollukiraan….Alwar polinthu elzuntha piraan kidaithathuum ananthaamaam…,Anthaamath anbu seithu yen aavi sear ambaanukku  anthama sanku…thirumaalai Andaan  Ramaanujar anubhavam…..sankam chakkaram alzaghum erunthaalum alwar anubavithathaal thaan eruntha thirupthi kidaithathaam…..ennodi serntha pinbu swami aanaar….

11….sikkeney sennkannmaley….thondar adi podi alwar kiddaithathum appadi pokittraam..sikkeney piduthukondathanaaley..thirunedumthaandagam….thalirpuraiyum thiruvadi yen thalai meylevey…,thirumangaimannan thalai pattathum thalirnthathaam….jalam thelithathum poo malarnthathaam….

prahalaathan varam vanginaan..kulathil vanthoorai kolleyn entru…..mahabali

Vaazlvum Vaakkum-Thiruvaay mozli

October 27, 2007

1..”Vuarvara vuyar nalam vudaiyavan”…earkaiyahavay…(svaabaaviha.).ellai yillaatha…(anavathiha)..(adisaya.).eisvaryam..yentru Aalavanthaarum stotra -ratnathil aruli seythullaar. 

2..”mayarvara madhi nalam arulinan”..mayarvu yenbathu ,moontru vahai..1.gjaana anudhayam..arivey udikkaamal eruppathu..udaley atmaa yentru ninaipathai kurikkum…2.anyathaa gjaanam..ontrai mattrontraaha arivathu..atmaavin thanmai baghavaanukkey adimai pattu eruthal ..athai pira devathaikalukku adimaiyaaha ninaithal..3.vibareetha gjaanam..thavaraha arivathu..atmavin svaabam baghavaanukku adipattu avanaal anubavikka thakkathaaha eruthal..athai thanakkey yentru svanthara thanmai udaiyathaha thanakkey  anubavikka thakkathaaha arivathu vibareetha gjaanam..eppadi moontraiyum pokkinaan enkiraar “mayarvu ara” yentru..”madhi nalam” yenbathu gjanam, bakti eranndum enbaar..Battar nalamaahiya madhi yentru bakti roobaamaana  gjanam enkiraar..

3..”thuyar aru sudar adi”..adiyarvarkalin thuyarangalai arukkum thiruvadi yenbaar..adiyarkalin thuyarankalai pokki thaan thuyar arum thiruvadi enkiraar Emberumaanaar..

4..”pattrilan easanum muttravum nintranan”…Emberumaanum adiyarkalodu koodi eruppathai ealvaaha udaiyavanaay muttravum nintranan..pattrai ell aaha-erupidamaaha–udaiyavan Emberumaan.avanidam pattru udaiyavanaay avanathu kainkaryathil vuoontri erukkanum ….Battar sonnathu..nithya soorikalai udaiyavanaay erunthum avarkalidam pattru ellaathavanaay ..eintru vanthu adipanniyum adiyavanai thanakku yellaamaaha konndu eruppavan…naamum avanaiyay ellaamaaha pattranum enkiraar..

5….Ramapiraan hanumaanai thoothu anuppiyathaal kurangu enam perumai pettrathu..Aazlvaarkal paravaikalai thoothaaha anuppiyathaal paravai enangal perumai adainthana..Battar.

.6.”yen pizlaiyai ninaintharulli arullaatha thirumaalaar.”..arulinan yentravar eppo arulaathavan yenkiraar..pizlai kanndu arllaamal erunthaal evar muhathil  eppadi piraatti vizlippaalo..enkiraar Nanjeeyar..

7..”purivaduvum puhai poovey”..aaradanaikku elliyavan..ethu pola thirumangai yarum “kallaar thuzlaayum kannvalarum koovikalaiyum mullaar mullariyum aambalum mun kanndakkaal pullaay oer yenamaay pukkidanthaarrkku”..varahamaay avatharithu thanathu ellimaiyai kaattinaan..Nanjeeyar..

8..”thoolinai meylum nan maarvin meylum  sudarmudi meylum thaalinai meylum punaintha thannam thuzlaay udai ammaan”…thooliniai, maarvu, sudarmudi, thaallinai ..yentru varisai kiramathai ..Battar solli avanathu thuyarathaium  kallaintha thiruvadi..sahadaasuranai thallarnthathu..

