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October 18, 2007 Valmiki Ramayanam….We can view all photoes in this site can hear Kannan Aaravamudhu of Shri. Vellukudi swamukal in this site…this site gives good lessons for for southasian studies-univ of Michigan….this site is from Shri R. Venkat Swami..Prabandams are given Divya desdam vise.. this is a part of srivaishnavam cybar satsang Of Thiruppaavai by Shri V. sadagopan swamikal-a part of Srivaishnava cybar satsangh.…Mani varadarajan’s Shri Vaishnava Home page….home page of Thoopul(Thiruthanga )….by Venkatesh  k.Ellayavalli..lot of good articles, slokas, Thiruvallikeni,sholingar Divyadesams,etc….Thirupathi Thirumalai Devasthaanam’s home page..can also read saptha giri magazine….Thiruppaavai vyaakyanam by shri Boovarahacharyar swamigal…thissite by shri Varadachary Sadagopan Swamikal.…this site by Shri. Madava Kannan Swamikal. site is for Vaanamaamalai Divyadesam . site for Shri Aandavan Swamigal Ashramam is a good site by Shri. Santhana Krishnan, a school boy. chella Meera’s Blog good site on  Mannavaalla Maa Munikal madam site. Prabandam  recital by by Shri.M.A.Venkada Krishnan- goshti…this site is Sri Vaishnava  Sampradayam web site. is a good summary of Kannan’s aara amudham of Shri. Vellukidi Krishnan Swamikall and vishnu sahasranama lectures ..…this site lists all temple details including maps.. lot of artists-music and kaleshabams….this is part of site.. site with lots of vyaaghyanam and articles Rengasri  archieves of  Shri Vellukudi  Swami’s Kinchitkaram trust Sadagopa Tyengar’s site Ramaswami from Taronto,canada was nice to have compiled lots ofPrabandam and Vyagyana books in this site. nice site for leaning sanskrit…this is a site giving tamil articles–it is not ahobila mada site. gives all archives from Ramanuja groups–older Vedics group..;Jeeyar educational trust of Chennai is a site if Chinna jeeyar.. give Gadya trayam and meanings.. gives Thirumaalai explanations of Smt. Sumithra is a part of vyakyanam collections of the site given earliar site of Smt. Smithra varadarajan ..lots of details about Thiruvallikeni..Thiruvallikeni Anchuvai amudhu site is by Mukkur-trs Iyengaar–Srivaishnavam Practises.. is an excellant site of Vedics good site for Sri vaishnavam is a big site with lots of spiritual info..stephan-knapp is fromNew-jersy. is good collection of Thiruppaavai upantasam of Shri Vellukudi Krishnan Swamigal…this is a good site on Geethai with Ramanuja’s commentary also is a good collection uf e-books is a good collection pf e-books….this is a good site by shri A.S.Badri  Narayanan of Srirengam(born  1989 )-Sri Vaishnavam Today and has good collection of photoes and video is a good blog about arangan arumai, chitra thiruppaavai etc..….this is a good site with news and english vyakhyanams…This is a good site on Thirumazlisai…this is a good site of kaarimaaran kalaipaham with lots of srivaishnava info…this is a good site for learning sanskrit…this is a good site by shri Sridar of Srirengam with lots of Poorvacharayar’s works…this is good site for sri vaishnava sampradayam theology.…this is site of sri-vaishnavasri of Srirengam….this is a good site of shri TCA Venketesan swaamigal–Ananthaan Pillai vamsam…this is a good site of shri. Ramaswamiof canada with al PBA Swami’s vyaakyana books, a great boon for us to understand Divya Prabandam…tghis is the same as seen of Stephen-knapp….this is a good site for Thirumalai brahmotsavan live view as well asold recorded…..this is agood site of our own Acharya Swaamikal…this is a site of shri Kannan swamikal with some good articles…this is a good blog by shri. Shridar of Srirengam with Paathuha sahasram etc….this is site for jeeyar educational trust -USA- bay area….this is a good site for kids Bala Krishnan of Sanjose…site that explains lots of mantras…this is a site for sacred books….This is a good site for digital library…..This is also a good site for lots of books…this is a good site for lots of slokas,,a part of the above site site for kids….this is a good site on Srivaishnavan sat shri.Vanghi puram venkata Raghava dasan.Swamikal.R-Venkat.. is a good site on all upanishads,brahma sutra and others….this is agood site for leaning sanskrit….this is good site for lots of songs….this site is from Hare rama hare krishna-iskon….this is a good site for all vedanta shastras-upanishads….this site is for Sujata….this is a good site on Srirengam by Murali battar…this is from Andavan ashramam-USA….this site is gy poihai adiyaan and covers sri vaishnavam….this is a good site on all acharyas……live television sites….good site on sri vaishnavisam…this site is desikar kovil in Mylapore….…this site is for doddacharyar…this site is for a trust in Srirengam with lots of religeous activities….this blog gives a good article on aranganin perumai….this site gives all Divya prabanda paasurams of Srirengam…this site gives the lecture notes of Thiruppaavai of…this is a good site for all rituals, astrology

Geetha Saaram 4-16 to 4-20

October 18, 2007

4-16 slokam.. dhodey..sevi poovey..velli abaranangal saathi konndu eruppaan edaitar pola..kumuda vanam.. yamunai nadikku antha karai..senbaha mallighai yoda..yentra ..ettu vahai malarkal. sooda perialwar aasai pattaar..evan gopikalukku koduthu aanantham adainthavan..kabilaacharyar davam pannina edam…chandra pushkaraniyil erunthu poochooduvaan rengan thaayaarukku.. kannan soodinaal thaan poochooduvom enkiraal andaalum. malirittu naam mudiyom yentru ….kannan ollinthu kolvaanaam… gopikkal ellorum  geetham paadikonndu theydinaarkal..eranndu kaal suvadu paarthu ponaarkal.. oru edathil kaalkal azlunthi eruntha maathiri erunthathaam.. thollaal oruthiyai mattum  thookinndu ponaan..eranginaal kumada vanathil… poochodinaan engey..kuninthal..avallaiyum vittu marainthu  ponaan..suhacharyar sonnathu pola entha kumadavanathil maramaaha erukka aasai padanum….yethu karmaa yentrum yethu akarmaa– karmaavil adangiya gjaanamum –naan sollukireyn yenkiraan..kavikall mohithu erukiraarkal..kaalathai thaanndi erukum pannditharkalum yenkiraan..athma gjanathodu koodina karma yogam..yatrai picnic, vacation yentru ellaamal avanathu sankalpam avanathu adiyaarkaludan naama sangeerthanam panninndu selluvom  yentru..seyalkal mattum ellai gjanathodu..entha mann sambantham, adiyaarkaludan servathu, nama sangeerthanam pannuvathu ethu thaan arivudan sernthu pannum karma yogam.. seyal paadukal mattum karma yogam ellai..gjanam vidaamal kadaisi varai eppadi karma yogam pannuvathu veynndum..poothoduthu saathuvathu. aazlvar sonna paasurangalin arivudan pannavathu..bagavath aradanamaha, bagavath kainkaryamaha pannuvathu thaan karma yogam..arinthu seyal pataal motsham kittum yenkiraan..

