Anjeneyar mahimai

Pancha mugham..eraavanan had requested mayil (mahi)eraavannan -the ruler of paathalam-to abduct rama and sita with black magic..when hanumaan tried to stop the wicked took the form of veebishanan and tricked him..then real veebishanan came and informed about what happened hanumaan took the form of pancha mugha roopam..Anjeneyar  muham east facing..narasimha muham south facing..garudan muham  west facing..lakshmi varaahan  muham north facing..sri hayagreevar muham upward (urdhava)facing..Sundal kadalai for hanumaan..paanaham for narasimhan..honey for garudan..sugar rice and vadai for varaahan.kollu for hayagreevar..sage parasarar, father of veda vyaasar has composed parasara samhiti ..this is the encyclopediya of hanuman’s vaibhavam..namakkal kathai.. anjeneyar gave the salagraamam to the pious lady–actually  she  is thaayar doing a penance for witnessing narasimha avathaar.. this saligraamam  he got from gantaki river after placing sanjeeva malai back to perform sandhya grew into the big namakkal malai..anjeneyar got the boon to stay here after rama’s return to parama sriya thiruvadi’s eye level is at the same level as perumaal’s thiruvadi..namagiri thaayar has given her blessings to our mathamatics genius namakkal we can contact Sri venketesa iyengar alias raja battar..18/26 sannathi 0-94429 57143..sri elangovan official photographer of kumudam jothidam is also there for contact..

2 Responses to “Anjeneyar mahimai”

  1. Meera Says:


    Anjaneyar Mahimai is very interesting. How did Ramanujam get blessings from Namagiri Thaayar? Did his parent(s) take him there?

    Meera 🙂

  2. thiruvonum Says:

    Dear Meera Chellam,
    Yes.Ramanujam lived near Naamakkal. Their parents had a pilgrimmage trip.The Thaayar is the great vara prasathi.She blesses all by appearing in their dreams.She taught Ramanujam crucial mathematical problems and also the answers to them in his dreams.
    With tonnes of Love and Blessings.

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