9.”thaanum yaanum yellaam thannulley kalanthozlinthom theynum paalum neyyum kannalum amuthum othey”..2-3-1..Aalavanthaar orey suvai udaiya porulkal kalappathu pola kalanthom yentraar..Emberumaanaar avanum naanum kalantha kalavikkul ella suvaikalum pirakkum padi kalanthom yentraar..

10..”ekkaalathu enthaiyaay yennul mannil mattru ekkaalathilum yaathontrum veunndeyn.”.2-9-8..Aallavanthaar “ekkaalathu”  yentru etharkku meyl siriyathu ellai enum padiyaana miha siru kaalathilum..yennul vanthu yenathu thalaivanaaha vanthu puhunthaayaanaal..mattru ekkaalathilum yaathontrum veynndeynn..mihuntha thaaham ullavan oru thulli thanneer kidaithathaalum pothum ennumaapola..Emberumaanaar..ella kaalathilum enthaiyaay yennul manna veynndum ethai thavira veru ethaiyum veynnda maatteyn entraar..”ekkalam” enbathai miha siriya kaalam yentru Aalavanthaarum  ella kaalathilum yentru emberumaanaarum porul konndaarkal..

11..”nin koyil seeythu palpadikaal kudi kudi vazli vanthaad seyyum thonndarom.”.9-2-1..”vayal anni ananthapuram kadaithalai seeykka pettraal kaduvinai kallaiyalaamey”..thiru kovil suddham seyyvathu oru kankaryam ..Thirumangai Aanndaan..

12..”vantharulli yen nenju edam konnda vaanavar kozlunthey”…5-7-7…arangan kovil brahmotsavathil pathaam naall.. pushpangalai konndu archanai seyyum.. pushba yaagam ..antru entha paasuram eiyaludan aruli seyyuvaarkal..Battarum Nanjeeyarum aruliseythathu..

13….”sayamey adimai thalai ninntraar”..8-10-2..svayam prayojanam..Ramanin thiruvullathai  pin senntra Bharadan pola..”.neekamilla adiyaar”…8-10-10.oru pothum piriyaatha adimai seyyum Lakshmanan pola..”kothil adiyaar’..8-10-9..kuttramilla adiyaar..Ramin adiyavanaana Baradanai pattrina Sadruknanpola..

14..”adiyen ullaan udal ullaan.”–8-2-2.”udal ullaan”yentru thaniyaaha  koorivitta padiyaal “adiyen  ullaan” yentrathu verum atmaa mattum yentru porul aahirathu..atmaa virkku  adimai thanmaiyey thanippatta adaiyaallam aahaum ..(gjanathruvam ellai) yentru Thirukottiyoor nambi Koorathazlvaanukku aruli seythaar..

15..”unnum soru”..6-7..padikathil paraangusa naayagi thaniyaaha purappattu thirukoloor sentraal..”kallvan kol “thirumozliyil parakaala naayagi emberumaanudan seyrnthu thiruvaali sentraal..eruvaril yaarai pattri atcham adhiham kolla veynndum?..Aallavanthaar parakaala naayagiyum emberumaanum oruvar meethu oruvar maiyal konndu mayangi eruppaarkal..aabathu vanthaalum theriyaathu  thaniyaha sentra paraangusa naayagi eppadiyum emberumaanidam seyrvom yentru eruppaal.. yenevey avalai pattri ancha veynndaam yentraar….”thinnam yen eillamaan puhumoor thirukoloor “yentru paraangusa naayagiyin thiruthaayaar solluvathaiyum ” anniyaali puhuvar koloo “yentru parakaala naayagiyin thiruthaayar eiyamudan solluvathaiyum karuthil konndu eppadi arulli seythaar..

16..”vinn misai thanathaamamey puha meyviya sodhi.”.6-4-10..poo vulahil avathaarathai mudithu konndu vinnil thanathu eruppidamaana parama padam sentru porunthina param sodhi yenkiraar Aazlvaar..Embaarum Mudaliyaanndaanum arangan brahmaotsavam mudinthu theerthavaari aana pinbu Namperumaal thannudaiya sannathikkul ezluntharulina pothu mahizltchiyudan thazluvi konndathai Nanjeeyar aruli seythaar..