4-16..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..Exactly what is the nature of karma or action as performed by the aspirants treading the path to moksa or liberation from material existence and what also is akarma or inaction? By the term akarma is inferred true knowledge relating to the doer which is the atma or soul. What is the action which needs to be performed and what is the wisdom of inaction that is involved in such an action? Even persons of discrimination and knowledge are bewildered in this matter and confused do not understand this differences properly. Lord Krishna now promises to dispel all delusion in the intricacies of this subject. What is the purpose of performing actions as a matter of duty? The satisfaction consists in the knowledge of knowing why the duty is to be discharged. The knower is the person who performs works aspiring for moksa. The ignorant is one who performs work for sense gratification. The former performs work without egoism while the latter performs works full of egoissm. The former is eligible for liberation the latter is eligible for bondage. Why this is so difficult to understand is explained in the next verse.

4-17 slokam..kanan kazlalinai…narannamey..brindavanam.kaliyan madu ..yamunai karaiel ulla .kadamba maram …avan thiruvadi pattathaal azliyaamal ennum erukku…kannan yeri kuthitha edam…yamunai entha marathin pakkam oodi erunthathu munnam….kaaliyan garudanidam thappikka engu vanthathu.. vizsha kaattraal yellam pattu poha..engey ethu mattum avan thiruvadi pattathaal appadiyey erukku….karmavin ud- pirivukal theriya mudiyaathu..parathvam sowlapyam eranndum ullavan..panthu urunndu vanthathum kaaliyan utchiyil kuthithu thaanndavam aadinaan..manaivi karunaiyudan mannikka kettathum mannithu vittaan..kadamba maramaaha aasai pattaarkal..why karma yoga piruvukal purinhu kolla  mudiyaathu?..karma, vikarma(pala vahai patta karma..nithya karmaa,pithru karma, kaamya karma,uthsavam karma etc),akarmaa(karmathin ulley ulla gjaanam-arivu- sollukiraar).. moonntraiyum therinthu kollanum..visithamaaha, visithramaana karma ,seyyakoodaatha,thavirkka koodiya  karmaa–kalavum kattru mara–sasrathil sonnathai mattum sonnaan..akarma yenbathy seyal paadu ellaamal eruppathu sollavillai..yenavey ethai purinthu kollaa mudiyaamal kuzlambuvaarkal..anbinaal ubadesam pannukireyn yenkiraan..

4-17..Ramanuja’s Commentary

….The actual nature of karma or prescribed Vedic actions performed for attaining moksa or liberation from material existence should be understood. Actions which are nitya or regular and actions which are naimittika or occasional if done with any sense of enjoyment in mind or if they are done with the desire for material rewards should both be known to be vikarma or improper actions. The absence of action known as akarma which sometimes can be considered action as well should also be comprehended. Therefore the path of karma is not easily discernible for one seeking moksa. The reason why regular and occasional activities should be clearly assimilated for an aspirant for moksa is because the rewards for each are varied but one should look at them all with equipoise and realising that they all have one uniform purpose and that is the fulfilment of the goal which is the attainment of moksa. Without proper teaching and understanding of the Vedic scriptures one will not perceive this critical conclusion but this is the Vedic conception as revealed by Lord Krishna already and thus it is not necessary to expatiate upon the subject further here.

4-18..avanathu seshtithangal ellaam maayam..avanathu kulirtchi. theera ,veppam pera ..devadesa aditya peedam..12 sooriyarkal..kannanin  munney thontrinaarkal.. veppathaal vantha veyrvai nirambi..daskanthana theertham..madana mohan perumaal sthaapikka pattaar.. goswaamikku sevai saathithaar..karoli ..Jaipoor aruhil ullathu..govardana giri dhaariyum engey erunthathu.. eppo Dwrahaiyil. ullathu….karmaavil..gjanathai yaar oruvan paarkiraano..yavan gjanathil  karmaavaiyum  parpavan nalla puthimaan..motsham adaivaan..kall gopuram..erandum vera.. eppadi eranndum ontraha erukkum?..pirithu paarkka koodaathu..seyalum arivum ontru sernthaal thaan karma yogam  aahirathu..kann paarvai theriyathavanai  antha pakkam thaanda vudavathu..udavi purivathu yenkira arivudan pannuvathu..implementation and knowledge eranndum erukanum. paambu kadithaal, garuda manthram panni.kaiyaal muthirai kaatti, manthram utcharithu, garudanai piraarthippathu..thiyaanam pannum pothu..yogam aahirathu..archanai pannum pothu dvadasa namam sollum pothu gjanathodu panninaal palan kittum..atma gjanathai ulladakki karmaa pannanum yenkiraan..gjana yogikku karma veynndum yentru munnam paarthom…nadanthunndu siruthunndu kannaal paarkkalaam.. maalai kattum pothu perialwarai ninainthunndu erukkalaam..

4-18..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..Action is karma and inaction is akarma. Actions concerning the atma or soul which is the essential subject to be known in human existence is also considered akarma. How this is to be understood Lord Krishna is explaining here. There are two categories to be considered.The person who performs actions while continuously contemplating the atma The person who immersed within the atma perceives the atma performs all actionsOne who by contemplating the true nature of the atma while performing all activities is in the first category. One who conceives the nature of all activities as actually the doings of the atma is in the second category. By actually performing prescribed Vedic activities with ones body and at the same time meditating upon it within ones mind, the objective as well the subjective realisations are achieved and the true nature of the atma is perceived. Whoever sees that karma is within akarma in regards to atma tattva or knowledge o the soul. Such a person is considered to be situated in wisdom and conversant with the ultimate purport of the Vedic scriptures. Such a spiritually intelligent person has realised the essence of all Vedic teachings and has qualified themselves for moksa or liberation from material existence.4-19..brindavanam ..pulliya maram..romba kaalamerukirathu engey.. pookkum kaaykkum  aanaal pazlukkaathu..saapathaal..gopikalin azlahai keduthathaal..gopikalin rasa kreedai ninaithu paarthi erupaan kannan….velluthu vidum pirinthu erunthathaal.. pinbu karuppu varum..chaityanya maha prabu kovil…yarukku muyartchikal -yellaam kaamathai thavirnthu,sankalpathaiyum thuranthu..thaazlntha  palankalin aasai kaamam..evan seyyum karmaa thaanztha palan koodaathu.. deha atma mayakkam ellaamal seyyanum..antha arivaazliyai ..yerikka patta paapam punyam..gjanam thaan neruppu..evan thaan panndithan enbaarkal..evanai suha thukkam anndaathu..naam seyyum karmaakalai gjana yoga perumaikalai ethuvey kodukkum..kattukku poey davasu pannuvar pola naamum aahalaam..pulankalai adaiki vida villai erunthaalum aasai ellaamal, avanathu kainkaryathukaaha pannanum..thaazlntha palankalin aasai vittu, atmavirkaha seyal pannanum enkiraan..arivu paapam punyam erikkum yenkiraan..deham veru atma veru yentru therinthu pannanum..