17..”ninntavaarum erunthavaarum kidanthavaarum ninaippariyana.”.5-10-6..evaiyellaam kannapiraan thottilil seythavai yenbaar Emberumaanaar..thottil sangiliyai pidithu nintrathu,tharithu nirkka mudiyaamal amarmthathu..athuvum mudiyaamal sayanithathu yentru piranthavaarum padiham ellaam kannain  avathaara anubhavam enbaaraam..

18.”.nenjinaal ninaippavan yavan avaney neell kadal vannanaahum”..3-6-9..evidathil adiyavan etho oru porulil uhanthu prathishtai seythaal apporulil makizltchiudan ezluntharulli erukintra emberumaan thaan parama padathilum uraikiraan..Mudaliyaanndan arulliyathu..

19..”antru mattrileyn thanchamaahavey”..”thayaratharkku mahan thannai yantri mattrileyn thanchamaahavey”3-6-8….emberumaanai pattruvarkalukku avaney kaappavan yennum mahaa visvaasam erukkanum..kappallil yeri sellubavan antha kappal akkaraiyil serkkum yentru nambi unnavum thanneerum kondu povathu pola..avanai pattrubavarkal nambikkai vaikkanum.. enkiaar Nampillai..vaikunthan yenbathor thoni yenkiraal Aandalum..Embermanaar “vennaikku aadum pillai “yenkira thirunaamam udaiya kannanai thiruvaaradana perumaalai konndu erunthaar..avaridam oruvar chakravarthi thirumahanai ezluntharla panni koduthaar..”sarva darmaan parithyajya maa meham saranam viraja “yentru naam seyya veynndiyathai Kannan sonnaan..Ramano ” mithra baaveyna sampraaptham na thyajeyam kadanjana.”.yentru nanban yennum bavanaiyil varubavanaiyum kaivida maatteyn yentraan.”.oru devai edaathavan Raaman” entraar Emberumaanaar.Battarum Ramanidam romba yeedu paadu. avan Kananai pola “thoothu pohavillai “yentru sonnaal. athu avanai -chakravarthi thirumahanaaha erunthathaal..yaarum thoothu poha sollavillai.. avan pirantha kulathaal vantha kuttram entraar…Nanjeeyar entha aazlvaar ellaa avathaarathai pattri paadum pothum eppadi aruli seykiraar..”gjana piraanai allaal ellai “enkiraar Thiruvirutham-100..”vaanavar yeyr attraiyey antri “3-1-6 “yentrum kannan allaal ellai “..9-1-10 yentrum sollikiraar.. Battar “mattra edangalil evar thalai neettuvathu antha emberumaankalin baavanathai karuthil konndu.. aanaal azlvaar thammudaiya nenjaal enimaiyaanavanaahavum thanjamaahavum ninaithu eruppathu chakravarthi thirumahanai thaan.”..yentru padil .azlithar.

20..”seetrathodu arul pettravan adikeezl puha nintra semkann maal “3-6-6..Eranniyanidam seettram konndu eruntha antha samayathilum Prahalaadanukku kittum padiyaha erunthathu…singam yaanaiyin meethu seerukintra pothum than kuttikku mulai koduthu konndu eruppathu pola entraar Emberumaanaar

21..”Venkadathuraivaarkku namaha yentru sollubavarkalukku vem kadangal mey meyl vinai muttravum”…3-3-6..Aazlavanthaar sonnathu..kadangal.moontru.brahmacharyam anushtithu rishikalukku udpatta kadantheerkanum.. yagangal seythu devarkaluku udpatta kadanaiyum pillaikalai pettru pithrukalukku udpatta kadanaiyum theerkiraan..aanaal “vemkadathuraivaarkku namaha “yentru sollivittaal entha moontru kadankalum theerum..kadankal veym..venthu pohum ethai thavira “mey mel vinai” yentrathu udalodu koodi erunthalaal evan seyyum pabangalum theerum..Emberumaanaar..saranam adaithavanukku paabangal ellaam nasinthu vidum ..neruppu pol patta panchu pola mun seytha vinaikal nasinthum, thaamarai elai thanner pola udalodu seyyum pabangalum saranam adaintha pinbu evanidam ottuvathu ellai….eppadi meyl vinaiyai saranam adaintha pinbu varum papangalai pattri sonnar Emberumaanaar..