4-19..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..The person performing karma or actions accrues reactions by attachment to desires and hankering for rewards. This is delusion as desires are imagined and fantasised before enactment. Thus it is merely a false idea or wrong notion of the mind. The fantasising alluded to here consists of the mentality which erroneously identifies the atma or soul with prakriti or material nature along with the three gunas being the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance and mistakenly conceives of them as all being one principle. But to that person seeking moksa or liberation all acts regular and occasional performed by them and necessitated by bodily maintenance are not subject to reactions being devoid of desire. Further exemption is guaranteed as the aspirant for moksa is not living in a world of imagination or fantasy because such a person performs every action while being cognisant of the eternal atma. Whoever performs karma in this manner while meditating on the atma is one of spiritual intelligence situated in atma tattva or soul realisation and all reactions to a myriad of past actions have been eradicated by the fire of knowledge. Thus Lord Krishna is praising the person who performs prescribed Vedic activities in atma tattva as being highly laudable. This is in sharp contrast to the karmi or one who performs actions for fruitive rewards being forced to accept reactions.

4-20..kesi arakkan kuthirai vadivodu vanthaan..kesi ghat..naaradar oodi vanthaar.. avar payam theera kesiyai konntraan..vittil pootchi pola ella asurarkalum vanthu maanndaarkal..raja puthrarkal kattada kalaikal paarkkalaam.. neerada eranndu pakkamum unndu..kuzlanthai adithaal santhosham..naam adithaal?..adithal yentra seyalkal seyal paadu ..erunthaalum vithyaasam…naam adithaal thappu..seyaley yatharkaha seyya pattathu yentru karuthi ..karma yogi seyyum seyalkalai seythunndu erukkalaam..athu seyyum pothu varum paapam punyam veynndaam..gjana yogi enthirangalai vasapaduthi erukiraar..nammaal mudiyaathu..eranndilum ulla nallathu  namakku thevai..gjana pahuthyai serthunndu karma pannuvathu..pattrai viduvathu thaan..udambai poshikka seyyaamal pannanum..palathai karuthu seyal pada koodaathu..viruppam-palanai karuthaamal, atmaa gjana mayam aanantha mayam yentru ninaithu..naan yenakku yentru ellaamal ..karmaavil eedupattu seythaalum seyal panninavan  aaha aaha maattaan..vellai kku poey sampaathithu..porul vaanga karuthi yentru ellaamal, ..pattrai kuraithu konndu atma- sinthanaiyudan pannanum..devaikku athihamaaha vaithu kollaamal ,bakti yoda erunthaal ,namathu seyal paadukal onntrum namakku paapam punyam kodukkaathu..

4-20..Ramanuja’s Commentary

….Whoever has completely given up all desires and attachments to rewards for actions, who is also nitya-trypto or totally content immersed in the atma or soul, whoever is self satisfied never depending on anything from prakriti or material existence. Such a person although seen to be intently performing various prescribed actions, in reality performs inaction meaning no action that has any binding effect. Because although externally such a person might appear as if performing activities but internally that person is actually cultivating spiritual knowledge and meditating on the atma and thus exempt from any binding effect. Lord Krishna gives the spiritual intelligence aspect of actions is next.

Geetha saaram 4-11to 4-15

October 17, 2007

4-11..slokam..edaiyanaay piranthaan..vennaiy thirudi sappittan..nann unnudaiyavan ellai yentru namm thaan thiruduhirom..gokulam..pasukalin koottam..karavai maadukal valam varum edam..kattunnda …nammudan vanthu erunthaan..thirudivittu ahappada assai pattavan..nanda bavan..boothanai, sahadasuranai konntra edam…yukal panthanam.. engu ulla ella kallkalum entha sarithiram paarthavaikal..katti vaitha edam..chitra roopam aha varainthu erukkukiraarkal.. antha kallum erukintrana engey..epadi kattu pattindu erunthaan..karuppu kannan. yasodhai mai theetti eruppal athuvum  avanai pola karuppu…avan ullamum vennaiyum vezluppu.. thirudi thadavi kolluvaan…athey poll sikki konndaan..marutha marangalai  ullay poyy antha uralaal sayythaan..yennudaiya seshtiangalai ninainthu ninaithu einbam adaikiraarkal.. yella robathaiyum ella pulankalal anubavikiraar..annu annu vaaha anubavikiraarkal..ethai ninaithaal yaaraalum kattu pada maattom..aasai padum roopathaal sevai saathipeyn yenkiraan..kalyana gunangal aaru pola oodi ella archai roobamaaha erukiraan..namakku yentru eranngi vanthu kaatchi tharukiraan..thamar uhanda evvuruvam avvuruvam yentraa pola..

4-11..Ramanuja’s Commentary..

..Not only in His unlimited avatar or incarnation forms in the Vedic pantheon such as Rama or Buddha is Lord Krishna approachable to those who seek refuge in Him as the saviour and maintainer of all creation; but He is also the saviour and maintainer of all those outside of the Vedic culture who seek refuge and redemption from any other religion or denomination as well. By whatever conception the righteous choose to seek god, Lord Krishna manifests Himself in that same manner so that He is always available for them to approach Him in the manner in which they have chosen. The word bhajamy literally means I give service to them. Here it means that the Supreme Lord is available to reciprocate with them. Although Lord Krishnas divine nature is such that even realised saints and yogis find His sublime nature transcendental to speech and even thought; yet for all those who are situated in righteousness even in other religions and denominations He manifests the way to receive their mode of worship maintaining their faith. This manifestation is not only apparent by their faith but also by their ability to reciprocate with Him by all their senses in as many variegated and diverse ways as they are capable of. Bringing now to a close the subject of avatars, the discourse on karma yoga or the performance of prescribed Vedic activities is resumed. Before presenting the jnana-yoga or cultivation of Vedic knowledge aspect of karma yoga or the performance of prescribed Vedic activities, Lord Krishna first explains how rare is the person who performs this type of karma yoga.

..4-12..oruthi mahanaha.thiruppaavai25.paasuram..maduraiyil piranthu,gogulam vanthaan.. namakkullum marainthu erukiraan..nanda bhavan 84 thoonkal ullana..naangu vigraham.. nanda gopan,yasodhai ,balaraman and oonjal kannan ..thavazlnthu pohum pothu kaiyai azluthi nadantha edam..thiruvadi maavu karithu kolam poda veynndaam naam engey krishna janmaashtammiyil..avanathu kaalai vaithu thiruvadiel ulla sangu chakra rehaikal patta edam ethu..engey naamum thavazlnthu avanai ninainthu ella thoonkalaiyum seyvikkanum ..avanai ninainthu  erukkanum…unna kannikal tharuveyn enkiraar perialwar.. kulasekar yellam saappittu yennidam vaa  yenkiraar..madu meykka sattai piduthu sivantha kaikal..namathu papamkalai theerppaan asurarkalai konntrathu pola..uyarntha palanukkukaha pirarthikanum..karma palan udan udan yerppadum..archanai pannum pothu thirunamam ketka aasai pattu ketkanum.. micha siriya palankalukkaha mattum ketkaamal..yethaiyum ketkaamal erukka gjanam thevai..mattravarkalukkaha vaazlanum..atmavukku ethu thaan soru..vettridam yerpadaathu..sareeram atmavukku karuvi.. athai vaithu mattravarkalukaka use pannanum..3000 pasumaadukal erukku..yengum paal. yellam vellai.. kannan niram mattum thaan karuppu..anaithu ulahum vaazlanum yentru pirarthikanum..thavazlnthu vanthu 84 thoonkalaiyum seyvikiriraarkal..uyarntha palankalai koduppeyn yenkiraan..

4-12..Ramanuja’s Commentary..For the most part persons who desire the material fruits of their actions never worship the Supreme Lord Krishna who is the super soul existing within all living beings and who is the ultimate recipient of all worship and offerings as confirmed in the previous verse. It is very rarely seen that the materialists are inclined to His worship. Instead they worship the demi-gods and other lesser entities. Why is this so? It is because by worshipping them the seekers of material possessions such as wealth, power and dominion find quick results in the fulfilment of their material desires. Manuse loke means in the mortal worlds. This includes all material worlds everywhere in creation. Such persons in these worlds oblivious to the true purpose of human existence due to a vast accumulation of sinful reactions that have not been exhausted from time immemorial. Desire immediate results for their actions causing them to get more and more reactions. Such people worship that which gives temporary material rewards and foolishly pursue transient material objectives even foolishly attempting to gain immortality in their corporeal physical body. Only such a rare being who fearful of samsara or transmigration from physical body to physical body in the endless cycle of birth and death, who aspires for moksa or liberation from the cycle of birth and death, only this rare being would engage themselves in karma yoga or the performance of prescribed Vedic activities as propitiation to the Supreme Lord Krishna. The next verse reveals how to release oneself from sin which obscures ones perception from realising the need to engage in karma yoga.

..4-13..vasudevam suhadevam….yasodhai kuzlanthaiyaahi villayadivittu kamsanai mudithavan..sevikka vanthavarkal engulla mannai poosi kollukiraarkal..kannan thiruvadi patta mannaal..suharum  udbavarum  adutha piraviyil entha mannu thuhalil ontraha erukka aasai pattaarkal..vidvaanaha erunthu ethaiyum saathikka villai ..baktanaaha erukka aasai pattarkal…sittril katti villaiyaaduvaarkal..kannanai vittu veedu katta madiyil kattinndu muttram sentru eravu 11 mannikku katta ..thideerunndu vanthaan… muham kaattinaan.. “muttarothodu…maham kaatti muruval seythaan”..kathavukkum anthraathma avan thaan.. uthai vittaan.. sittrilodu sinthaiyaiyum kalaippaan..nangu varnnangalaiyum naan thaan padaitheyn yenkiraan..why difference?.. maaruthaal verupaadu /uyravu thazlvu.. differenciation/ discrimination.. verupaadu thavarillai.. kai viralkal pola.. company depts pola pirithu vaithaan seyal paadukalai konndu..gunam, karma ,poruthu amaikiraan..gunam panbu..karmaa seyal paadukallal..”saadur varnyam maya srushtum “enkiraan..padaithu kaathu azlippavan avan thaan..mannaal uruvaana  paanai udainthu mann avathu pola..ellaam pinbu avanidam poey sernthuvidum..azlippathu karunnai elaathalaalaa?..manal veedu katti kalaipathu pola..avanin angam ovvontiridam ovuontru thontruvathu pola..varnnam konndu uyarvu thaazlvu kidaiyaathu..ellorum samam thaan..”kulam thaangu..valamthaangu” azlvaar paasuram..karma yogam seyya seyya paapam punyam tholaiyum enkiraan..

4-13..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..The entire material manifestation from Brahma down to a blade of grass has been divided by Lord Krishna into the four-fold divisions in accordance to their natural dispositions and qualities. For humans they are brahmin or the priestly class, kshatriya the royal warrior class, vaisya the farmer and trading class and sudra the servant class. This is in conformance with their material natures being in goodness, passion or nescience which subsequently qualifies them for the type of occupation they engage in their life. Creation implies all the universes where He sustains and maintains as well causing them to manifest and unmanifest. Although He is the origin of all these activities He should be known as not being the doer. This is because the wondrous activities to be found in creation although originated from Lord Krishna do not bind him as He is not the doer. The wonderful variety of creation from demigods, humans, animal etc. are beings created by the effects of their own karma or present reactions to previous actions either by merits or demerits. In as much as ones own activities determines their karma activating what reward or punishment one will receive; then this is totally determined by each individual themselves and thus Lord Krishna is no way answerable to the reactions living entities bring upon themselves by their actions. There is another reason Lord Krishna is not the doer as well and that is all the embodied being assuming various and diverse forms get endowed with limbs and senses to enjoy material objects being interested in the rewards of their actions. Consequently pursuing this they trap themselves in samsara or the cycle of birth and death in the material existence. It is all of their own doing and Lord Krishna is not responsible for the desires the living entities choose to pursue. In the Vedanta-Sutras which are aphorisms exegetic of the 108 Upanisads by Vedavyasa it states in II.III.XXXIV that: The Supreme Lord can never be reproached for what seems to be partiality and injustice seen as rewards and punishments because the results for all human beings are determined solely by their actions. In the act of manifesting the creation Lord Krishna is the original source but the instrumental cause is prakriti or material nature itself and the determining factor for all beings is that they come into their various existences as a result of their own karma. Except for the will from the original source of Lord Krishna no other cause is needed to manifest myriads of marvellous creations represented by unlimited and diverse variegated beings. This is because all embodied beings accept a form in accordance to the inherent primal force of their past karma.

4-14 slokam..vada madurai..krishna janma boomikku pakkam..pavithra kunndam kuzlam..sirai saalaikku pakkam..pirakkum pothu nangu thozludan piranthaan..than eitchaiyaal sankalpathaal piranthaan.. karmangal avanai kattu paduthaathu..avanathu karmaa- padaithi kaathu azlippathu..nann thaan padaitheyn enkiraan ..aanaalum yetra thaazlvukku naan kaarannam ellai yenkiraan..boomiyil ,nillangallil nalla maram kattu maram kalli sediyum mullaikirathu athu pola..pothu kaarannam, visesha kaaraanaam pola..baghavaan pothu kaaranaam, namathu karmaa visesha kaaranaam..karunnai ullam padaithavan avan..namathu karmaavaal thoonnda pattu erukirom..namathu karmaa namakku vaallvu yentru avanai vittu paarkka koodaathu..elaam koduthum naam kettaal avan thaan kashta padukiraan..avan thiruvadikalai pattrinnal  karmaakalin palanai tholaikiraan..seyallin palankalum namm thaan anubavikkanum..entha unnmaiyai therinthu kollbavanukku karmaa theenndaathu..paapa  vasanaikal theera namathu karmaavai avanathu aaraadanamaaha pannanum enkiran..

4-14..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..Whosoever understands Lord Krishna as being the origin of all as well as being transcendental to all will cease to entangle themselves with desires and attachments to rewards which results in acquiring karma or reactions to actions which binds one to samsara or the cycle of birth and death. It is from past karmas that one is existing in their present lifetime position. Such a person possessing such knowledge and acting upon it appropriately as described in these verses will no longer be bound by karma.

.4-15 slokam..yamunai nadi karaiyil..thooya peru neer..avan vaay koppuzlitha neer..kamsanin arannmanai thottinndu pohum nadi..godaavari ezlanthathu Seetha Ramanin kainkaryam panna..Ramanidam solla solliyum sollaathalaal..vasudevan thooki pohum pothu vattri -kamsanin aruhil erunthaalum..naga theertham..vishraamghaat.kannan oyvedutha edam..kamsanai konntra edam..vizla eduthaan kamsan.gokulam one way traffic..baktiyaal ponavarkal velliyil vara villai.elloraiyum anuppiyum mudiyaathalaal  vill vizla eduthaan.. yaanaikalaalum  mallarkallaalum mudiyaamal thaaney panna avanai  kunji pidithu ezluthu mudithaan.. anthima kaariyam eduthu  pinbu oeyvedutha edam..dwarahai pohum munnum oeuvedutha edam..kreedam kazlainthu yamunaikku  kodutha edam..visraamam=oeyvu..namathu munnorkal seytha karmaavai seyanum enkiraan..varna darmangalai pannanum enkiraan..mumushukkal,ulaha enbam aasai ellaamal paramapadam mattum kurikkoolaaha vaithirupaarkal..avarkallum ethai panninaarkal.. nithyamaay,periyorkal seyvathai.”melaiyaar sevana “–yentru Andaal sonnathu pola..

4-15..Ramanuja’s Commentary

..Understanding Lord Krishna as delineated in the previous verses did the ancient seers and sages perform Vedic activities dedicated to Him and thus achieved moksa or liberation from material existence. He is encouraging Arjuna to perform karma yoga or prescribed Vedic activities as the ancients such as Visvavan and Manu performed it in knowledge of Him.

Think India

October 11, 2007

This book “Think India”-by Vinay Rai was very interesting.

“The twentieth century belonged to America..but the 21st belongs to India..India has everything it takes to be the leading economy in the world.”…Dr.Richard of The Boitech Age:the business of Biotech and How to profit from it..

Infosys Murthy borrowed 250$ from his wife in july 1981 ..and after 26 years  it has 67000 employees worldwide and revenues of over 2 billion$..TCS revenues are now over 5 billion$..there are some 200 R&D facilities in India..India is adding more cell phones than China–in 2005 alone 32 million hand sets were sold in India..

Recall The world is Flat by Friedman..IITs were like factory,churning out and exporting most gifted talent on the globe…India’s IT and out soursing segment grew at average rate of 42% over last two years..not only this but world-class manufacturing,design,real estate,retail, movies,..all these segments are growing in india..India’s legentary innovative ability and entrepreneurship acumen to the skil sets—software,uploading,outsoursing,off-shoring,supply-chaining,in-sourcing,and all the rest of the forces that flattened the world–are the reasons for the gravity -defying success of Indian IT industry…8.5 million bachelore degree holders along with 0.5 million engg graduates and 12000 Ph.ds from India are making this happen..

India’s advantage on high end value chain in manufacturing compared to China’s edge in low margin goods will drive India ahead as a global player…the day will come when mass-consumption products will be conceived in US, designed in India, manufactured in China sold globally and serviced by India and US jointly for the global market..recall 175,000 dubbawaalahs–mostly illiterare–colour coding system based on acronyms– in Bombay –humen chain in action-over 40 miles from home to office—undeterred by storms are train breakdowns–six sigma performance rating given by forbes magazine…

According to Jan-2007 edition of the Goldman Sachs BRICs(Brazil,Russia,India,and China) report,India will surpass the GDP of the US by 2050..fuelled by India’s youth.–by 2020 one half of the world population of people under age twenty-five will be in India.

Mark Twain..”India is the only millionaire-one land all desire to see, and having seen once by evan a glimpse,would not give that glimpse for all the rest of the globe combined”..

India is putting a million new cars on the road every year..

81% are Hindus..140 million muslims–the world second largest muslim population –the first is Indonesia–diversity in unity and unity in diversity…

The richest 40 people in India had a collective worth of over 61 billion $ in 2004 and now in 2007 only 36  people had 191 billion$ over 300 million middle class Indians are here.

G.E. forcasts its business in India could be 3 billion $ in 2007..India is shopping for 120 fighter planes–lockheed martin and boeing are elbowing each other to get this multi billion % deal-the biggest of the century.

Indians send over 23 Billion% in 2007 back home.. this accounts for 3% of the country’s GDP…Pentium chip   invented by Vinod mail by Sabeer Bhatia..

Owners of restaurants along the highway in Punjab–faced with the need  to produce lussi quickly and in large quantities—-used home washing machine..pour yogurt,sugar,spices,salt and water and tap the outflow tube as exit pipe right into glasses ready for serving–example of effortless sync with the ebb abd flow of daily life–

Lawrence Summers,the former president of Harvard University, said during his feb 2006 visit to India that Harvard had made a “fundamental error of judgement”in not recognising India’s potential amd promise early enough..Harvard would correct soon by setting up a dedicated India Center with an initial funding of a billion dollars..

In April 2007,India’s GDP crossed the watershed trillion $ mark..interms of purchasing power parity, India became the world’s number three economic it has matched chinese level of growth and it is predicted that it will overtake Japan and become the third bigest economy behind only America and China..

Indians were spending over 375billion$ on personal consumption annually-2005 malls..only 12 in 2000…grew to 150 in 2006 and 350 in 2007..the no of cars sold  in 1995 were 250,000…in 2006 this number rose to 1.1 million..during second half of 2006, India was adding seven million mobile subscribers every month..the estimate for 2007 is 250 million phones and five years later 500 million phones..Tata steel has bagged as the best steel company of the year  from the prestigeous American steel Institute for three successive years since 2003..McDonald  launched in 2001 has grown into 100 outlets and  in 2006 alone will be adding 100 more..separate veg kitchens and workers with green aprons cannot cross over unless they have a shower..

Even Einstein said”we owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count,without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”..the rustless wonder–a single cast piece of iron 32ft high weighing 6 tons, made of 98% iron ..over centuries

A majority of US firms with an India presense are reporting double digit growth today…Ge,Bank of America,motorola,reebok,IBM,etc..Coco-cola and Citibank have declared the country to be the fastest growing market globally..

Trade betwen India and Israel..202 million $ in in 2005 2.5 billion$..India is the sixth largest energy consumer in the world–replacing France-and tipped to become fourth largest by 2010..consumption going up by 8% per year–only 32% needs are filled by our own may drop to less than 10% by 2020..

In 2005-2006 India’s GDP is 796billion$.one third of .China;s 2.5 trilion..US is 12 trillon..five times that of china..China atracted more than 6.3billion$ fdi while India managed only one tenth..China accounts for 6% of global trade while India touches just 1%..litrrary rates in india just 60%..china 90%..infant martality rate–India 44 deaths per 1000 births while for china only expectancy india just 65 china is 73..But..China’s official statistics are not entirely to be trusted..India’s figures are understated due to 50 billion$ parellel economy..India’s fre market, democracy,free press,growing workforce english speaking ability,higher no of R&D centers,and open and free envirionment to replenish minds and souls are India’s advantage..

In 1850s British engineers were building rail system..local persons brought some and after 60 years these were the clue that led to the discovery of mohenjoDaro site in Indus Valley..2500years old..

medical tourism…heart surgery costs just 6,o00$ here compared to 30,000$ in US..bone marrow transplant costs just 25,000$ here ompared to 250,000$ in US.Mekensey report indicates that medical tourism will generate 1.5 billion$ by 2012..including yoga ,ayurveda etc..

one india wants the other leads..the other follows..over 225 of the world’s poor live in India..still 22 million  new births per year..for the richest one fifth of the population the fertility rate is just 1.8..below the replacement level..but for the poorest one fifth, the rate is still 3.4..even now half  the weddings  in india involve a child under age of 18..wrong notion that more children mean more wage earners..with over a million new cars and five million two-wheelers added every year road developement is prime concern..

India’s intellectual capital is spreading like wave around the entire world..over 22 million Indian diaspora is making its presence felt in business, academia etc..Amoung the young Indian professionals the air of energy and excitement and the frantic pulse and pace of the affluent is mind-boggling..The Goldman Sachs analysis puts US in third place economocally by 2050 behind china and India..seems more logical when you recognise that the brightest 25% of Indian population out number the entire population of US…You can see Indians driven by fierce passion for life, for work, for creation,and are dreaming to bring out the best in them in a free and open environment..

Thiruppaavai Jeeyar-Annangracharya’s anubhavam.

October 6, 2007

Andal vazli thiru naama,”perum poothoor maa munikku pinnaanaal vazliyay”…Thirumaalirum solai nambiku aandal sonnathai evar panninathaal.”nam kovil annano’ yentraal….Raamanujar “unja vruthi” pohum pothu Periya Nambigal(some say Thirukoshtiyoor nambigal)thirumaazlighai vanthathum his daughter Andal(Devaki Piratti)opened the door with ashtathai and udaivar fell at her feet–seerar vazlai olippa vanthu thiravaai–undhu mada kazlitrin paasuram anubhavithunndu erunthathaal..nappinnai pirati yentru ninaithu panninaar-yenna anubhavam!..

1..Kadir madiyam pol muhathan–swami’s face is like sun during sri-bashya vyaagyaanam and mon during thiruvaaymozli vyyagyaanam.

2..Paarkadallul paiya thueintra paraman adi padi-raamanujar is Adisesha avathaaram

3..Emberumaanaar is like “kudam nirakkum vallal perum pasu”..he fills the minds and hearts of his follwerers with deep knowledge and anubhavams.

4..She calls him as “azli mazlaikku Anna” her brother.In tretha yugam he was dvapara yugam he was Balaraan and now he is her Anna.

5..He won over all maayavadhikal and so she calls him “maayanai”–just like Maamuni in yathiraja vimsati”maayavaadhi bhujanga bhanga graruda:trividhya choodaamani”

6.His neck s like “velli villi sangu” and he is in “pullaraiyan kovil’..He established himself in Sri-rengam where there is a big garudan and spread Srivaishnavam al over the world.

7..She praises his Ubaya vedantam-“kalanthu pesina pech aravam”-mixing sanscrit vedas and tamil prabandams..

8..’Devaathi devanai sentru naam sevithaal aavaventru aaraaynthu aruluvaan”-just like he gave up even raamanujar to Arangan as Ariyar was singing.

9..He gave Thirumanthram to all despite his guru’s orders —so she says “mani kadhavam thaazl thiravaay”…

10..she praises him as”arun kalamey”-vessel of grace-as he spread sri vaishnavamto all

11..He is “panchaAcharya padhaasritha”..learning from 5 acharyas and won over-settraar thiral azliya-kuttram ontrillaatha kovalar.

12..He is our “nar selvan”..only acharyar still with us in archa roopam–thamar uganda-thirunarayanapuram, thaan uganda-sriperamputur, and thaanaana-sri rengam.

13..He immersed in all deep vedas ,ethihaas and prabandam and gave us the gist–“kulla kullira kudainthu neeraadi”-enkiraal.

14..Because of his avathaaram  all nastikas wil vanish-“ambal vaay koombina kaan’–and asthikas will enlighten-“Sengaluneer vaay nehizlnthu”–enkiraal.

15..He calls him as “elley Elamkilliyey”..because of his easy and understanding explanations of poorvaacharya’s works.

16..He calls him as “naayaganaay nintra” he was heading over 12000 srivaishnavas,700 jeeyars..naayagan=head of acharyas.

17..He is “ambarame, thanneere, sorey”–dharma, artha, kama -all three purusharthams to, water and shelter–thirumanthram,dvyam, sarama slokam pola–She calls him as “sem por kazlal adi selvaa bala devaa”–indicating his avathaara rahasyam.

18..He is “undu mada kazlitrin oodaatha thol valiyan”–having learned from five acharyas he can win over all kutharkavaathies,paashaandies and maayaavaadhies.

19..He has four vedas as legs for his cot and vedanthaas as his bed..His works-vedantha saaram,vedantha deepam,sri bhashyam, geethaa bashyam and gatyatrayam are the lights–so she calls”kuttu villakku eriya kottukkaal katil mel methentra pancha sayanathil”

20..He is like fire of knowledge to all those who come to argue with him and will remove all their ignorance.–“settraarkku veppam kodukkum vimalan”–

21..He changed even his guru like yadava prahasar and yagna moorthy-who later became -after surrendering to raamanujar-arulaala perumaal emberumaanaar–“maattraar unakku vali tholainthu un vasarkann aatraathu vanthu adi panniyumaapole”-enkiraal

22..He explains slowly and by hius kadatcham makes us understand Him–so she says”senkan chiruchirithey en meyl villiyaavo”

23..He is the great lion-“seeriya singam”..Sleeping lion-gjana mandabam in thirunarayana puram…awakened lion in srirengam-bhoga mandabam and energetic lion in pushpa mandabam-trumalai..he remains with great charm along with 74 simhathipathies..

24..she praises him “antru ev vulaham azlanthaan adi potri”–he travelled widely thro all over Bharat-from Kashmir to Kanyakumari-inclding vadari saligramam on his foot..

25..”or eravil ollithu vallara”-salai kinaril -devaperumal, perum devi thaayar -evarai kootti konndu vanthathai solukiraal..

26..she cals him as “kola Villakkey” and His tritandam as ‘kodiyey’..

27..He makes every one as his she praises him as “koodaarai vellum seer govindaa”..he wins over even his opponents.

28..”un thannodu uravel namaku engey ollikka olliyaathu’ yentru evarukkum, mattra ela divya desa perumaalukkum thanuukm ulla uravai puhazlnthu paadukiraal.

29..”umakkey naam at seyvom’–yentru evarin lakshmana, balarama, ramanuja sevaikalai–yugam thorum thodarum sevaikalai-paadukiraal..

30..”engum thiruvarul pettru enburuvaar”–he is “vishnu loha mani mandaba maarghadaayee..if we ask who is the emberumaan to grand us vaikunndam..the answer wil be Emberumaanaar..

Aandaal Thirumangai Aazlvaarai Ezluppukiraal.

October 6, 2007

“Elley ellam kiliyey”..paasurathaal aduthu kadaisiyil avatharitha Kaliyanai thirupalli unnarthukiraal..

1.parasa para samvaatha paasuram..evarum “maana maru mennokki “yentra padiham paraspara samvaathamaha paadinathaal..

2.”killiyey”..yentrathu evarum.”killi pol mizlattri nadanthu” yentrum men” kili pol miha mizlattru men peythaiyay”–.thammai kiliyaaha sollikondavar..”solluvathai sollum killi”..evarum”maaran pannitha thamil marraikku manghaiyarkon aarrangam koora” yentra padi  nammalvaar sri sooktikku oppa paasurangal sonathaal killiyaahiraar..

3.”sillentru azlaiyen min nangaimeer potharukintreyn”..ethu entha aazlvaarin vidai allippu.

4″vallai un katturaikal panndeu un vaay arithom”…ethu kaliyanai nokki aandaal solluvathu..”vaasi valleer enthaloorer vaazlnthey pom neerey”..yentru kadinamaaha pesa valleer neer yentru theriyum.

5..”anndey”.neer avatharikkum munbey yenakku theriyum yenkiraal..

6.”vallerkal neengaley”..ethu kaliyanin padil..”kollum payan ontrillaatha kongai thannai kizlangodum alli parrithittavan maarbil erinthu yen azlalai therveney”..yentru neer pesinathu kadinamaa yen patchu kadinamaa yenkiraar..

7.”naaneythaan aayiduha”.”nannaa thavaallavunnar”..”yentrum kannsora vemkuruthi” yentrum-baagavatha seshadva kaashtaiyai ninaithu- paadiyathu ninaivu vara

8..”ollai nee pothaay unakku yenna verru udaiyai’..yentrathu evarin asaadaarnna maana thirumadal divya prapanda vakthuruvathai velipadutha sollukiraal..

9.”ellorum ponthaaro..ponthar ponthenni koll”..yentrathu kaliyanukku munnam mattrulla aazlvaarkal avatharithu panniruvar evarudan nirambiyathai therivithaar..

10..”vallanai konntraanai..maattraarai mattrazlikka vallaanai maayanai paadelo”yentrathu..aanaiyai kontrathai achariyamaaha paadinavar evar..aavar evai “seyvatharvaar anchana maa malai pola”..yentra thiru mozliyilum “kavala yaanai kombositha kannan “yentrum paadinavar.

11.”mattraarai marazlithavan”-govarthana leelai-enthiranathu serrukkai adakkiya kathai.periya thirumozli midikkum pothu”kuntram eduthu aanirai kaathavan thannai” yenkiraar..sarama prabandamaahiya thiru nedum thaandaham mudikkum pothum  “kuntrecutha tholinaanai “yentraar..

Eppadi pala sambantham kaattukiraar shri Annangaracharyar Swamukal.

Aandaal Thiruppaann Aazlvaarai Ezluppukiraal.

October 6, 2007

Ungal pullakadi..paasurathaal aduthu Thiruppaan aazlvaarai palli unnarthukiraal..

1.”Nangaay”..evarathu gunna poorthiyai solukiraal..lohasaaranga muni thanathu thoollin meethu yerikollum yenna atharkku udan pattathu -athyantha paara thanthra svaroopathai kaattukirathu..

2.”nannaathaay”..appadi annthannar thalaivar thoolin meyl yerikonndaalum serrukku kollaamal adiyaarkku yennai aadpadutha vimalan..yentru paadinavar aathalaal  ahamhaaram-naan-ellathavar..

3..”naa udaiyaar”..”paann perumaal paadiyathor paadal pathum pazla marraiyin porul yentru parravuminkal” yentru desikan pannitha padi sahala vedaaarthangalaiyum pathu paasurathil adakki paadina saathriathaal..”aaudaiyaay”..yentraal.

4..”sangodu chakaram yenthum thadak kaiyan pangaya kannaanai paada”..yentrathu evar “kariyavaahi pudai paranthu millirnthu sevvari yodi neenda apperiya vaay kannkal”  yentru kann azlahai  paadiyathaal sonnaal.

5.”ngal pullakadai.”.evarathu saathi nilaikku yeyrppa vaazlntha nilaiyai sonnaal..

6..”senkar podi koorai venn pal thavathavar ..thanngal thiru kovil sangiduvaan pohintraar”..yentrathu evarathu sarithaiyil lohasaaranga munivarin thannmaiyai kaattukiathu..

7..”yengalai munnam ezluppuvaan vaay peysum nangaay”…”ezluppuvathu”..thokki kolluvathu.. yengalai..adiyaarkalai..”adiyarku yennai aadpadutha  vimalan” yentru paadineer..aanaal neer adiyaarakalaahiya yengalai  thookki kolla villai..ummaui thaan loha saaranga munivar thookki konndaar

8..eppadi solluvathaal-“vaay peysum” .yenkiaal.. 

Eppadi sampantham kaattukiraar Shri. Annangaraacharyar Swamikal.

Aandaal Thonar-adi-podi Aazlvaarai Ezluppukiraal.

October 6, 2007

“Pullin vaay keenndaanai”-paasurathaal thamakku pin vantha Thonnar-adi-podi aalvaarai thirupalli unnarthukiraal.

1..”pothari kanninaay.”..pushpa kainkaryamm panum ..”thullaba thonndaaya thol seer thondar adi podi.”.yentrum  “thodaiyotha thulavamum koodaiyum polinthu thontriya tholl thonar adi podi”..yentrum solluvataal

2..”paavaay”…pathi vratha siromaniyai..arangan oruvanukkeu yentru eruntha evarai  eppadi azlaithal porunthum..”sozliyan keduthaan kaannum.”.antha “pathinmar paadum perumaal” yentra perumai nam perumaaluku ellai nam-perumaal oruvanukkey yenkira eitheeham..

3..”nanaalaal”…markazli thingal madi niraintha nanaalaal ..yentru sonnaval eppothum sollukiraal..evar avatharitha markazli thingalai nannalaal yenna thattunndo..

4..”kallam thavirnthu.”..”soothanaay kalvanaahi” yentrum..”kallamey kaadal seythu kallatheyn unum thonndaay “yentrum pala kaalam thamathu kallathai paadinavar..pon vattil kalavu saritham therinthathey..athu thavirnthu bagavath baagavatha koshtiyil kalantha padiyai kadaisiyil sollukiraal..

5..”pullum silambina kaann”…perialwara pola evarum poom pozlil vaasam udaiyavar aathalaal sonnaal..

6..”kulla kulira”..neeraattam mudaliya nithya karmaanushtaanam thavirnthu evar sila kaalam erunthathai sonnaal..

7..”pullin vaay keenndaanai”..yentru thodangi kannan raaman keerthykalai sonnathu..evar thirumaalaiyil…”valla vezlum thavalla maada madurai nagaram thannull kavalla maal yaanai konntra kananai aranga maalai “yentru kanna piraan keerthiyaiyum thirupalli ezlutchiyil “maa muni veyllviyai kaathu avapiratham aattiya adu thiral ayothi yem arasey arangathammaa”..yentru raamanin keerthiyaiyum paadinathai kaattuiraal..

8..”pillaikal ellaarum”..thanakku munthina aazlvaarkalai unnarthinathu sollukiraal.

Eppadi pala pala sambantham kaattukiraar Shri Annangaraachaariyaar Swamikal.

Aandaal PoyhaiyAazlvaaraium MadurakaviAalvaaraium ezluppukiraal.

October 6, 2007

“kanaithu ezlam kattrerumai”..paasurathaal  boothaalvaarukku mundhiya poyhai aalvaarai thiruppalli unarrthukiraar.

1..”thanngaay”..yentru villikiraal..evarukku miha porutham..”thanghai”  maha lakshmi yentrum “thamakkai “-mootheyviyaiyum ulahathil vazlanguvarkal..”settai tham madiyahathu”..yenkira thirumaalai paasurathil “jeshtaa” ..sri maha lakshmi thaamaraiyil pirranthavall..”vanasa malar karuvathanil vanthamainthaan vaazliyey”..yenkirapadi evarum thaamarai poovil thontriyavar..aathalaal “thanngaay” poruthamaanathu..

2..”nanaithillam serraakkum”..baradan eravum pahallum nitchallum azluthu azluthu nanaithillam serrakinaar pola ..”vann ponni peyraarru pola varum kanna neer konndu arangan kovil thiru muttram serru seyy thonndar”..yentru kulesekararum sonnathu pola..evarum “pazluthey pala pahalum poyina ventru anchi azluthen.”.yentru thaamey peysinapadi azluthavar aathallaal nainthillam serraakkinaar..

3..”kanaithu”…mudal mudalil peysa thodangum pothu kanaipathu eialbu..poyhaiyaarukku munnan divyamaaha peysinavarkal yaarum ellai..evarey mudan mudalaaha divya parabandam paadinavar aathalaal “kannaithu”  enkiraal..

4..”ellam katterummai”..”yarumai” yentraal maheeshee..deva divya  maheeshee..piraattiyai oppavar evvaazlvaar  yenbathu soosanai..”ellam  kanntrukaludaiya ” ..matraiya azlvaarkal evarukku pinbu vanthathaal..

5..”kanntrukku erangi”…evar sri sookti aruliyathy..kantrukallaahiya namm polvaar pakkalil ulla parama krubaiyaal ..

6..”ninaithu milai vazliyey nintru paal sora”..bagavath gunangalai ninaithavaarey antha ninaivu thaaney oottraaha paal pontra sri sooktikal peruha pukkana..

7..”panithalai veezla nin vaasal kadai pattri.”..evar poyhaiyil thonntriyathaal evarathu vaasal kadai pattruvaarkku pani thalai veezla praaptham..

8..”sinathinaal..manathukku eniyaan”…sri rama guna keerthanam..evarin aha kannukku elakkaanathaal..”poo meya madavathon thall pannintha vaallarakkan neenn mudiyai paathamathaal yenninan panbu.”.entra paasurathaal theriyum..”naamey arikirrppom nannenjey “..yentratharrkku porunthaatha “manathukku eniyaanai” yentraall..

9..”enithaan ezlinthraay.”….”pazluthey pala pahalum poyina ventru errantha naallaikku koopidukiravanukku urranga virahillai”..yentra paasuram..

10..”anaithillaarum arrinthu”…”arriyum ulahellaam yaaneyum alleyn”..enkiraar..

11..”Narrselvan thangaay.”..narrselvan thannudaiya kaiyaaha eruppavaney ..yentru nammalvaar thiruvaay mozli aruli seyyum pothu madurakavikall avarin kaiyaaha erunthu pattolai konndathai sollukiraal..eni “narselvan “yentru emberumaanaarai solli avarin thangaiyaahiya aandalai sollumaarum kollalaam..ethu sorsuvai amainthirukkum azlahai anubavikka..

Eppadi pala pala eduthukkaatukalai sollukiraar Shri. Annagaraachaaryar swamikal.

Aandaal Boothath Aalvaarai Ezluppukiraal.

October 4, 2007

“Kattru Karavai’-paasurathaal peyaalvarukku munthiya boothatha aalvaarai thirupalli ezlitchi unnarthukiraal..

1..”kuttram ontrillatha kovalar tham porr kodiyey’..yentrathukovalar..srisukthikalai aruliya aalvarkalai kurikkum..avarkalul entha mudal moovarum yonijathvamaahira kuttram ellaathavarkal..avarkallil porkodi evar..’kol theydi oodum kozlunthey ponntrathey maal theydi oodum manam’..yentru thamai kodi pola solli konndavar.

2..’kattru karavai kannangal pala karranthu”..moovarukkum pothuvaana vaasaham..karavai yenbathu sri sukthi..evarkal siriya vennbaa paadinathaal ..kanntraahiya karavai..mudal erandu thiruvanthaathiyum  sernthu kannangal..moontrum sernthu karavai kannangal pala..yeha vasana, divi vasana bahu vasana serthy azlahu..

3.”settraar thiral azliya sentru seru seyyum”..desamengum sentru bagavath virithikalai vella venndukiraar”enndisaiyum perthakaram naankudaiyaan peyr othi pethaikaal theer thahararaamin thirinthu”..yentru paadinavar.

4..”puttravalkul’.edai azlahu sonnathu..baktien perumai..gjanam, bakti, virakti yentra moontril edai pattathu bakti..evar kadaisiyil “yen than allavantraal yaanudaiya anbu”..anbiley thodangi anbiley mudithaar..ethanaal evarin edai azlahu sonnaall.

5.’puna mayiley’..pozlil edathey vaazlum mayil..evar thontriya thalamo thirukadal mallai..kaliyan athai kadi pozlil soozl kadal mallai yentrey pala murai paadinaar..mayil mehathai kannbathil miha kuthookalam adaiyum meham neer paruha varum edam kadarkarai..mayilkal angey mahizlnthu erukkum..evar nintra edamum kadal karai thaan..

6..”suttrathu thozlimaar”…evarukku poyhaiyaarum peyaarum suttrathaar.. mattra aazlvaarkal thozlmaarkal..

7..”muhil vannan peyr paada”..”ulahezlum muttrum vizlungum muhil vannan..yethum ye nenju.”.evar paasuram..puna mayil mehathai thaan paadum..